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AC/DC - Moneytalks (Official Video)

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Information AC/DC - Moneytalks (Official Video)

Title :  AC/DC - Moneytalks (Official Video)
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Description AC/DC - Moneytalks (Official Video)

Comments AC/DC - Moneytalks (Official Video)

Pat T
Razor's Edge was one of my favorite albums by AC/DC
Comment from : Pat T

Joseph Roybal
This is the I'm the man top gun kids daddy the best
Comment from : Joseph Roybal

Dee Gladue
RiP Malcolm
Comment from : Dee Gladue

Can they do a collab with Lisa from Blackpink with the song Money?brbrBrian Johnson RULES, my idol brAngus RULESbrbrButthead’s favorite band on his shirt, LEGENDSbrbrI love AC DC!!!!!!
Comment from : BentoBoxBobbyTV

Matthew Bryson
Okay Brian Have you figured out why you're wife is with you?😂 Money does talk
Comment from : Matthew Bryson

Joseph Roybal
Need help getting to my money
Comment from : Joseph Roybal

Facundo Nicolás Chamorrro
El himno al dinero
Comment from : Facundo Nicolás Chamorrro

Joseph Roybal
This is top gun
Comment from : Joseph Roybal

Walter Sobchak
I made a video back in 1992 without incriminating myself in the video of a detailed step by step process of how to make money talk Starting from essential oil extraction from a certain root bark to isolating the active in that oil then to ketone and then red/amination to blinding white root beer smelling powder From there on to the binder mix and to the press On the last part where the tablets we’re flying down the hopper I edited this song in its entirety Was a beautiful thing End result from these fruits of our hard work was hundreds of thousands of dollars Oh yes the money talks Every time I hear this song I reminisce I swear I can smell the root beer and the money
Comment from : Walter Sobchak

Last song listened to on the bird before the Bin Laden raid
Comment from : Mitchell

Lara Calais
best song ever
Comment from : Lara Calais

Benjamin Shields
This is such a badass song
Comment from : Benjamin Shields

Iveta Tomanová / tomankaa MOTORSPORT
❤❤my favourite
Comment from : Iveta Tomanová / tomankaa MOTORSPORT

Chris Pap
He ain’t fucking aroundthe crime is on youthe shots are on himlisten to the money talk!!!!
Comment from : Chris Pap

Chris Pap
Sorry babydollC’mon listen to the money talk
Comment from : Chris Pap

Denise Falcon
Right ✅ ✅ ✅
Comment from : Denise Falcon

Prince Nicholas Herrman
11:20 AM 11/22/2021 Listening to music APPLES AND ORANGES Alot of people dont know about this stuff I know I was like wtf too I actually dont care now (didnt care back in the day I was like wtf?????) Im "special" Not trying to pick on anyone
Comment from : Prince Nicholas Herrman

Lesley Paseur
I would protect my stepsister's money and we could just all throwed up into the community that's where it needed to land
Comment from : Lesley Paseur

Lesley Paseur
Nuts nuts love it
Comment from : Lesley Paseur

Lesley Paseur
Great songs a old friend had fun with this one song its a good memory
Comment from : Lesley Paseur

Jayson Mundia
Rock is my life, who's with me???
Comment from : Jayson Mundia

John Blondeau
Turn it up !!!!
Comment from : John Blondeau

Razor edge was a AWESOME ALBUM!!!! Saw them at the Toronto sky dome on that tour 1990
Comment from : dhurley77

Patrick Langan
Moneytalks is another one of the best songs on The Razors Edge, along with Thunderstruck (duh!), Fire Your Guns and the title track of the albumbrAs for the Angus Bucks in this video, Malcolm (RIP), once joked in an interview that those were worth more than what the Euro are
Comment from : Patrick Langan

Comment from : トコトコとっと

Mariano Amezcua
6409 people didn't hear the money talking
Comment from : Mariano Amezcua

Ari Pane
Comment from : Ari Pane

Henri Fenger
I adore AC/DCno bullshitjust a great rock bandthat puts a smile on your face
Comment from : Henri Fenger

Tiffany Hinderscheit
Was on my way to work at 6:30 this morning and this song came on the radio and I had to put it on max volume, haha!!! Doing a 12 hour shift, I need a boost of energy and this is the best way to do it!!!!
Comment from : Tiffany Hinderscheit

Ari Pane
Comment from : Ari Pane

Boris Johnsons theme tune
Comment from : punkywozza

Sherilee Rangi
My Baby brother and I always play this dont when out dad wasn't aroundit was awesome back in daysMuch Love Ac/Dc
Comment from : Sherilee Rangi

George Goros
And the progressive cactus
Comment from : George Goros

Dawson Pijogge
1:21 Cliff smiled I’ve never seen him smile
Comment from : Dawson Pijogge

64k people who meant to click the LIKE, but were too into the music and accidentally clicked Dislike as they were bobbing their heads
Comment from : bigbiff38

Timothy Sloan
HELL YEAH true Rock-n - Roll
Comment from : Timothy Sloan

Dawson Pijogge
This is more addicting than anything else in the world
Comment from : Dawson Pijogge

George Goros
This 1 goes out to Kristan sinima
Comment from : George Goros

Oliver Kris
Thats européen culture !!!brThats mozartbrThats BeethovenbrThats usbrThats lovebrThats what we are
Comment from : Oliver Kris

álvaro 》
that guy have dementiaSurprise!
Comment from : álvaro 》

andres damian pedraza
Como pueden unos tipos hacer tan hermosa canción!!!! Ac/dc el rock en estado puro
Comment from : andres damian pedraza

Brock Robert
Best rock and roll band ever
Comment from : Brock Robert

Way Cool
Comment from : SkiManFree

Vasil Prodanov
They are is gods of Rock
Comment from : Vasil Prodanov

Skin Walker
Queen and AC DC make Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber look like a joke
Comment from : Skin Walker

Hard rock fan 107
This one of my most favorite songs by AC/DC and it deserves more love
Comment from : Hard rock fan 107

George Bagnall
Angus young Goin wild man
Comment from : George Bagnall

Luis Romahn
Can't get enough of it😈🤟
Comment from : Luis Romahn

Kev G H
This song is a huge hit, but still underrated at the same time
Comment from : Kev G H

Brandon slade
This is my stripper song
Comment from : Brandon slade

Sergei Abashin
Счастливчики кому удалось побывать на их концертах
Comment from : Sergei Abashin

jeffrey carrow
nothing against bon scott but brian johnson has the best broken voice in the bussines besides joe cocker
Comment from : jeffrey carrow

Joseph Roybal
I really need all you beautiful ladies to work for me
Comment from : Joseph Roybal

Joseph Roybal
I'm rich ya
Comment from : Joseph Roybal

Joseph Roybal
This is my song for sure joey roybal
Comment from : Joseph Roybal

Сергей Микулин
Си ди, неужели мы стали уродами
Comment from : Сергей Микулин

Joey roybal
To my best friend Kim 💕 u
Comment from : Joey roybal

Stacey Stevens
Angus is sic he can rock
Comment from : Stacey Stevens

Stacey Stevens
Angus is sic he can rock🎸
Comment from : Stacey Stevens

Max Da Costa
Yeah great Song
Comment from : Max Da Costa

odading mang oleh
Legend won't let us down with them
Comment from : odading mang oleh

Danielle Lorraine
I crank this while making deliveries in my car It's good $ juju When I was a stripper I'd dance to this song Loved rocking out on stage and feeling the bills stick to me Ahhh, the memories lol
Comment from : Danielle Lorraine

Tom Belanovic
Comment from : Tom Belanovic

Dolly Pacudan
Thumbs up👍💪😎
Comment from : Dolly Pacudan

pepi casado toro
Comment from : pepi casado toro

Freedom Rider
When asked what he considered just a good straight representative of what rock music was, Gene Simmons said, "AC/DC" Nuff said
Comment from : Freedom Rider

Me:vibing to this songbrBetas:dislike song brMe:I will shred this universe down to its last atom
Comment from : RAMBEAST gamer

Stephen Hernandez
NICE! 😎😎😎😎😎😍😍😍😍😍😁😁😁😁😁😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎹🎹🎹🎹🎹🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🌇🌇🌇🌇🌇💵💵💵💵💵💰💰💰💰💰🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Comment from : Stephen Hernandez

Dolores Ulanowicz
Comment from : Dolores Ulanowicz

My Heart
full hd
Comment from : My Heart

Sergei Abashin
Лучшие из лучших
Comment from : Sergei Abashin

Vanessa Patella
I love moneytalks
Comment from : Vanessa Patella

Matthew Porrini
This song describes billionaires
Comment from : Matthew Porrini

Aurelio Solomon
55 percent of the world population knew that Australia Existed because of AC / CD,
Comment from : Aurelio Solomon

I Love AC DC
Happy Birthday Brian! Love you from Sweden💖🎁
Comment from : I Love AC DC

Comment from : Bee_Begy782

Luke Anthony
That's why we ant getting no more stimulus money hahaha 🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣
Comment from : Luke Anthony

The people that disliked this video probably like rap aka trash music
Comment from : Daniel_loves_marvel

Pumin Luklim
All time favorite song brACDC Rock's
Comment from : Pumin Luklim

johnny davies
Went to see them in Auckland nz back in the day and halfway through the concert they started throwing bundles of money off the scaffolding just like the one at the start of this videodid they do that anywhere else in the world?
Comment from : johnny davies

Facu Leyes
Comment from : Facu Leyes

I am so glad that I found out that a lot of people have been listening to my favorite song
Comment from : H T

Comment from : XvX

lenny koss
Comment from : lenny koss

Erik Colt
Comment from : Erik Colt

Comment from : ♡《MIKO CHAN》♡

Snow Man
Chris Slade is a under rated drummer
Comment from : Snow Man

Comment from : TheSpanielLover

Frank Rosen
Hi, how are you?
Comment from : Frank Rosen

Bobby Griz
This is the shizzz🎸🎸🎸🎸
Comment from : Bobby Griz

Vevo turning their offset stereo alignment to shit blended stereo is unacceptable
Comment from : Prjndigo

Jason Taylor
Damn right!
Comment from : Jason Taylor

Escrevi aqui atoa mesmo não sei ler inglês
Comment from : *`sunflower-💐*

Filiz Özdoğan
Comment from : Filiz Özdoğan

Amy Russell
Saw them perform on the Razors Edge tour twice-2nd time was a hey wanna go chance invite In front row in balcony right across from stage for 1st one-view better than floor actually! I've seen a lot of shows-theirs still is the best one Only disappointing factor was they released Angus dollars during this song and I didn't get one
Comment from : Amy Russell

2:15 love it 😁🤑💸
Comment from : AMERICAN DREAMER♡♡♡

Comment from : AMERICAN DREAMER♡♡♡

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