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Кто придумал интернет? И зачем?

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Information Кто придумал интернет? И зачем?

Title :  Кто придумал интернет? И зачем?
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Frames Кто придумал интернет? И зачем?

Description Кто придумал интернет? И зачем?

Comments Кто придумал интернет? И зачем?

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Had to dislike this video You are like Snopes' "fact checkers, who will say something like "Al Gore didn't say he 'invented' the internet", then you go read his interview and he used the verb "create" instead of the verb "invent" Plust he jab at Fox News with the "Duck News" thing, when CNN, MSNBC, etc are the barefaced partisan lying propaganda machines that they are Here's the ridiculous Al Gore quote - which he said during a presidential campaign, mind you -in full for anyone interested: "During my service in the United States Congress, I took the initiative in creating the Internet I took the initiative in moving forward a whole range of initiatives that have proven to be important to our country's economic growth and environmental protection, improvements in our educational system"
Comment from : S M

Thank you, now where can I download more ram?
Comment from : jsega

leaving a comment because I’m a good person
Comment from : 즐거워

adetunji akinnubi
Comment from : adetunji akinnubi

thank you!!
Comment from : Tech

haiwei liu
nice sharing
Comment from : haiwei liu

Sam Schutz
Anyone else notice the xkcd belt at 2:49?
Comment from : Sam Schutz

Devasmita Kundu
It's weird how I'm watching this video again because Coursera recommended it
Comment from : Devasmita Kundu

Rex Perverziff
Video picture: Cats and Wikipedia and…brbNO/b
Comment from : Rex Perverziff

Nice Video
Comment from : Hanjar

Shan Blues
Such beautiful channels out here doing so much work to provide information for nothing in return Kudos to these channels Love to Kurzgesagt
Comment from : Shan Blues

Yu Zhuang
I'm now a better human being
Comment from : Yu Zhuang

Chris Nzoka-okoye
Wow Just wow
Comment from : Chris Nzoka-okoye

vijay tiwari
Comment from : vijay tiwari

Raymond Sam
who invented the internet?brdj Khaled: God did
Comment from : Raymond Sam

Satoko Nakayama
Great video!
Comment from : Satoko Nakayama

I have no simultaneous clue who invented the internet 🫥
Comment from : TheDude1563

Benedicta Ojogwu
Excellent video Here from the front end development course from coursera meta
Comment from : Benedicta Ojogwu

Teresia Aluoch
Comment from : Teresia Aluoch

plush series
everyone has internet in the world but not for 🇰🇵
Comment from : plush series

Albert Reese
To create something so complex wow Great video!
Comment from : Albert Reese

Year B019
Love this channel❤️
Comment from : Year B019

Not A Bot Gaming
I am taking a course on Back-end development and was sent to watch this video So I would say that you are doing great work Keep it up Kurzgesagt team!
Comment from : Not A Bot Gaming

Nichdali Applyrs
very nice way to explain it
Comment from : Nichdali Applyrs

M Sanjay
Comment from : M Sanjay

Sergey Melkumov
Comment from : Sergey Melkumov

Prince Kumar
🇮🇳And, Today INDIA is contributing in IT field
Comment from : Prince Kumar

Arunkrishnan Sakthikumar
I comment, therefore I am😂
Comment from : Arunkrishnan Sakthikumar

Tech with Balu
im a better human being now
Comment from : Tech with Balu

my school decided to use this for some reason
Comment from : BeamFan

Y El
duck duck hmmmmm i love it
Comment from : Y El

Harshal Dhage
The best video in short knowledge I am currently doing meta certification recommended by Coursera
Comment from : Harshal Dhage

Tamoghna Chakraborty
An amazing way of explaining such a huge development of the world wide web in less than 7 min
Comment from : Tamoghna Chakraborty

Enzo Uran Roman
Hala Madrid
Comment from : Enzo Uran Roman

Ogechukwu Ibe
funny how you made me to comment Great video💪💪💪
Comment from : Ogechukwu Ibe

Drzeinab kasemy
Comment from : Drzeinab kasemy

thank you tim
Comment from : tathagat

Al Gore
Comment from : OMorningStar

Franklyn Fosu
Awesome video I am currently learning Meta React Native specialisation course on Coursera And this video was recommended for additional study
Comment from : Franklyn Fosu

Rai Yujin (Peicaiss)
Comment from : Rai Yujin (Peicaiss)

Maya Who Codes
Amazing video, I'll probably have to rewatch again beacuse so many facts were shared, but how how insightful! Thank you!
Comment from : Maya Who Codes

TCP IP Protocols?
Comment from : Hearthfire

Bey Efendi
Wow, I found Kurzgesagt video from 2014, that's a deep cut Cool to see how the channel has evolved!
Comment from : Bey Efendi

Harshavardhan S
I don't trust rains
Comment from : Harshavardhan S

Lídia Farkasdi
l' internet :)
Comment from : Lídia Farkasdi

justin studer
I like that idea at the end; That the internet might be a natural evolutionary step from our need to communicate It vaguely reminds me of the paperclip machine The simple rule of making as many paperclips as possible leads to interplanetary travel and destroying worlds down to the atom We seem to be doing the same thing to achieve our simple goal of gathering and communicating as much knowledge as possible
Comment from : justin studer

مجدي نائب
i love it
Comment from : مجدي نائب

Suzan Magic
I come I leave I become a better human being
Comment from : Suzan Magic

Espl des Particules 1, 1211 Meyrin, Switzerland NOT FRANCE!!
Comment from : AdamSpice

Isadora Setti
Hello I am under the water Help me
Comment from : Isadora Setti

Chahat jain
better human being
Comment from : Chahat jain

The Schizer
Great video! Subscribing
Comment from : The Schizer

crystal miller
This is so biased and you skimmed right over the most important parts This laughable propaganda
Comment from : crystal miller

For Gods Glory
Comment from : For Gods Glory

welcome to the internetbrcome and take a seat
Comment from : tetrisNstuff

Joseph Chitundu
Le internet!
Comment from : Joseph Chitundu

Manson Teng
thank you!
Comment from : Manson Teng

Thanks, you make me recall some memory from my early age when i first use the internet to browse something awesome
Comment from : Haukeng

How do you make such awesome videos?
Comment from : SamarNaama

Comment from : sapna

Aarav Kumar
Thank you
Comment from : Aarav Kumar

Maram F
In six minutes, I understood TCP/IP better than my 4 years in IT collage! ,, Thank you
Comment from : Maram F

Ismael Valdez
The bird reading the bot comments, love it!
Comment from : Ismael Valdez

joyful stone
When you pause this video at certain points, you will see interesting things
Comment from : joyful stone

Bhagyasree Reddy
Comment from : Bhagyasree Reddy

“You may comment and that might make you a better human being”
Comment from : Nabeelah

The internet is undoubtedly the biggest invention of all time or is it ?
Comment from : MJ SKYLINES

This is mindblowing!
Comment from : JPRZV

anyone else here from meta's web dev course at coursera?
Comment from : Bri

Erick Barros
I enjoyed watching this informative tube
Comment from : Erick Barros

Explosive Girl
wow I was here when your channel had 100,000 subscribers! Its so great to see how far you've come! If any channel deserves it you guys do 👍
Comment from : Explosive Girl

Amrullah Hashimi
The internet has created many jobs which were not two decades ago
Comment from : Amrullah Hashimi

Doruk Topcu
Le good explaining
Comment from : Doruk Topcu

Rory Granados
Comment from : Rory Granados

the comments at the end of the video 😭
Comment from : gorefezb

Honest Pet Videos
i am seeing the video on 3 august 2022 & this video is still dope
Comment from : Honest Pet Videos

Brian T
Comment from : Brian T

How cool! I always wondered how/what is the "Internet"
Comment from : C P-A

Mohamad Ramadan
Comment from : Mohamad Ramadan

Julio Suarez
i wanna be a better human being!
Comment from : Julio Suarez

Sarfraz Shah
Thanks man!
Comment from : Sarfraz Shah

Usama Shaukat

Comment from : Usama Shaukat

Prosper Sopuruchukwu
Perfecto 😊
Comment from : Prosper Sopuruchukwu

Prosper Sopuruchukwu
Comment from : Prosper Sopuruchukwu

William Ahsan
Nice Explanation
Comment from : William Ahsan

Thanks for all the fish?
Comment from : ScottTaylorMCPD

Matteos Coding Jam Channel
May I get my own ducky avatar?
Comment from : Matteos Coding Jam Channel

Golden Azubuike
This is the best video I've watched Nice presentation and content
Comment from : Golden Azubuike

Mahesh Biswas
Who is here from coursera recomendation?
Comment from : Mahesh Biswas

Christ Network Global
awesome presentation full of content and very informative
Comment from : Christ Network Global

Manish Sharma
This video is selected by Meta
Comment from : Manish Sharma

This might make me a better human being
Comment from : SandileM

Grace Beckish 🎶
at the end, you're trying to get us to comment, right? lol
Comment from : Grace Beckish 🎶

Piti Likit
Thanks for this great video, guys
Comment from : Piti Likit

Philosophy Gaming
Interesting how they don’t even mention the USSR
Comment from : Philosophy Gaming

Shortly said, a nice introduction to the internet Kurz gesagt: Sehr interessant!
Comment from : DocBolle

Captain John
This was and amazing knowledge God gave to this person more knowledge
Comment from : Captain John

Edgar Barrita
Great video I am here for my task because I am learning English
Comment from : Edgar Barrita

CH sunshine girl 🥶🐈
Comment from : CH sunshine girl 🥶🐈

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