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The Weird Coincidences Between JFK and Lincoln | Strange Heartland History

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Information The Weird Coincidences Between JFK and Lincoln | Strange Heartland History

Title :  The Weird Coincidences Between JFK and Lincoln | Strange Heartland History
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Frames The Weird Coincidences Between JFK and Lincoln | Strange Heartland History

Description The Weird Coincidences Between JFK and Lincoln | Strange Heartland History

Comments The Weird Coincidences Between JFK and Lincoln | Strange Heartland History

pomer racer
cant handle that damn frog voice!!!
Comment from : pomer racer

Paper Canyon
All these just the coincidences
Comment from : Paper Canyon

All those year being a hundred year apart is insane
Comment from : TheRealxz

Liencolne & Kennedy BOTH have two "e" in their name
Comment from : steroidsR4losers

Steve Scontriano
Both fights presidents were named Johnson President Kennedy was a philandering piece of shit President Kennedy made a White House aid give him and the secretary of defense a blow job in the White House pool True story It was on the TV show 2020 He cheated on his wife with Marilyn Monroe Then pass Marylyn to Bobby President Kennedy would fly into Los Angeles and when he got to the hotel he would have prostitutes in the room waiting for him What a great guy
Comment from : Steve Scontriano

Aurelio Solomon S Buyco
The one hundred years gap :)
Comment from : Aurelio Solomon S Buyco

Will Mack
One that is seldom if ever mentioned to the best of my knowledge, both were assassinated the Friday before a major holiday (Lincoln shot on Good Friday, 2 days before Easter & Kennedy 6 days before Thanksgiving Day - which Lincoln made an official holiday no less)
Comment from : Will Mack

Mr Wick
JFK could of been killed by a loved one of Marilyn Monroe as of their Secret affair, she was definitely killed coz of it some bullshit drug overdose don’t think so… her family took matters into their own hands forsure
Comment from : Mr Wick

Kermit on bullseye
Their killers are both known by their 3 namesbrLee Harvey OswaldbrJohn Wilkes Booth
Comment from : Kermit on bullseye

julia 8
Wouldn't a Tobacco shed be deemed kinda like a warehouse
Comment from : julia 8

yinhoe chop
both have black hair
Comment from : yinhoe chop

tiDDies aTTic
How does Marilyn Monroe being dead prove the president wasn't in her a month before his death?
Comment from : tiDDies aTTic

President Kennedy was my previous incarnation, before that I was Abraham Lincoln and amongst 1000's of previous incarnations I was one of the Kings who inspired the Legend Of King Arthur I am Carl Rylander I and a Laura Catgirl of chaturbate, also know as Susana Llano of Colombia Medellin, are suffering deadly and continued harassment from a cabal of paedophiles within Cleveland Police UK and I want people to help us in reporting them to the United Nations and human rights bodies, to end their activities this isn't an intellectual argument these people are stupid arrogant and naive and so are the UK public help us make them see sense
Comment from : CalleFourthAge

Eric Stevenson
Lincoln was born in Kentucky February and died in April 15th and elected to two terms as a Republican after being a lawyerbrKennedy was born in Massachusetts May and died on November 22nd and elected to one term as a Democrat after being a journalistbrbrThomas Jefferson and James Monroe were both born in March Virginia and died on July 4th and elected to two terms as Democratic-Republicans having both been lawyers and land surveyorsbrbrAre you people complete idiots?
Comment from : Eric Stevenson

Daniel Z
Its stuff like this that makes the simulation theory seem not so farfetched after all
Comment from : Daniel Z

Sam Loun
Those conencidences certenly mean something
Comment from : Sam Loun

JD in Huntsville AL
Lincoln was warned not to go to Ford Theater while Kennedy was warned not to go to Dallas TRUE - BUT BIG DEAL Important people are always warned not to do something or go somewhere, so this is actually meaningless If NEITHER had been warned, THAT might be a connection
Comment from : JD in Huntsville AL

Vote Huss
Add to the list, the fact that both Lincoln and Kennedy attempted to end the Federal Reserve Bank due to its corruption and Financial enslavement of Americans Both presidents were assassinated shortly afterbrbrThe only president to mess with the Federal Reserve/AKA The National Bank was President Andrew Jackson The banking conglomerates tried to have him assassinated as well, but miraculously, both single shot dueling pistols that were fired at Jackson at point-blank range fail to shoot Jackson abolished the Federal Reserve We need to do it again now
Comment from : Vote Huss

Vote Huss
I believe everyone was in Marilyn
Comment from : Vote Huss

This makes a lot of sense for the writers of Clone High to put in Lincoln and JFK
Comment from : MadChristoph

moiz khan
When the lincoln was elected rise of america started when kennedy was elected america was at its peak overall & from JFK killing the downfall of america started
Comment from : moiz khan

Peter Davies
Yeah, they were both shot There Problem solved🤷‍♂️
Comment from : Peter Davies

Sarthak Chakrabarti
When both presidents were assassinated, they were both succeeded by democrat southerners with surname Johnson, both of whom represented states starting with the letter T ( Andrew Johnson, D - TN and Lyndon Johnson, D - TX )
Comment from : Sarthak Chakrabarti

Mateo Paredes
Both were assinated
Comment from : Mateo Paredes

bLincoln AND Kennedys Skull was Damaged/b
Comment from : Zyxrell_RL

Cyrus Von Gideon
But Lincoln was a republican while Kennedy was a Democrat
Comment from : Cyrus Von Gideon

The Customizer
Both helped fight against racism/slavery
Comment from : The Customizer

Were they working in that shed because if work took place as well as storage by definition was a warehouse
Comment from : Twizted

Lamar Brown
Can ABE Lincoln and JFK could be relative
Comment from : Lamar Brown

I think there was this one where Kennedy had a car named Lincoln and Lincoln had a car named Kennedy
Comment from : BlueStream

Ayush Srivastava
Soo Historia
Comment from : Ayush Srivastava

Power 3:16
2:42 is that actually JFKs head
Comment from : Power 3:16

Some Raccoon With Internet Access
Comment from : Some Raccoon With Internet Access

Civil rights act of 1866 was passed by a president named Andrew Johnson a year after Lincoln was assasinated, Civil rights act of 1964 was passed by a president named Lyndon Johnson a year after Kennedy was assasinated
Comment from : rocky

Smrutiranjan Perai
I am here after watching Shoorveer 2 Any one here same with me
Comment from : Smrutiranjan Perai

Kaiser Wilhelm II
They are both similar figures (geometry)
Comment from : Kaiser Wilhelm II

Viktor Vasilik
Conveniently skipped a bunch And made it look like those are simply coincidences because of course if anyone thinks otherwise is a crazy conspiracy theorist 🙄🙄
Comment from : Viktor Vasilik

rohan initiative
All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players
Comment from : rohan initiative

The assassins and VP's being born 100 years apart, that isn't a coincidence Born in the SAME year would be
Comment from : Fuzztone

david charles
Jesus Christ can save
Comment from : david charles

connor topping
I feel like In 2060 there will be so many people saying whoever gets elected president will be assassinated as in the last two 60 years presidents were
Comment from : connor topping

Screamin Firey
Andrew Johnson Surname was JohnsonbrbrbrWhile LBJ surname was Johnson
Comment from : Screamin Firey

I think Kennedy is Second life of Lincoln Not sure
Comment from : Shreyas

President Lincoln did not have a secretary named Kennedy,
Comment from : jefftube58

Per Åge Gundersen
I have another onebrAndrew bJhones/b Tok After Lincoln DiedbrAndbrLindon B bJhones/b Tok After JFK DiedbrBoth End With Jhones
Comment from : Per Åge Gundersen

Johnnys List
This guys a shill
Comment from : Johnnys List

Felipe Jaquez
Both wanted State Banking
Comment from : Felipe Jaquez

0/10 only watching this cause my teacher is making me
Comment from : bruh_code

jOrts Shorts 2
Comment from : jOrts Shorts 2

Bumble Juice
way way back in the 1980’s
Comment from : Bumble Juice

Just because both didn't occur within the same length of time before their assassinations, it's STILL an eerie coincidence that before his assassination, Lincoln was in Monroe, Maryland, and before HIS assassination, Kennedy was in Marilyn Monroe!
Comment from : Bildad1976

queena__ 786
Let's see what happens in future
Comment from : queena__ 786

To me I'm sorry if it ain't coincident I don't know what is because Kennedy was shot also in a Lincoln! My family always discussed this
Comment from : LadyBhive1

Sudhir Shukla
Lincoln and keneddy both died in a car with there wife
Comment from : Sudhir Shukla

Aaamirul 9850
Abraham lincoln and JFK elected to congress date was 100 years between them Abraham lincoln (1846) JFK (1946) and elected as President Abraham lincoln (1860) JFK (1960)
Comment from : Aaamirul 9850

Comment from : LeRandom

Pappa Molly
I find it interesting that the Ford Kennedy was in had theatre style seats ( the back ones were raised higher)
Comment from : Pappa Molly

Frank Arce
Abraham declared Thanksgiving a national holidayJohn was assassinated just before Thanksgiving 🤔🤔🤔
Comment from : Frank Arce

Ufcs Favorite Son
Lincoln was elected in 1861 not 1860 and Kennedy was elected in 1961 not 1960 😁
Comment from : Ufcs Favorite Son

There's another coincidence with their last names: Lincoln & Kennedy both have 7 letters which has been acknowledged for years, but what is more unlikely is that the consonant/vowel placement of each of the letters in their names matches! Using 'V' for vowel and 'C 'for consonant, both names are, 'CVCCVCC'
Comment from : David

Well, we all know what to do if whoever becomes president after the 2060 election was born in 2008 and a senator since 2046
Comment from : Monosekist

Bethany Hutchison
I’m related to John Wilkes Booth it is not a lie he is one of my cousin in laws
Comment from : Bethany Hutchison

The John F Kennedy Medical Center is the national medical center of Liberia brAbraham Lincoln wanted to deport slaves to LiberiabrCreepy
Comment from : InfidelUSA

Luke Hayes
Comment from : Luke Hayes

Kevin Healey
One was a Republican and the other a DemocratbrOne was a war time president and the other a peace time presidentbrOne was elected 2 times, the other did not finish out his timebrOne was born rich, the other was born poorbrOne was Catholic the other protestantbrOne was Irish background, the other English backgroundbrOne had a stepmother, the other a mother
Comment from : Kevin Healey

james rollins
Both president where elected in Congress 100 years later and before
Comment from : james rollins

Alpha Over
Who else r watching this in lockdown for fun or a school subject?????????
Comment from : Alpha Over

JFK got his head blown apart Damn powerful rifle that Carcano Bullet may have tumbled, keyholed
Comment from : Adam

Evana 291
It is called parallel life
Comment from : Evana 291

Victor Spoils
at 243 if yu pause it and tilt yur head, yu will see that face is not jfks face they shot his double
Comment from : Victor Spoils

Alex Kalpakavadi
In simple words: both the presidents with a difference of 100 years between their births had FOUR children, were SHOT on the BACK of their HEADS in the presence of their WIVES on a FRIDAY
Comment from : Alex Kalpakavadi

Carol A
DarnI wanted to show this to my 5th graders after the reading of "Chasing Lincoln's Killer" and it was a gountil that last "punny" part regarding Marilyn Monroeso I have to pass
Comment from : Carol A

Maurice T Sathyan
Sic Mundus Creatus Est✨️
Comment from : Maurice T Sathyan

Tobacco shed = warehouse lol
Comment from : Addison

Next US president assassination 2060
Comment from : Ken

Lincoln secretary was named Kennedy and Kennedy’s was named Lincoln
Comment from : ITZ_ICY_GAMING

zionists behind this
Comment from : Z1GMA12

Why did they delete the good version of this and leave up all these crap ones We all know JFK wasn’t assassinated by Lee Oswald and Ruby was a J-3-w
Comment from : I S

Gwe123 Gwe123
Both fought Corruption and both died Patriots god bless America🇺🇸🦅
Comment from : Gwe123 Gwe123

Todoroki 21
You forgot one they were both assassinated infront or with their wives
Comment from : Todoroki 21

Archana Sharma
Interesting really
Comment from : Archana Sharma

Honeybunny Productions
Fun Fact: Both Presidents Competitors Were Originally Part Of The US before Joining In To A Political System America Hates
Comment from : Honeybunny Productions

Abraham Lincoln was jfk recarinated🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️
Comment from : JA WILL

Heres another the person's first name that recorded JFK's assassination was bAbraham/b 😳🤔
Comment from : Nice

1) Lincoln was killed in Ford Theater, Kennedy in Ford Lincoln car 2) Kennedy's assassin shot from a warehouse and was apprehended in a movie theater, Lincoln's was shot in a theater and his assailant caught and killed in a warehouse 3) Both president's successor was a man named Johnson 4) Anthony Mann made a movie in 1951 called 'The Tall Target' about a government agent (Dick Powell) who tries to prevent Abraham Lincoln's assassination - Powell's role name? John Kennedy
Comment from : tylsimys67

And both men are known by their 3 names
Comment from : BRADD ARM PHITT

Afton Smith
History repeats its self nicholas time machinebaron trunos marvoluus journey to unuverse book in 1808 or some shit showing all type of shit about president to modern day mike pence n the don! Donald trump are referenced in this book 200 years ago thowritten by donalds trumps grand father who also was sent by are use goverment to see the wareabouts of a time machine and came back says the trst were inconclusive and no such thing was ever builtbut also know facts many of teslas eventions were stolen and later patienttesla cars his also?
Comment from : Afton Smith

Well this is not in the video but Titanic sank on April 14th and Lincoln was shot on April 14th
Comment from : Anahi

Vince Carrico
How about this: Both Lincoln and JFK presidents created their own money system to run the United States while they were in office
Comment from : Vince Carrico

One week before his assassination Lincoln was in Monroe, MarylandbrOne week before his assassination Kennedy was in Marylin Monroe
Comment from : ShakespeareCafe

Jet City Sinatra
Lincoln was riding a horse through a strand of trees and was shot at and Lee Harvey Oswald was supposed to have fired three bullets through a large tree blocking his view of Kennedy and one of the bullets went past Kennedy and then took a sharp turn and reversed itself and hit Kennedy in the forehead Oh and the bullet fired at Lincoln hit the front of his stovepipe hat and knocked it off his head
Comment from : Jet City Sinatra

Jet City Sinatra
A true story Abe Lincoln was born in a Log Cabin and when Kennedy was a young boy he eating pancakes and spilled Log Cabin Syrup in his dad's Lincoln
Comment from : Jet City Sinatra

Midnight Rambler
They missed the biggest coincidence of them all and the reason why they were assassinated Lincoln wanted a currency called the greenbacks and Kennedy wanted a US currency to be silver certificates backed by silverThe Rothschilds,Rockefellers,JPMorgans & other international bankers responsible for the corrupt Central Banks & Federal Reserve had them killedThey control the World and are the people trying to start the NWO that George HW Bush(Sr) was talking about in his speechesAnd what do you know,George HW Bush is involved heavily in the assassination of JFKAnd JFK was exposing the secret society's like the NWOLook up the speech that got JFK killedPretty interesting stuff that anybody with a decent IQ should be able to piece together
Comment from : Midnight Rambler

subliminal reviewer!
this is summa that illuminati cloning shit
Comment from : subliminal reviewer!

While the coincidence of Lincoln and Kennedy having the same number of letters in their names is not much of a coincidence, but that fact that their assassins did is a noteworthy coincidence Lee Harvey Oswald: 15 letters John Wilkes Booth: 15 letters
Comment from : J S

Luke Jack
Both presidents were Americans and straight white males Ah!
Comment from : Luke Jack

Alan Samuel
For me the bigger coincidence is that there exists a man who managed to limit the number down to these two presidents and found the unbelievable similarities between them
Comment from : Alan Samuel

mike ster
Both were shot next to their wives
Comment from : mike ster

Ginger Anderson
This is false info
Comment from : Ginger Anderson

World Observer
I m dragged here after watching south indian movie shoorveer 2
Comment from : World Observer

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