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1/4 Ounce American Gold Eagle - Gold Coin Stacking

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Information 1/4 Ounce American Gold Eagle - Gold Coin Stacking

Title :  1/4 Ounce American Gold Eagle - Gold Coin Stacking
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Description 1/4 Ounce American Gold Eagle - Gold Coin Stacking

Comments 1/4 Ounce American Gold Eagle - Gold Coin Stacking

Yankee Stacking
Absolutely gorgeous, my good friend Glad I could help you with this “swap” 😊👌🏼
Comment from : Yankee Stacking

I'm considering getting gold to diversify my precious metals portfolio Currently only have silver Also "lead" ;p
Comment from : NayokeHenji

Mr Right
Only buy the American gold eagles The others will have terrible resale value Learned the hard way
Comment from : Mr Right

3 silver, and 533 copper
Comment from : AtPro411

Lucas Schick
Gold eagle vs philharmonic!?
Comment from : Lucas Schick

Ty Honsowitz
Watching this in November 2020 Holy b**/b prices just 10 months ago I started stacking in May Good God the premiums now, let alone spot, hahaha
Comment from : Ty Honsowitz

Viola Ligeon
I really wish they had 1/4 oz Gold Buffalo coins also because i would prefer to stack them instead of the AGE I'm more into 24 karats but i might look into the 1/4 oz gold coins of the Perth Mint
Comment from : Viola Ligeon

tom pitzer
wish i could buy one any year for that price now i just 560$ for a 1986
Comment from : tom pitzer

In March of this year I got one of these 1/4 oz Eagles graded NGC MS 70 in a presentation box for $440 Still higher than what you paid but I thought is was a good deal
Comment from : murp61

Tibs Tips
Only a few months late and gold is a few hundred more an oz You bought at a great time my friend I have enjoyed going back and watching some of your older stuff lately
Comment from : Tibs Tips

is 500$ too much? thats how much they sell now
Comment from : maritimezhang

Elias The Minecraft Miner
Almost sold my 1/4 today for a good profit and my wife asks me why am I not buying more gold to stack ???? I love my wife lol
Comment from : Elias The Minecraft Miner

Scrapper Stacker
Beautiful coins!!
Comment from : Scrapper Stacker

Great video! Where can I buy the holding capsules?
Comment from : GG

classified 87
Anyone can give me advice if I have bought 2 gold Libertads (1/10) oz ? Is it a good investment ?
Comment from : classified 87

Flatbed Trucker
Newbie here coming from yankee stacking channel I have 3 of these coins They were left to me by my aunt in law YES my aunt in law Which is why im starting to get into coins
Comment from : Flatbed Trucker

Franco del Rio
I need a magyfiying glas: to see what you are talking about
Comment from : Franco del Rio

Gee Pee
I think it is so awesome that you have that in an airtite with the white borderthe very first 1/4 AGE I bought (along with a 1/10 oz AGE), which was my very first gold purchase (many years ago) is also in an airtite with a white borderand I put it away in an ammo can with the other PMs (mostly gold) that I will never sell Just wanted to share that account with you Rock on, brotherkeep stacking and stay safe!
Comment from : Gee Pee

Dary Kinnaman
I have one too, it is my favorite coin so far I am eyeing up the 1 oz Canadian Maple Leaf I am watching to see what happens to the price Good video
Comment from : Dary Kinnaman

Andrew Глубинный чел
You should buy Gold buffalo too, and then all pre-1933 US gold coins one of each =D
Comment from : Andrew Глубинный чел

Whats up Spegtacular i just picked a proof gold Buffalo for $1600!!!! and a 1/2oz gold eagle for $800!!!
Comment from : HarveyGREENSmen

Gregory Beard
Yep quarters for fractions
Comment from : Gregory Beard

Thanx for the information on gold coins I was unaware that they are not 100 pure, but are copper and gold amalgam Are any American coins pure gold?
Comment from : tbucknor

Silver Coin Outdoors
Congratulations on your purchase! As I shared in my Black Friday video, I almost bought a 1/4, but ended up going with another 1/10 & my first 1/10 platinum I still plan to buy a 1/4 someday My first purchase for 2020 was actually gold, I'll have a video about it soon
Comment from : Silver Coin Outdoors

Something looks off with the 1/10oz Eagle sure it's real?
Comment from : kode3

I think many are buying into gold who wouldnt have 6 months ago because suddenly all utubers began SCREAMING GOLD AND seemed to never mention silver It was like turning OFF THE lights on silver, and suddenly SILVER BUGS had doubt theyd MADE THE right MOVES concerning silver
Comment from : MICHAEL SORRELL

Comment from : MICHAEL SORRELL

Desiree Hall
Stacking coins is the best way of money investment Yes gold and silver!
Comment from : Desiree Hall

Derek J
I want to get a 2020 1/4 eagle when they come out
Comment from : Derek J

My Life Thriving in Canada
My wife keeps wondering why I "buy" gold and silver I keep telling her I am not spending our hard earned money, but am "investing / saving" our wealth until such time as we really need it
Comment from : My Life Thriving in Canada

I started with 600 oz purchase of silver eagles Then went 1 oz gold eagles, now fractional gold, 5 grams, 1/4 ounces Just it a part of your saving program, you’ll never regret it
Comment from : LIVE LEAN

Chris Garner the Tuscan Wine Fan
Dang, I’ve been thinking about getting a 1/4 oz gold eagle 1/4oz is the lowest I’ll go even though it’s expensive
Comment from : Chris Garner the Tuscan Wine Fan

Paul Jackson
My goal is to have an ozt worth of each denomination 10 1/10, 4 1/4's, 2 halves, and one big boy😁
Comment from : Paul Jackson

Nice coin
Comment from : Stotle

silver watcher
That hammered silver ring tho But alas the gold is beautiful Dont have the 1/4 oz yet 2020 is my gold year Hopefully lol
Comment from : silver watcher

Bill coley
I purchased a 1/2 ounce AMERICAN EAGLE COIN I DO LOVE IT
Comment from : Bill coley

Doak Masarik
That’s your biggest purchase and I’m supposed to listen to you, I’m not impressed
Comment from : Doak Masarik

Polar Roller
SDgreat coinhey check out the British gold sovereign I have collected many, and also like the 5 pound and 2 pound I pretty much only collect the proof versionsloljust saw where you got a Sovereignkudos buddy
Comment from : Polar Roller

Dan Husker
I'm not sure what the point of this video was Is it simply to show off what you have? I really did not learn any thing from this
Comment from : Dan Husker

Just saw your collaborative video (silvertorch66) on Discord and noticed your dragons head piece Did you pour that and if not where did you get it? Looks nice
Comment from : JDO

Silver Nuts
Comment from : Silver Nuts

Southern Stacker
I've been buying the quarter ounce gold eagles alot lately I can usually afford one or two of these a month Perfect size in my opinion Great Gold stack! Subbed and liked
Comment from : Southern Stacker

Hala Heleu
Wonder how many fakes are out there? If you get one it might look real and feel real and not be real
Comment from : Hala Heleu

No Fear
Comment from : No Fear

Bruce Liggett
Woahhh, she's gorgeous!!
Comment from : Bruce Liggett

Nice Vid! Always a joy to look at the yellow metal!
Comment from : SilverTorch66

Henry Von Muegge
I agree bro, 1/4 oz Gold eagles are the best way to stack the color!👍 I think capsules are a big + Thanks for sharing cheers
Comment from : Henry Von Muegge

dave wager
nice pick up,hopefully ill add some gold this year
Comment from : dave wager

Fiat Destroyer
Great job, SD!
Comment from : Fiat Destroyer

Steve Woods
Nice score Do you give any credence to picking up the only the first few years that had the Roman Numerals, basically the same price now But in the future they might have a premium I am too old to worry about that too much, but you are a young man
Comment from : Steve Woods

Swift The Runner
gold prices are very high rn
Comment from : Swift The Runner

Silver Ripples
Great pickup at a reasonable price So glad you and Yankee made it happen I really Hope Gold spot price will plummet back to last years levels👍
Comment from : Silver Ripples

OcOmegaShadow Stacking
Wow beautiful looking Gold round Coins ever 10out10!!! :D
Comment from : OcOmegaShadow Stacking

In fractions we trust
Comment from : TXPyro

Stevie Ray
Seems like a lot of Silver Stackers have recently started with fractional gold, too Ratio hasn't changed, but an interesting trend developing
Comment from : Stevie Ray

Cory W
I hope you were able to get it before the rise
Comment from : Cory W

Murse Metals
Beautiful coin Can’t wait for the gold pours to happen
Comment from : Murse Metals

dis foodie videos
Gold prices are starting to go up I think it's going to soar soon they are awesome coins nice video
Comment from : dis foodie videos

1/4 ounce is my Favorite size! I remember in the early 2000's getting a BU 1/4 Gold Eagle for 95 BucksWish we had gotten 10;)))

I just picked up a 1/4 oz 2020 Queen's Beasts lion Largest piece of gold I've ever purchased I like the fractional gold like 1/4 and 1/10 oz pieces because they are easier to trade/sell when you get ready to do that
Comment from : Darmath

Rodney B
Very nice coin to stack Easy to liquidate if you have to and great for upgrading to the next size
Comment from : Rodney B

Silver Heist
Congratulations Gold “Baggins” You’ll never let go of that Precious br🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🐉
Comment from : Silver Heist

John Allen
I bought the 1/4 oz Apollo 11 goldhad to have it
Comment from : John Allen

Just Imagine A Monster Box Of 50 Dollar Gold Coins !!!
Comment from : steelersjourney11111

Stephanie G
Gold speaks to the soul in a way that silver doesn't
Comment from : Stephanie G

Alexander R De Voogt
Great pickup my friend Love that 1/4oz size Thanks for sharing
Comment from : Alexander R De Voogt

Larry Pankey
They will b changing the backs on the gold and silver eagles in 2021 I wish they were 24kt like most others but still love them great buy
Comment from : Larry Pankey

kuna coins
great video dragon
Comment from : kuna coins

Zhicao Fang
I have a 1/4 oz gold eagle with me and it is now my pocket piece It is very easy to carry and could be liquidated quickly for cash in case an emergency occurs I hope to stack more in 2020:)
Comment from : Zhicao Fang

Alex Pfeifer
Cool timing of this video - im gunna start my buying of gold with 1/4ths in 2020
Comment from : Alex Pfeifer

joel johnson
Get a Herd started!
Comment from : joel johnson

Also just picked up a 2020 Queens Beast 1/4 oz gold, my largest coin to date Stacking 2020
Comment from : funkybunkyus

Dazedandconfused stacker
Nice addition
Comment from : Dazedandconfused stacker

Dazedandconfused stacker
I buy them when the premium is right Sovrighns have had a low premium lately
Comment from : Dazedandconfused stacker

T Properties
Nice! Just picked up one of those yesterday under spot
Comment from : T Properties

Florida Stacker
There you go, Dragons! My favorite coin to stack!
Comment from : Florida Stacker

Talking Bullion
Very cool SDlove the gold!
Comment from : Talking Bullion

great piece you have there, market up 26
Comment from : NicholasKon9

Mario Lewis
Definitely stacking A few ounces of gold this year My top choices are the 1 oz American Eagle, StLucia flamingo or the Montserrat Emerald Isle harp I’ll probably get the harp it’s so beautiful
Comment from : Mario Lewis

Those coins are beautiful Cant wait until I get my first piece of gold
Comment from : SideKicker08

Char Griller
Those are pretty SD To quote from the famous Xmas cartoon regarding stackingEveryone wishes silver and gold How do you measure its worth? Just by the pleasure it gives here on earth I’m sure have already but definitely check Yankees video on his strategy of how much gold to silver he buys It’s a good one
Comment from : Char Griller

Anthony Colangeli
What is view on the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf?
Comment from : Anthony Colangeli

Yankee Stacking
Congratulations on being the FIRST gold purchase with “The Yankee Swap” from the Coast to Coast Show! I’ve got two MORE 1/4 ozt AGEs to ship out this week and a 1ozt MS70 GOLD BUFFALO as well! I’m so super stoked to be able to help you and others grab silver and gold for such a good price (and without that pesky state sales tax!) 😁👌🏼
Comment from : Yankee Stacking

Richard Sanchez
So for stacking purposes go low on the premium like full oz coins What about bars? Those premiums are even lower Strictly for stacking are those good too or a bit better?
Comment from : Richard Sanchez

Jim A
I like sovereigns they have a low premium and are about 1/4 toz
Comment from : Jim A

Greg Hook
Well thank you I think ill take your advice my friend
Comment from : Greg Hook

WeeBee Flipsters
Good job brother glad to see you adding to your gold stack I've been adding to mine as well I actually started with 1 gram about a month ago and built up to about 39 so far by doing a little here and there I have a pretty cool video coming out that will compare all the different sized gold maple leafs and gold American eagles
Comment from : WeeBee Flipsters

Roger S
Good lookin eagles my friend!! I wish they would do the buffaloes in 1/4 or even 1/2ozt!! With that said I'm still workin on my silver stack/collection but I would like to get a couple ozt of gold this year!!
Comment from : Roger S

Alex Coin Roll Hunter
Check out nation wide coin and bullion they have 1/10 oz age for $148 each
Comment from : Alex Coin Roll Hunter

Budget Bullion Stacker
I'm budgeting for gold this year myself I plan to buy a few 1/4 oz gold coins If things go right I should be able to stack a full oz this year Im excited 🤗
Comment from : Budget Bullion Stacker

Debby S-AbqNM
Last year (seems odd to type that) I bought some 1/10-oz AGEs, most of them from my LCS, and the LCS's price was comparable or less than to online (and I didn't have to wait) Also, the spot price was about $100 less/oz than spot is now (Jan 4, 2020 = $1,54480; July 2019 = under $1,450/oz) Silver has gone up, too I'm glad I bought when I did, though Lynette Zang will argue that both metals are still quite a bargain SD, your information about what to buy is always good!
Comment from : Debby S-AbqNM

Highlander Stackin
She's beautiful Dragons!!😍😍😍
Comment from : Highlander Stackin

Silver Wolverine
I have a couple of these Nice! Gold is awesome!
Comment from : Silver Wolverine

Happy Nomadic
Bought a 1 oz maple leaf for Christmas this year used it playing golf with my dad in Florida as a marker 🤣 However I have purchased plenty of 1/10 oz eagles last year and plan to purchase more for 2020
Comment from : Happy Nomadic

Greg Hook
It's beautiful but I can only afford tenth ozright nowso my plan is to keep stacking silver and tenth oz every other month or so
Comment from : Greg Hook

Empire Precious Metals
I love gooooold I just got two 1/4 oz krugerrands last week, and bought the 1/10 gold kook
Comment from : Empire Precious Metals

Silver Chimp
🐒🐒🐒🐒gold is nice 👍🏻
Comment from : Silver Chimp

Clean Money
1/4 ounce gold is definitely the way to go for me It lets me keep grinding on my silver and if I wanted to it's easily offloaded Great video brother
Comment from : Clean Money

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