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How to Study, Improve Memory, and Retain Information

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Information How to Study, Improve Memory, and Retain Information

Title :  How to Study, Improve Memory, and Retain Information
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Frames How to Study, Improve Memory, and Retain Information

Description How to Study, Improve Memory, and Retain Information

Comments How to Study, Improve Memory, and Retain Information

Mar Grajales
Thank you! for this video I like to read my postcard notes to my classmate It helps to retain information ❤
Comment from : Mar Grajales

Ruddy Ortiz
i really resonate with 2 make the information more meaninful i do my best to have fun studying and make it enjoyable in my mind playing around with visualization and more internal senses to make it stick, but also what stoood out was colorful pens, think about it if your using your brain and mind to make it more memeroable when you do start and automatically organize it in chronological order, reciting it, shouold be a breeze makes me feel good giving a name to my ordered sequence, but their is parts that we need to really avoid from bieng an illusion in our minds by reciting its chronological order created and formed by you, not my truest test is doing all this faster :D
Comment from : Ruddy Ortiz

Sterling Steele
Thank you so much for this video, it was extremely helpful for mebrbrI just took all the points from this video, and applied them to learning the video itselfbrbr1 Prep- This is what you do before you study, it's preparation br- Different colored ink/pens (For me, colored pencils)br- Select 2-3 topics/subjects to study, to avoid getting burnt outbr- Select the times you are going to study, as your study systembrbr2 Grind/Prep- A point where you are now actively learning, and also still preparing thingsbr- Whole/Part learning, go over the entirety of the lesson, and then break it up into parts (Just like I did here, with the 123 system)br- Make the subject relatable to your hobbies (Just like I did here, with prep/pep-grind/grind, by relating this to Warframe, a video game I enjoy)brbr3 Grind- A point where you are actively and solely grinding, and focusedbr- Over learn the topic, go over it again and again and again, to avoid the illusion of competencebr- Attempt to teach the topic to an imaginary class, recite it, to show yourself you now understand it much betterbrbrI am so proud of myself for being able to do this, and I am SO excited to continue learning with this system!! This is awesome! Thank you!
Comment from : Sterling Steele

G-Nora Turab
I watched a few times It's helpful, thank u Regards
Comment from : G-Nora Turab

How is there no CC for this???
Comment from : AMGarrettTV

Very well conceptualized It resonates with me, now I realize why it's hard for me to retrieve information from my memory when I thought I already knew them This video helps a lot Thank you very much!
Comment from : mitch

Sammi Chen
I write my own questions for each new information I need to retain In doing so, I am able to anticipate the type of questions that will be asked and also remember the notes easier as I have a question to answer the note- that way my brain knows why I need to retain the information
Comment from : Sammi Chen

I don’t really get the “over learning” and the “whole/part one” can anyone explain better?
Comment from : J93AD

Random Guy
I forgor 💀
Comment from : Random Guy

Karia Rache Smith
I try to visualize things So if its a name of a person, I try to think of someone famous or a co-worker with the same name and link the two Or if its a name of a building, like a church named Gospel Light, I think of a pastor holding a lantern lol
Comment from : Karia Rache Smith

Florine Bumpars
Use cue cards but not a good test taker
Comment from : Florine Bumpars

krishna vavhal
I create a story from any information given to me which makes it less complicated and easier to learn
Comment from : krishna vavhal

James Daugherty
You have been my #1 mentor through my life! My issue is focus and I can not seem to find material that addresses my issue For instance when I am watching TV or listening to someone talk, my mind quickly drifts off to other thoughts and then I have no idea what is being said Am I just dumb or are there techniques to improve this?
Comment from : James Daugherty

Rashmika Rashi
Thank you so much
Comment from : Rashmika Rashi

Faisal AlArfaj
Ok this guy is so creepy
Comment from : Faisal AlArfaj

Masiga V Paul
Comment from : Masiga V Paul

The Way of Spirit
This is surprisedly good info on studying coming from a life coach
Comment from : The Way of Spirit

Yusuf Yakub
Thank you very muchbrBut how can students who have tinnitus improve memory
Comment from : Yusuf Yakub

You can do anything with God God loves you Dont blaspheme the Holy Spirit it’s unforgivableGod loves you and sent his only son to die for you accept Jesus Christ as your lord and savior confess your sins and repent you will be forgiven Don’t make idols Follow Gods commandments if this life is real why wouldn’t Heaven be God loves you🙏Psalms 121:2 NIVbrbrMy help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth1 John 4:15brNew International Versionbr15 If anyone acknowledges that Jesus is the Son of God,(A) God lives in them and they in God(B)And love Jesus Christ confess with your mouth and believe in your heart that Jesus Christ is King and the son of God and he died on the cross for are sins and rose on the third day from the dead and accept Jesus Christ as your lord and savior🙏🙏Matthew 7:7brNew International VersionbrAsk, Seek, Knock(A)br7 “Ask and it will be given to you;(B) seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you🙏There’s only one God and his son Jesus Christ are Lord and savior
Comment from : Jack

Your incredible brain can take you from rags to riches, from loneliness to popularity, and from depression and joy if you use it properly
Comment from : life

Jameel Khan
Also incorporate in your daily routine to do some cardio, some weight lifting, nutritious diet, meditate, time in nature, wake up early go to bed early, soak in an herbal bath, small study breaks, snack on healthy foods, take medications if you struggle with anxiety/treatment, best of luck to us all
Comment from : Jameel Khan

Sier Gitt
Comment from : Sier Gitt

Great video! Keep making more
Comment from : Akhil

Essey Jourlney
I learned in my grammar school that writing brwords 25 each put in sentences and alphabetical in order and write out the brEnclyopedia on the subjects my learning brExperience was effective however mom stayed out until br3am and had domestic violence occur everytime there was test and I have to say trauma effects how I can't concentrate on retaining what I learned I was chocked by being put in a headlock I blacked out at 6years old as well as smoked Marijuana I feel beaindead
Comment from : Essey Jourlney

al reynolds
Hey if Biden can run the country I can learn the alphabet !
Comment from : al reynolds

He got Alzheimers disease right after taking this video
Comment from : RaRa

ongoing academic medical learning
I like the method of brainstorming when studying the and enjoying teaching the material
Comment from : ongoing academic medical learning

Nastasia Douglas
I have a short space of time to study a course that I really need to pass and I'm having problems to remember anything I studied
Comment from : Nastasia Douglas

Cristina Oquendo Murillo
I have a problem I don't know How I own learn I don't know if I'm auditive person or if I'm visual or maybe kinestesic person! I hate that!
Comment from : Cristina Oquendo Murillo

Onyekwere Samuel
please I need a proper follow upbrI'm a medical student about to drop out due to distractionsbrplease call me sirbr09060478619i'm samuel
Comment from : Onyekwere Samuel

I am going to have a state board exam in 2 months and I am freaking out, especially because English is not my primary language I feel like my study is doubled
Comment from : R D

A v o c a d o
I draw in all my readings, it significantly improves my learning and helps me reduce the time I dedicate to writing notes
Comment from : A v o c a d o

Shemiah Walker
Thank you so much sir
Comment from : Shemiah Walker

Will Hobbs
Remembering the first letter or letters in a series of information I need to retain and combining it into a pseudo-word helps a lot for me Like SOHCAHTOA for trig, thats a common one
Comment from : Will Hobbs

luna sunflower
Play at 125x uncle is speaking too slow
Comment from : luna sunflower

luna sunflower
I literally read Brian= brain
Comment from : luna sunflower

Ussama Ilyas
After recitation, making bullets on workbook also makes the difference
Comment from : Ussama Ilyas

Sherene Williams
I summarize what I read paragraph by paragraph
Comment from : Sherene Williams

Jatin Kumar Mangla
Brain himself saying how to improve memorythats why I am watching the video
Comment from : Jatin Kumar Mangla

I am in my 20 watching a 60 yr old tell me how to retain things in my brain 🤦🏻‍♀️
Comment from : ElisaJ

Thank you Uncle 🤝
Comment from : AstrologyGames

Charlotte Flores
Now how to store this information in my long term memory box
Comment from : Charlotte Flores

Uriel Valdez
I missed all the info in the video, thats how bad I am
Comment from : Uriel Valdez

James Shaw
Mr Tracy thank you for posting your video from buffalo NY
Comment from : James Shaw

Imogen Tucker
Very helpful tips Thank you 😊
Comment from : Imogen Tucker

Gaynell Banks
My retention of information is at an all time low
Comment from : Gaynell Banks

terfa vaatia
I seriously need this training like crazy Any other referrals, please?
Comment from : terfa vaatia

sana mir
Great video !
Comment from : sana mir

Srinivasan K
hearing to music helps me retain information and i scribble same information again and again
Comment from : Srinivasan K

Almighty King
When you have to rewatch this video couple times because you couldn’t remember
Comment from : Almighty King

I liek to smoke creck
Comment from : PrinceAli

Great video on memory Improving mine daily with techniques
Comment from : A WOMANS WORK

Thunder Bolt
1 Reduce the amount of interference -- confusion brOverlearn ie when u can tell without distractionbr2 Keep info organized into ur brainbr3 Recite the materialbr4 Space out study subjbr5 Use a study systembr6 Relate the info to stuff u know
Comment from : Thunder Bolt

This was so helpful thank you so much
Comment from : Kp_mua_

Jorge Street
Cheers for this, I been tryin to find out about "best way to remember the names of all the states" for a while now, and I think this has helped Have you ever come across - Piyoren Incredible Prepotence - (search on google ) ? It is an awesome one of a kind product for discovering how to boost your memory power minus the hard work Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my co-worker got excellent results with it
Comment from : Jorge Street

tf yall talking about writing notes and shit I am trying to learn an entire year's worth of knowledge that I have never heard of for my history mock tomorrow
Comment from : Obaydah

xmH Nab
Brian Tracy more like Brain Tracy
Comment from : xmH Nab

Susan Del Rosario
I have been using it for years now and all that are in my past came into life I also topped (ranked 1ST) in one national board exam This really helps! For Memory Booster Highly-recommended based on my own experience: br br tinyurlcom/FORMEMORYANDHEARING
Comment from : Susan Del Rosario

to memorize I use Interlinking with environment
Comment from : Gunjan ITEXPERT

Jacqueline Njapau
This so brilliant Thank you so much atleast have learnt from today and wil forever remember
Comment from : Jacqueline Njapau

TrillionDollar Official
Could masturbation be a reason for poor ability to retain information?
Comment from : TrillionDollar Official

Trying so hard to retain this
Comment from : Mels_coffee_chat

Irene Grace Teh
How To Improve Memory:br1 Over-learningbr2 Make the information meaningfulbr3 Use four-colorful pensbr4 Space out study subjectsbr5 Practice whole and part learningbr6 Recite the materialbr7 Use a study system
Comment from : Irene Grace Teh

To to? Thnks though!
Comment from : THE ORDER OF STARS

Marcus Okodugha
Comment from : Marcus Okodugha

Sonny ALDO
This could be the nicest man in the world
Comment from : Sonny ALDO

Mr Celery Stick
Why is your voice sounding so soft?
Comment from : Mr Celery Stick

Siti Zahrinah Binte Othman
Thank you for sharing
Comment from : Siti Zahrinah Binte Othman

Simone Snedorf
You are an absolute Legend and one of my mentors You are such a wealth of Knowledge
Comment from : Simone Snedorf

Love it!
Comment from : Babydoll

_PL _J
Can I make it🤔 it is not im'possibleyou can do it!
Comment from : _PL _J

Meena Syed
Awesome video, thank you so much!
Comment from : Meena Syed

I used to be smarter when I was younger I was able to learn real quickly but now I feel so dumb My memory retention is crap
Comment from : Haider PACPAC

Universe Official
What a beautiful content I love it Thank you very much
Comment from : Universe Official

Jorge Arturo Gomez Alvarez
Work in your memory !!!;) Write in a notebook🎯🤓📔
Comment from : Jorge Arturo Gomez Alvarez

My special technique to remember things better : brI write and rewrite them brI put alarm 🤔brMake a funny story with shopping list items to remember what was them and buy them
Comment from : A A

Sritej Kumar
Thanks uncle!
Comment from : Sritej Kumar

Parag Mehta
Isn't he just reading from the teleprompter?
Comment from : Parag Mehta

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