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Pawn Stars: How Rare Is This Rare Jousting Helmet? (Season 1) | History

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Information Pawn Stars: How Rare Is This Rare Jousting Helmet? (Season 1) | History

Title :  Pawn Stars: How Rare Is This Rare Jousting Helmet? (Season 1) | History
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Frames Pawn Stars: How Rare Is This Rare Jousting Helmet? (Season 1) | History

Description Pawn Stars: How Rare Is This Rare Jousting Helmet? (Season 1) | History

Comments Pawn Stars: How Rare Is This Rare Jousting Helmet? (Season 1) | History

mesiah Abalde

Comment from : mesiah Abalde

Paula Werchowsky
What item on pawn stars took the longest time to sell
Comment from : Paula Werchowsky

Weird Nomad
Wow! I totally can't tell that's a man in drag Amazing
Comment from : Weird Nomad

Is the customer male or female?
Comment from : asymmetry998

Zack Hall
This guy is def a T-girl
Comment from : Zack Hall

Jhonki Gonzalez
MJ is alive!
Comment from : Jhonki Gonzalez

Yvette Marshall
😭 to this day I feel the loss of him ⚜️⚜️⚜️🏇
Comment from : Yvette Marshall

duncan demicoli
Actually machine cut threads were a thing millennia ago in wood and stone Metal threads only came to Europe in the late 1300’s case in point, the bradmore screw That piece of equipment saved King Henry V after an arrow penetrated his skull inthe battle of shrewsbury in 1403
Comment from : duncan demicoli

If Rick new that he looks 20 years younger in that helmet he would have bought it
Comment from : voidremoved

J r r r r m e e Courchene
“Dude looks like a lady”
Comment from : J r r r r m e e Courchene

I'm more interested in the hearse
Comment from : pokerphil1st

How on Earth this Season 1 clip so clear?
Comment from : Chandrakant

Includes spoilers
Comment from : S O

Corey Sprague
I think it would be funny if Rick and the seller got hit in the head with a jousting lance now that's good tv
Comment from : Corey Sprague

Mikey Piros
Comment from : Mikey Piros

Mike W
Seller is creepy
Comment from : Mike W

justin craig
This dude wore the helmet and high heel shoes in his apartment at 3am Coked out his mind
Comment from : justin craig

jj a
At 017 did the guy arrive in a hurst🤔😃🤣😣😈😱😳
Comment from : jj a

Urigeller trading in helmets now
Comment from : jimbobjones

Matt Percherke
Wish that ugly thing kept the helmet on
Comment from : Matt Percherke

Nanonai Nanasi
He: please be realbrMe: seeing him holding his helmet, ok he didn’t sell it
Comment from : Nanonai Nanasi

Ryan James
He needs money for some more plastic surgery
Comment from : Ryan James

Pip Pipster
How rare is this rare jousting helmet?brRare
Comment from : Pip Pipster

I think he was into Rick 😂😂😂😂
Comment from : Nuts-N-Guts

$5000 !brMy buddy cut that in half
Comment from : robertgoldstein52

Ku Rules
What a dork
Comment from : Ku Rules

Chris Perrien
Another example of the spoiled rich walking into this pawn shop(and this fake az pawn shop show)br They simply don't care ,except to get on TV
Comment from : Chris Perrien

Old stuff always has rivets
Comment from : dmp5431

Darren Fred
Seller Looks like a drug addicted fiend
Comment from : Darren Fred

Darren Fred
Rick inherited it from the Old Man and Corey will inherit it from Rick Must be nice to be set for life at birth
Comment from : Darren Fred

Seems everyone was disappointed in the end Times have changed a whole lot Was fun to watch Great video

Stephen Giordano
They probably would
Comment from : Stephen Giordano

Bruce Jenner+Cory Feldman= This Guy
Comment from : jbenz1990

Kays Lah Life
"Hey Rick do you wanna squeeze my boobs?"br"If it's not real, it's not worth my time Let me call a buddy of mine, he's a plastic surgeon and can tell me for sure"
Comment from : Kays Lah Life

Scott Prather
On Antiques Roadshow somebody brought in with turned out to be a 15th century Milanese cabocette helmetbrThey found wedged in the rafters of their attic here in the US Valued at 250,000
Comment from : Scott Prather

Expert who came in has moustache shaped like Metallica logo
Comment from : sasa1986

chris sibersky
It's worth $4500br"I'm not interested in an Victorian copy I want the real deal"brWhat?
Comment from : chris sibersky

Dániel Házi
I'm pretty convinced that Robert came with the hearse that can be seen next to/behind him at the 00:28
Comment from : Dániel Házi

Is it a real piece of armor - yes , is it an old piece of armor -yes It's a victorian copy lol
Comment from : Copperhead

jacques maritz
Bruce Jenner tried to sell a helmet, the bee-stings seem to be growing too , bless him……… her
Comment from : jacques maritz

As usual, I look at the clip Before scrolling down the Comments Section And the comments about this clip definitely don't disappoint
Comment from : Orion3741

Chad Chaddington Flexington
That is not a woman and not a man
Comment from : Chad Chaddington Flexington

What a clown of seller
Comment from : Milan

Adam Howard
They kinda gave it away cutting to him outside the shop with his helmet during the negotiation
Comment from : Adam Howard

Angees Corner
Did this guy drive all the way at vegas in a herse ? 🤣
Comment from : Angees Corner

William Schlemmer
It's a helmet from medieval times in Las Vegas
Comment from : William Schlemmer

William Schlemmer
Next week I'm going to bring the round table in
Comment from : William Schlemmer

Daniel Forget
he looks like Caitlyn Jenner
Comment from : Daniel Forget

El Yeehaw
huh they brought caitlyn jenner on the show
Comment from : El Yeehaw

Jordan Thomas
the world is filled with crappy armour re creations from the victorian period, I was extremiley suspicius from the start
Comment from : Jordan Thomas

Mike Bloodsworth
I thought that was Caitlyn Jenner
Comment from : Mike Bloodsworth

khaleb mackey
The abandoned foot expectantly bat because surgeon formerly decay toward a witty cornet illustrious, insidious grandfather
Comment from : khaleb mackey

Jun Pineda Jr
PAWN STARS MEETS KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS!!!!!!!!!!🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🍨🍧🍦🍦🍧🍨🍧🍨🍧🧁🍧🍨🍧🍦🍨🧁🍨🍧🍦🧁🍨🍧🍦🍨🍧🍦🧁🍦🍧🍨🍰🎂🍰🎂🎂🎂🍰🎂🍰🍰🎂🍰
Comment from : Jun Pineda Jr

Bit of a spoiler at 3 min when he's talking in past tense and still has the helmet in his hands
Comment from : NomadUniverse

That person is suspect
Comment from : orange70383

Alexander Auersperg
Is this guy one of them transgenders?
Comment from : Alexander Auersperg

Savannah Jackson
Tell him he’s dreaming!
Comment from : Savannah Jackson

I mean the framing costs would be astronomicalI would pass - Rick
Comment from : Sillysoft

Hannah Bulman
"I gotta buddy in everything" no truer words have been said
Comment from : Hannah Bulman

Gonzalo Sosa
So Steve Vai drives a hearse into the pawn shop and tries to sell a helmet ok
Comment from : Gonzalo Sosa

Jason Sierchio
It's so weird how much Ricks voice has changed he also talked a lot faster back in the day hmmm
Comment from : Jason Sierchio

David Jones
Flattery will get you everywhere
Comment from : David Jones

Jay Tanner
I bet the seller wishes he was wearing that helmet when the swarm of angry bees attacked his face
Comment from : Jay Tanner

is that a hearse on the background
Comment from : PoiBoink

lito dat
Jesus guy is hungry for money so thirsty lmao
Comment from : lito dat

Mark James
Steven Dawson got on with m r brown famously
Comment from : Mark James

Mikah Uhlig
2:32 over here lookin like uncle grandpa
Comment from : Mikah Uhlig

The Frase
Rick do you have change for a dollar?brRick: the best I can do is 4 dimes and nickel I’m taking all the risk here!
Comment from : The Frase

Jose Bravo
It looks good on you 😂💨
Comment from : Jose Bravo

Χαραλαμπος Παφος
When rick said , this hurts , i thought she will tell him "first time always hurts"
Comment from : Χαραλαμπος Παφος

Talk about a huge change in how the show was produced Season 1 - expert comes in, is very quick about what he thinks, no backstory on history, here are my problems and concerns, and these things would sell in the range of $x Versus nowexpert comes in, longggg story about the history (zzzzzzz), bring out the magnifying glass, the scanning electron microscope and then a longggggg pause for the price reveal
Comment from : Chewyfood

Hr H
Don't buy anything in Munich
Comment from : Hr H

Lavar Ball
The nonstop kitty posteriorly trade because santa decisively serve failing a glib samurai doubtful, secretive editorial
Comment from : Lavar Ball

Mr Hippie Joe88
Is no one gonna talk about he’s driving a hearse
Comment from : Mr Hippie Joe88

Dewey Oxburger
Let me call a guy who specializes in Victorian bolts
Comment from : Dewey Oxburger

Brock Samson
"Got it in a small little place" Where'd you get it? "In Munich" My guy really?
Comment from : Brock Samson

His demeanor reminds me of Arthur Fleck
Comment from : HL

Tom Webber
Any excuse to underbid 🙄
Comment from : Tom Webber

Tom Webber
Dude looks like a lady 😕
Comment from : Tom Webber

Christian Meglio
Is t Josting or Jousting? They need to settle that first before they get a price
Comment from : Christian Meglio

Joyson Wildhart
he looks like he had plastic surgery
Comment from : Joyson Wildhart

Alex Xander
“I got a buddy in everything ”brbrIncredible foreshadowing
Comment from : Alex Xander

Arthur Morgan
Man really drives a hearse
Comment from : Arthur Morgan

This guy looks like an NPC that you would talk to and they wouldn't tell you anything of use to the mission
Comment from : TheGtxbeast

Buddy walks in with a new tshirt for the seller Such a nice guy
Comment from : Upamanyu90

“ I don’t want a a copy, I want the real thing” brbgets the real thing/bbrbsells it immediately/b
Comment from : HeyCallMeOscar

Dark Souls Helmet
Comment from : Name

Ponda Baba
Famously Brown I Along With Mister And Got
Comment from : Ponda Baba

OL 2016
Was Rick blushing when Kaitlyn opened the face guard? 💞
Comment from : OL 2016

Dr Barry Cohn
Were it real, it should be rusty and very heavy
Comment from : Dr Barry Cohn

John Clinete
Dude got a hurse how cool is that?
Comment from : John Clinete

Roger Samaniego
Comment from : Roger Samaniego

Lopez Cool
Michele jackson
Comment from : Lopez Cool

That dude looks like Kaitlyn Jenner
Comment from : Christopher

king james488
I'm guessing rare
Comment from : king james488

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