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These Tiny 90s Toys Are Now Worth Big Bucks

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Information These Tiny 90s Toys Are Now Worth Big Bucks

Title :  These Tiny 90s Toys Are Now Worth Big Bucks
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Frames These Tiny 90s Toys Are Now Worth Big Bucks

Description These Tiny 90s Toys Are Now Worth Big Bucks

Comments These Tiny 90s Toys Are Now Worth Big Bucks

The Auction Professor
We have a second channel that will cover making money from arts and crafts for those interested There will be a lot of How To videos as well Here’s a link: wwwyoutubecom/channel/UCaViiCbXUWhekTbp8ttqUuw brYou can also check out one of our latest videos here: wwwyoutubecom/watch?v=xkAX3RjI254 brWe are now on Instagram as well: wwwinstagramcom/theauctionprofessor/ brIf you wish to help support our channel our Patreon page can be found here: wwwpatreoncom/TheAuctionProfessor brIf you'd like to see the equipment, shipping supplies, and reference material we personally use you can find it all right here: br wwwamazoncom/shop/theauctionprofessor br(We may get a small commission from these links)
Comment from : The Auction Professor

Jenn Hewitson
How much does the mansion go for
Comment from : Jenn Hewitson

Your presentations are fantastic! Thanks for all the information you give to us
Comment from : AMDEE92

Art-Tastic Creations
I had a lot of the guy version of Polly Pocket growing up which was called Mighty Max I watched the Mighty Max show as well A lot of those Mighty Max sets go for a lot of money now as well
Comment from : Art-Tastic Creations

Debbie Kelly-Snow
Who knew Polly Pockets were worth so much! Thanks for the info
Comment from : Debbie Kelly-Snow

Trevor Impulse Buy Guy
Alright I gotta say something Your approach at making videos is spot on! I buy and collect alot of stuff with intentions on selling it but I get so discouraged and lazy but every time I watch your videos I learn so much about many aspects of how,why,who and what to do with any given item and it peaks my interest and stokes my buying and selling fires again Not only that I don't gotta sit through someone's attempt at trying to entertain me more than trying to teach me the stuff I clicked on the channel in the first place for It's just refreshing to me to feel like I'm getting everything I want out of a video and channel and none my time is waisted I'm going to make an effort to at least thumbs up your videos and anyone else reading this and actually knows just how good and valuable the knowledge and pearls this guy throws at you in a video should support this channel at least by doing that
Comment from : Trevor Impulse Buy Guy

I have so many of these but they are keepers! Love that you gave the website a shout out…I used it SO many times so long ago to get our sets organized
Comment from : TLeafTreasures

Debbie Flower
Omg I'm crying into my tea cup, why didn't I know about your channel a year ago?? We had a massive clear out about 6 months ago, i tipped all my daughters Polly Pocket toys, some of which were the sets handed down to her from a friend who is older, all complete and lovingly looked after, but we had nobody to pass them on to, even the charity shop didn't want them, we are in the UK so things here are a little bit different, but she had that heart shaped one 😢😢😢
Comment from : Debbie Flower

Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cool!!!!!!!! thanks for the info!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment from : RobbysCollectibles

Thomas Cabral
thank you for awakening my polly pocket memories I found 12 polly pockets in blister packs in my storage from the 1990s when my kids were smaller and doing the birthday circuit wit all their friends would buy a few toys every time went to kmart
Comment from : Thomas Cabral

we bought almost everyone of those for are daughter Toys R US
Comment from : TrowelWalls

Maria P
Great info thanks 👍
Comment from : Maria P

Natalie Moraes
Dangmy friend had the original polly pocket and the necklaces
Comment from : Natalie Moraes

Rebecca of pollywogflatts
So helpful! Thank you
Comment from : Rebecca of pollywogflatts

So cute! Amazing price
Comment from : DELSA KELLY

Patrick Jackman
Just loving it
Comment from : Patrick Jackman

D guy03
i remember seeing commercials for these on home recorded vhs tapes years after they faded into obscurity, either that or they were still around and i just didn't pay attention to the girly toys
Comment from : D guy03

Jackie Born
What about the old paper dolls with book and cloths?
Comment from : Jackie Born

toni dean
where do you sell these toys do tell
Comment from : toni dean

I got a 1993 bluebird mc Donald's i thought they were not made by bluebird after 1989
Comment from : if-it-flips-it-ships101

Pat Jago
Incredible what humans think has value I understand collecting something but it’s just a two cent piece of plastic Thanks for another video I find it interesting and learn a little at the same time
Comment from : Pat Jago

The Worst
I like the cartoonish Polly Pocket figures the best👌🏼💯✔
Comment from : The Worst

James Couse
What about Micronauts???
Comment from : James Couse

Comment from : D00MED

D_Dizzie _Druck
What about the boy versions Mighty Max?🤔brbrI had lots of Mighty Max playsets when i was kid😇😉🥰
Comment from : D_Dizzie _Druck

Gale Retacco
Don't save anything for your grandchildren because they won't want anything
Comment from : Gale Retacco

Rob Mc
Man, you gotta get your hands on a better mic Your video and voice is so quiet, then a commercial comes on and blows the room away because it's so loud
Comment from : Rob Mc

Shhhhhhhhh 🤫
Comment from : Hymns-harps-harmonicas

Choking Hazards 'R Us!
Comment from : Snarkapotamus

Stephanie Mitchell
4:12 What day of the week is best to ensure auctions end on? Any weekend day?
Comment from : Stephanie Mitchell

Carol Hearn
I remember clearly that there was a time around 2000 when ebay US did not allow sale of Polly Pockets because of swallowing danger of the small pieces Is that no longer a problem? I was surprised that this wasn't mentioned I gave a few away because I didn't want to have my account suspended and haven't bought any since then
Comment from : Carol Hearn

CAR Jones
Wow, I’m sure I’ve passed these dolls up, now I’ll be on the look out
Comment from : CAR Jones

Flip The Thrift
Thanks again don
Comment from : Flip The Thrift

doug Miller
Gen x has weeble wobbles
Comment from : doug Miller

Cristina Acosta
Thank you for your generosity Im grateful 🌺
Comment from : Cristina Acosta

Bonnie Suggs
I guess I missed what he meant by blue bird, he said it at end of video Can anyone tell me what he meant by adding blue bird to the value Thank you for video
Comment from : Bonnie Suggs

Chris Sword
I get excited every time you give out one of these obscure websites
Comment from : Chris Sword

Only been watch your channel for 6 months and I learned tuns!!!! Thank you🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
Comment from : catladynj

Thanks for the great information on Polly Pockets and absolutely love the Shirley Temple commercial at the end of the video Thanks for sharing with your time and videos with us!
Comment from : Beelucky

Jeeez my kids n Gkids all had these n so many other collectable toys n now they r all jsut gone ughhh can U plz help me with where to actually find these itemslike I know thrift stores, estate sales, n yard sales etc but I hear so much about BULK lots sales etc also I've no problem doing my own homework thats part of the game but is there a certain place to look to learn it? Like books or vids that teach u all that stuff? Like whats worth what etcbr I need to know how to do that lol thanx
Comment from : Sugarmoongarden

Southside Carly
Great video, I bought these for my daughters I will keep my eyes open for them
Comment from : Southside Carly

Michele Miller
Hi Don , Can you do a video that teaches us about American Girl Dolls?
Comment from : Michele Miller

Mary Peletier
Thank you!
Comment from : Mary Peletier

Viki Harmon
I'm so grateful for all your nolage
Comment from : Viki Harmon

Sunset Treasure Hunters
Polly pockets Thanks for another informative video!
Comment from : Sunset Treasure Hunters

K Hoyle
Great video as normal! Thanks! My kids were kids in that area of time I have boxes of these! Treasure! Ye ha!
Comment from : K Hoyle

Gary Daytona
Good info Don, I don’t remember ever running across any, but now I know what todo if I do see them 👍
Comment from : Gary Daytona

Jack Tripper
This crap only has value if you can find a sucker to buy them,br For the second time, lol, that's what's wrong with the economy, this craps worth the same value as a 10 oz 999 pure bar of silverlol
Comment from : Jack Tripper

Ron DeCaro
New sub Hey man, thank you for your work and time I appreciate the knowledge Don
Comment from : Ron DeCaro

I still have the letter to Santa from my daughter asking about Polly Pockets ☺ Thank you for the knowledge Mr Professor!
Comment from : Smurfette

Mischa likes
Omg so freakin helpful - as always I have a heap of Polly Pockets I need identifying BTW those magnetic Pollys have been recalled here in Australia and not allowed to sell on eBay Thanks again!
Comment from : Mischa likes

James Ramirez
Wow Who knew
Comment from : James Ramirez

Amherstburger Picker
Thanks Don another informative video!! Now I'll know what to look for at yard sales and the thrift store
Comment from : Amherstburger Picker

Mic Draper
Fabulous thank you
Comment from : Mic Draper

Rawkin J
Real happy i discovered your channel !! I'm in!!! :)
Comment from : Rawkin J

Jennifer WarHawk
I have NEVER found these in yard sales or thrift stores It seems like people are learning about them and only selling them for big money these days I have bought a few lots of them and I have a number for sale right now, but they don't sell as quickly if the set isn't complete, and it's getting increasingly harder to find complete sets for a reseller's price
Comment from : Jennifer WarHawk

Jessy Shops #thatssojessy
Wowzers!! Incredible!!
Comment from : Jessy Shops #thatssojessy

Emily Stepek
Wow, Shirley Temple doll was expensive!!
Comment from : Emily Stepek

Lobo Loco
Awesome Video I have seen these before and sold a few but i had no idea that they could be worth soooo much!!
Comment from : Lobo Loco

Excellent tips! I will have my radar up for these Bluebird Polly Pockets! Thanks!
Comment from : TheMoKat

SebastianShaw 88
Thanks for info Do more toy videos pleaseeee!!! That was great🚀🚀🚀
Comment from : SebastianShaw 88

Old to New Treasures / Karen
I have all the sets I bought my girls Havent decided whether to sell or keep for my granddaughters to play with
Comment from : Old to New Treasures / Karen

Lynne Sears
You are amazing Thank you again!
Comment from : Lynne Sears

Theresa Marie
I know I have some Polly Pockets in my storage unit! I saved a lot of my kids toys for their kids because they didn't want them! I think I'm buying my grandchildren something else, 😂
Comment from : Theresa Marie

April W
Always liked these dolls thanks for the info Don
Comment from : April W

Thanks for the great tips 🙌
Comment from : Roronoa93

Nancy Stockwell
My daughter played with Polly Pockets, definitely have my eyes open for them!
Comment from : Nancy Stockwell

Denise Ebayer
Thank you , Don for sharing your knowledge I had no idea Polly Pocket toys are so valuable
Comment from : Denise Ebayer

Michele Rok
Don how long does it take to sell one of those items with a high price? Especially if you list them on eBay
Comment from : Michele Rok

Excellent information, thank you so much!
Comment from : PoppaFlipps

Dillon Langford
Don, man my thrift does random bagged toy lots I picked out one that had a polly pocket and several pieces and some unrelated things as I'm holding it looking in it a lil girl comes up and was ecstatic about seeing it and I gave it to her this was yesterday from day of video
Comment from : Dillon Langford

Winter Crow
Talk about a choking hazard! (BTW, growing up none of my toys had the choking hazard warning on them-- we had parental supervision and the threat of dismemberment if we lost or swallowed any pieces) These came in long after I was a kid but I often find bits and pieces of these-- and the old Strawberry Shortcakes--- so thank you for this heads up I believe the tiny figures I collected were maybe Disneykins--- but I remember tiny Flintstones, too Keep up the great work!
Comment from : Winter Crow

Cilena Smith
Oh my God, I was obsessed with them when I was little girl but didn't have many Then about 7-10 years ago I started to buy them at flea markets here in France for my niece I found about twenty maybe thirty sets and I know this site very well Since then my sister got two more girls and all of them adore Polly pockets the old ones so I can't get them back I got everything: Disney, stamps, babies, pendants, rings I've realized their value because I don't find them anymore at all At least my nieces can enjoy them Nice video, thank you
Comment from : Cilena Smith

Royal T
I have a Polly Pockets in the package, had no idea it was worth that much! 👍😎
Comment from : Royal T

Bonnie Graybill
Hi Don 😊 Enjoyed your video ❤️ Thank you for sharing 😳
Comment from : Bonnie Graybill

K Mey
Thank you!
Comment from : K Mey

Deb Comly
Thanks Don !! Great Video!!
Comment from : Deb Comly

Classic rock Lover
Polly pockets were cool! I Remember the original tiny play sets were marketed with the emphasis on portability You could take your emtire playset to grandma's in your necklace, etcbrbrYes there was a lawsuit On the bigger dolls, the clothes were hard plastic and the magnets would keep the clothes on the doll I think some kids swallowed the clothes and the magnets attracted to each other in their intestines requiring surgery etc Future clothes were a tiny stretchable rubber which were cute but often tore around the arm holes
Comment from : Classic rock Lover

Being born in the 70's i really don't know these toys well so i'm always looking for information on these collectible toys now I don't want to miss any valuable toys that i might think is just generic stuff Never heard of Polly Pockets before, and i don't remember seeing any Thanks
Comment from : dewdew34

I had no idea, thank you
Comment from : INHELL4

Buy Low Sell High
Nice bolo! Thanks!
Comment from : Buy Low Sell High

Phoenix Resells
Wow, now to convince my 12 year old niece to sell me hers
Comment from : Phoenix Resells

trina cerk
Thank you for the Polly Pocket tourlol brWow it is so hard to imagine something so small being so expensive I will be on the lookout for sure Thank you Don
Comment from : trina cerk

The Creamy One
How about the Polly Pocket Rockets at the adult store??
Comment from : The Creamy One

The Creamy One
I'm a 90s Toy
Comment from : The Creamy One

jojo90 S
Thanks for the video but it hard to find them nowadays
Comment from : jojo90 S

Larissa Alcorn
I have almost all of these from my childhood, and I will never part with them!
Comment from : Larissa Alcorn

Clearwater Valley Thrift
OmgI bought millions of these for my daughters Who knew😂
Comment from : Clearwater Valley Thrift

Big D
Thank you for the info
Comment from : Big D

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