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Warren Buffett Explains How To Invest During High Inflation

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Information Warren Buffett Explains How To Invest During High Inflation

Title :  Warren Buffett Explains How To Invest During High Inflation
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Frames Warren Buffett Explains How To Invest During High Inflation

Description Warren Buffett Explains How To Invest During High Inflation

Comments Warren Buffett Explains How To Invest During High Inflation

sounds like APPLE to me
Comment from : Chen

Aidan Matthews
Carn the pairs well done mate!
Comment from : Aidan Matthews

David Portnoy
Everyone told me I was crazy for investing in farmland Now they keep asking me how to invest in farmland
Comment from : David Portnoy

Dimitar Chavdarov
6:00 - aka buy apple stock
Comment from : Dimitar Chavdarov

Liston Onlistoff
when central banks printed money like crazy and he defended the paper money and that's a sin!
Comment from : Liston Onlistoff

Liston Onlistoff
buffett is not god! he totally missed digital currency wave, which was a great opportunity for an ordinary man to get really rich in a life time! he did well in apple but that's not great, coz he missed a gold mine!
Comment from : Liston Onlistoff

zach h
Your inflation graphics were wrong at the first part of the video I had to be that guy
Comment from : zach h

This guy
I know how to invest during inflation All you have to do is to invest in stocks that are penny stock that used to be $10 a shar but are now under $2 a shares but that company I invest in is still very strong and sill has the strength to climb back up and go higher than $10
Comment from : This guy

Mark Lynton
I am familiar with the theory of inflation and your video explained inflation in very basic real terms Good work mate #newsubscriber
Comment from : Mark Lynton

Muze Rhythm
MOST informative and yet explained at a level for us novices Thank you!😁
Comment from : Muze Rhythm

Drew B
Blue chip large caps also
Comment from : Drew B

What's a mote?
Comment from : Max

JMO: in inflationary times, you just hope to break even or mitigate your lossesbrThe current one?brI'd like to squash the Fed This is ALL on them, their desire to inflate away debtbrA$$holes
Comment from : M P

Terrie 000
Buy Home Depot They are huge and they can pass the cost down to consumers easier than other smaller competitors Look at their recent earning call and exceeding comp sales Or look at their stock chart It literally took off into the sky
Comment from : Terrie 000

Medusa Miniatures
and the meatball subs are smaller with fewer meatballs
Comment from : Medusa Miniatures

Dale Petersen
Sometimes you're winning by not losing as much as other people are losing If you make 10 and lose 12 from inflation you only lost 2 people didn't invest at all lost 12 You're saving your powder to fight for another day you'll have more gunpowder than others
Comment from : Dale Petersen

SoloSailor sv
From Germany's currency crash 1923; (yes, some of the smartest people on the planet and experienced bankers too)br"A growing percentage of government debt thus found its way into the brvaults of the central bank and an equivalent amount of printing press brmoney into people's cash holdings In short, the central bank was brmonetizing the growing government debt"brbrBut today, that situation is GLOBAL
Comment from : SoloSailor sv

Logan McNulty
Great video Loved buffets take on investing in skills
Comment from : Logan McNulty

ren Jerry ren
The US stock market has fallen into a Ponzi scheme More than half of the Fortune 500 companies do not make money and are doing financial tricks  Most companies are already insolvent  Now it is constantly raising the stock price, and then collateralizing stocks from bank loans or issuing bonds, borrowing the new and repaying the old  These loans are ordinary people’s bank deposits or pension funds  When these companies are exposed to bankruptcy, ordinary people will lose all their hard work in their entire lives
Comment from : ren Jerry ren

Joey J
Lol another 20 years old giving his long life advices
Comment from : Joey J

Humberto Braga
Do a video on the fractional reserve system and how fiat currency is purposefully based on unsustainable debt and perpetual inflation that is inevitably bound to collapse so the ultrawealthy can consolidate ever greater amounts of wealth in this giant make-believe pyramid scheme
Comment from : Humberto Braga

Awesome video brother! Thank you for the help☝☝☝☝☝☝
Comment from : ThePittsStops

Kristaps Petermanis
A surprisingly good overview of the topic Wasn't expecting this Well done!
Comment from : Kristaps Petermanis

We can not count on this promoters Reckless lead more peoples lost their equities and asset and cash that they have
Comment from : NHAN HA

That the reason China told us go home
Comment from : NHAN HA

That the reason all investors require bail out That the nation in 28 trillions debt
Comment from : NHAN HA

The tricky financial product that make harm
Comment from : NHAN HA

You can not buy stuff that can harm
Comment from : NHAN HA

It is not like that Not even the Penny hand out
Comment from : NHAN HA

All investment is fixing problems not the stuff for long period failed to fix or wait for long term return in earning
Comment from : NHAN HA

Comment from : NHAN HA

Comment from : NHAN HA

Warren he speculate He said he did not know too much in the interview He said once he bought the stock he will never sale Or get risk because the promoter said so Because the report from the news He said you hold stock for long period It is the deal more uncertainty But the investment in the right way it is reduce the long term period sooner
Comment from : NHAN HA

You need to reject deal with weak and crime peoples You choose something else
Comment from : NHAN HA

450 thousand victims died Or the investors laundering the fail industries as China But promote sale stock or products in the country
Comment from : NHAN HA

Do not listen to Warren To do the buy All buy must review the condition the holders need and the condition of the companies If you do not want to lost the principle Some of them need hug sale for big profit if you buy late trigger them to make huge sale And force you must sale short Or the company lost income Or the company faces with serious legal matter because involve things like Trump
Comment from : NHAN HA

Guy Local
I tell you simple thingbrLook how USA media tell lies about RussiabrAnd you will see how much lies they tell abouT USA economy and inflation !
Comment from : Guy Local

Mother Nugget
Anyone else is hearing maple subs ?
Comment from : Mother Nugget

the feds are also raiding political opposition, so I wouldn't trust a word that comes out of their mouths
Comment from : TRT VITOR

Invest in companies like EvGO that provide services to EVs rather then the car company itself
Comment from : P KING

Fahim Faisal
Feds saying 'high inflation is coming', is like breaking a dam with a hammer then saying a flood is coming
Comment from : Fahim Faisal

xyz xyz
0:25 should be saying “navigate” not “negotiate” I think
Comment from : xyz xyz

Jay Jay
Answer: upskill yourself, make yourself valuable Informative vid
Comment from : Jay Jay

How to invest in real estate: youtube/V1pzVOh_FAw
Comment from : Sha

Extremely point by point video Well I will also say this here, Most people don't understand the concept of "buying the dip" buying the dip is all about buying digital assets when their prices are down and selling off when the price rises Holding is great, although trading is far more profitable I was able to grasp the knowledge of trading crypt0 assets early enough, but I was still limited due to my lack of technical understanding of how to analyze the digital market, all that changed when I encountered Rico Alan, I must confess it was easier to understand with the assistance of Rico that has made me over good altᴄoin
Comment from : lucasrogerio2006

In Oz, a good inflation hedge is trade union membership Seriously
Comment from : A

IS IT leagal to live in a van down by the river ?

Brian Bordenkircher
The companies with moats 100brGrowthbrTech (proven tech)brGood business at a great pricebrGreat business at a good pricebrMy thoughts anyways
Comment from : Brian Bordenkircher

Kaustab Paul
so only talk and no solution,, waste of time
Comment from : Kaustab Paul

metal stacking
Real estate is greatest hedge against inflation Imo Hyperinflation situation like we may very well be heading towards could be gold and silver is best bet
Comment from : metal stacking

Hugh Tierney Tierney
Very lucid presentation Thanks very much
Comment from : Hugh Tierney Tierney

Tom Z
dude you have great content
Comment from : Tom Z

World Erica
New sub
Comment from : World Erica

World Erica
Thanku so much for explaining it so well!!! I now understand it hahahaha I kept listening to it but I don't know the mechanical behind it
Comment from : World Erica

mike jones
After Tiktok this 15 min videos are aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh😔
Comment from : mike jones

pringles crack
In this regard, Turkey is a shining example According to official statistics, inflation is hovering at 18 percent, but the unofficial figure is 36 percent If you invest in a mutual fund and earn 25 a year, you are essentially losing purchasing power
Comment from : pringles crack

Gray Fox
Farms , Food , Reits and Gold should give you a good hedge against inflation
Comment from : Gray Fox

yuga nayar
Brother as I know in few months later we are going to see deflation not inflation
Comment from : yuga nayar

Stuart Sampson
Seriously helpful advice, made even better by some PAFC gear Respect 🍐
Comment from : Stuart Sampson

Kurtis Gareau
Comment from : Kurtis Gareau

funny when they talk abou taxes ftw UK investment ISA
Comment from : Andrew

Ariel Jimenez
You’re awesome…the examples make the subject easier, not boring, and breaks it down I know I would be sleeping through my finance courses in school and hardly understanding anything
Comment from : Ariel Jimenez

Jeff Noble
You don't invest in stocks during periods of inflation, you invest in assets Real things that have real value Those things will adjust in price with the valuing and devaluing of currency Land is the best example This being said, if you're going to be holding onto the stock for ten years, then go ahead and buy stocks The objective during times of inflation is not to increase your wealth/purchasing power, it's to not lose any of it
Comment from : Jeff Noble

The Ant-I-Channel
It was mediocre, nowhere near better than the original #fightme
Comment from : The Ant-I-Channel

Terry Qu
nice channel name
Comment from : Terry Qu

Liangyu Z
Very good content, learnt a lot, thank you!
Comment from : Liangyu Z

Comment from : baldan

ww ww-
Why doesn't the price of a stock increase with inflation? Wouldn't a businesses assets increase in value along side inflation? I get that in the short term the purchasing power of said business would decrease but in the long run dose inflation really negatively affect the stock?
Comment from : ww ww-

Edgar Malagon
opens the video with "negotiate" a period of high inflation instead of "navigate" (holds finger over back key)
Comment from : Edgar Malagon

Erica Daniel
Hello good day everyone Just want to illuminate everyone through this comment section, in few months or no time people will definitely be kicking themselves in regret for missing the opportunity to buy stocks or invest in cryptocurrency Covid19 Pandemic should be a big warning and an eye opener to everyone to engage on a side hustle despite your normal daily job Can i see a Hello from my fellow investors??
Comment from : Erica Daniel

'Increase costs to the customer if you can, whoar that's crazy no company can do that, people would just go and buy the cheaper product elsewhere' brApple smiles over their over inflated copium induced customer base
Comment from : TheAverlorn

Johnny Worzel
Comment from : Johnny Worzel

Commodities (due to increasing prices), real estate and financial stocks (because we will most likely have higher interest rates as a result)
Comment from : FarhanProductions

So basically invest in the S&P 500 for the strongest companies who can weather the storm?
Comment from : BC_Hunter

Thomas Zouki
Im 5 minutes into this video and this guy is still giving analogies and Buffet quotes
Comment from : Thomas Zouki

n original
It is so bizarre to me that so few really educated enough to play this game seem to care about the inequity these elitist money systems have created We need to put a face to wealth and a face to victims of the wealthy, but unfortunately our media is owned by the wealthy
Comment from : n original

Bobby Leyva
So basically make more money in your job lol
Comment from : Bobby Leyva

Reuben Tom Kee
Thank you for your presentation Peace!
Comment from : Reuben Tom Kee

Eric Bugin
android fan-boy, Apple doesn't force any subscriptions
Comment from : Eric Bugin

Stock Compounder - Brad Kaellner
Biggest takeaway for combatting a high inflation environment: Make yourself more valuable
Comment from : Stock Compounder - Brad Kaellner

Ranek Inpinewoods
"Invest in a good business" - W Buffet brThanks pal!👌😏
Comment from : Ranek Inpinewoods

Olvin Fuentes
Meme stonks will hedge inflation
Comment from : Olvin Fuentes

EL Rey
look to vsblty before the future comes closer and this stock explode high high potential stockk! with huge partnerships comming
Comment from : EL Rey

robert cliffort
Comment from : robert cliffort

Fede Rikus
Comment from : Fede Rikus

Nikolai Teslinha
In the case of a market crash, 2 words: negative beta
Comment from : Nikolai Teslinha

To say inflation is a crummy time for investors is only halfway true imagine the people who just hold cash in the bank or don't have any money
Comment from : FTATF

Yongki Amirson
Comment from : Yongki Amirson

Kauffman Roland
The macho turkish exceptionally announce because norwegian prudently race without a cautious japanese evasive, dapper scent
Comment from : Kauffman Roland

In Venezuela even good jobs like being a Dr / Nurse etc don't earn living wages - high inflation will outstrip any profession so have to slightly disagree with Buffett a bit on that
Comment from : W

Comment from : Opochtli

Harvey Holloway
Thanks for the very good video I might have found a sleeper They are creating a cannibus coffee according to Yahoo Finance I bought 2000000 shares at rock bottom on the OTC Hoping it tastes real good KGET
Comment from : Harvey Holloway

Peter Petrakis
Buffett really never says anything new He just rephrases lessons learned from "the intelligent investor" and "security analysis"
Comment from : Peter Petrakis

Panda Digital Love
Half buffet (safe) and half Peter lynch investment (growth bigger payout) strategies makes more sense
Comment from : Panda Digital Love

This is Called inelastic demand
Comment from : innosanto

kenshin himura
I'm from Trinidad and Tobago and there are no investing tools online that allow us to invest These companies need to remember us, we want to invest To do anything in this country, there is a high barrier of entry and its very tough for poor persons to get ahead
Comment from : kenshin himura

Yongki Amirson
Relationsh-ip GooglebrYsa Mdn
Comment from : Yongki Amirson

Arthur Rybakovas
Just buy AMC
Comment from : Arthur Rybakovas

Eric John
New money, thats a lovely and educating video i really want to start trading on my own, i will be needing an advice, i think
Comment from : Eric John

Bee Investor
A 'balanced portfolio' looks different also based on investor's age (which dictates the investment goals) The mistake one can make is extrapolate one's advice not thinking on the target audience that one was addressing to
Comment from : Bee Investor

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