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How to Make $150/hr Building Wordpress Websites

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Information How to Make $150/hr Building Wordpress Websites

Title :  How to Make $150/hr Building Wordpress Websites
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Frames How to Make $150/hr Building Wordpress Websites

Description How to Make $150/hr Building Wordpress Websites

Comments How to Make $150/hr Building Wordpress Websites

Bryce Matheson
⭐ How to Start a Web Hosting Business (for easy Passive Income): br wwwyoutubecom/watch?v=L1OVYyUOHUo&list=PLNaj8kx14EC_rO9nN17t7vjGTr_8LyKht ⭐
Comment from : Bryce Matheson

Scott Duke
Do you do any SEO work or do you think it's just not necessary
Comment from : Scott Duke

Badr Labali
Really cool tips! I’m now struggling to get clients! Any tips and recommendations?
Comment from : Badr Labali

Bro those prices your charging is crazy
Comment from : Derrick2250

Bro staring was so amazing 😂
Comment from : wisetainment

Maintenance Men
Please do a video of you making a 1500 dollar website
Comment from : Maintenance Men

When you get them to pick a theme, do you tell them to pick a free theme or a any? If the theme needs to be bought, how do you charge them and are there any caveats to be aware of when using themes?
Comment from : Robbie

Amber Spirit
are you building themes from scratch ACF or you're just customizing it using CSS/HTML? How do you find clients?
Comment from : Amber Spirit

Unolow Manta
Hi Bryce, do they bring their own information before you build them the website
Comment from : Unolow Manta

Leonis Publishing
Hi Bryce, how much do you charge to customize the theme ?
Comment from : Leonis Publishing

That intro hahaha I loved it 🔥
Comment from : Dachshundin

Great info, thanks!
Comment from : J S

YAHUAHS son & friend
Always remember to repent of your sins (sin is transgression of YAHUAH The Father In Heaven’s LAW: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, & Deuteronomy) And Have Belief On Yahusha The Messiah HE Died and Rose three days later so that you can be forgiven of your sins! brbrHE Loves you! Come to HIM!🙂
Comment from : YAHUAHS son & friend

Thanks my man you earned your self a follower so much good information, and the video is A +👍
Comment from : Marcos

Alexander Silva
Hi, thanks for this helpful video If you design a website, what kind of platform do you recommend to get paid through your website? or what is the professional way to get the paid, a Check, Zelle, cash? thank you
Comment from : Alexander Silva

Marcus Shaw
How to get in contact with you to make the website?
Comment from : Marcus Shaw

Ghulam Rasul Esfandiari
Thanks for the information This is exactly what I wanted to know, Awesome video (1000 likes)
Comment from : Ghulam Rasul Esfandiari

Unknown Bytes
I made one for our family business with Wordpress and it just got so good that We have been getting twice the orders 🤯brbrAnd now I’m hooked about making sites because it was so fun, and i like that we are basically going to be making or breaking their online sales
Comment from : Unknown Bytes

Adhyan Sir
Can i do this work from mobile
Comment from : Adhyan Sir

I like your room! I need to paint it like that lmak
Comment from : エル

Voltaire Pabustan
Great video :)
Comment from : Voltaire Pabustan

Sports Bro
I build my first website for an assignment in college I got hooked I really enjoyed doing it In my area some local companies charge like 6,000 to build professional websites 😳
Comment from : Sports Bro

Papy B
Hello, do you teach how to run this type of building wordpress website in your web hosting course?
Comment from : Papy B

Mario Lenore
Hey Bryce, thanks for the video, I found it super useful for my own gig I’m doing, you’ve also encouraged me to start offering hosting solutions I’m relatively new to the game, worked with 2 clients now and I have a question to do with workflowyou say it takes you 8-10hrs to build most sites I’m wondering how you do that as I have a lot of difficulty handling the “back and forth” with the client When it comes to copywriting, do you make them write their own text? Even sometimes the simplest instruction in terms of what to write, a client doesn’t always listen, and doesn’t think at all about how it will look on the page If they choose a theme, say it’s image heavy but the client doesn’t have many images or any good quality for their business, yeah I can pick a few and use but it’s all the back and forth of customising to their liking Like how do you go through the process of fonts, colours etc I tend to pick/stick to the theme and what I’m thinking they’re after but the client seems to always change their mind or want this bit of text editing or I have no copy for their about and give them direction to write and it’s just this whole process that takes the time, not the actually build of the site itself Would be amazing if you could make a video explaining how you work through that? I’m considering even maybe making basic worksheets where they have to write copy for an about or etc but doesn’t always apply to all types of sites Anyway, thanks for all the content your channel has really helped me! Appreciate it! ☺️
Comment from : Mario Lenore

Nayan Garg
Thanks for the information This is exactly what i wanted to know❤
Comment from : Nayan Garg

With all the competition out there, I highly doubt that you will be able to make $150 p/h
Comment from : Ripst0rm

Thank you!
Comment from : RED

Parla Morre
Wow Some people on yt make me mad with their super low quality content Man, looks like you absolutely dont know what are you talking about br1 800 for a simple 5 page website and 1200 for a website with pictures and crispy look what? Do you make that crispy look buy using a better template? Does your 800 website has no pictures and no design so its just lines of letters? Does not make sense br2 Adding a payment methods, creating a product list or anything with stock, payments, reservation is adding exponentially more work It can take 2 weeks minimum to make a fully working designed page Communication with client is a loong process to set things correctly Meanwhile you said it takes just a bit of extra work brIt seems that this person is just blabber and has no insight how things work
Comment from : Parla Morre

John John
Great explanation, started fallowing you
Comment from : John John

Cute Shirt! Lol :)
Comment from : Mom_B_Salty

Make $700 DAY (netpayjobcom)
3:57 Yes I have Getting cash with 𝗗𝗢𝗟𝗟𝗔𝗥𝗧𝗢𝗗𝗖𝗢𝗠brbr$600 in a month is possiblebrbrbrbrසියලු මිනිසුන් සඳහා ඇදහිය නොහැකි
Comment from : Make $700 DAY (netpayjobcom)

Sage Knows IT
Very insightful Thank you!!
Comment from : Sage Knows IT

anonymous solver
Can I use wordpress usng free account? Like I dont need to have the premium account to sell a website?
Comment from : anonymous solver

Justen Ramsey
Are you filling in the actual content for the wordpress websites as well? Like putting in the actual text and things for each page, or you're just building the infrastructure and letting the client fill in the information? I have like zero experience with building websites Also, do you think charging 800 dollars for my first client after i've built a few websites for free is a good starting point? Or is 800 dollars something I should work my way up to? This sounds like an amazing side hustle
Comment from : Justen Ramsey

Zach Powell
I'm interested in trying this as a side hustle, but a quick search on upwork brought up a number of people with prices that are significantly cheaper than yours How would you respond to a client who thinks your service is too expensive in comparison?
Comment from : Zach Powell

Music and Books and Other Stuff
I've been getting more and more interested in creating passive income How long would you estimate it might take someone who is pretty darn tech illiterate (I exploited a loophole in high school and never took a single computer class) to get to the point that they could build a decent website and actually charge for it? Are we talking weeks, months, years?
Comment from : Music and Books and Other Stuff

alex servin
How do you handle access to websites? For instance, I built my own site but I’m the nay that make changes to it So if I’m building for a client now do I turn the access over to them? Or what if they want me to Anita in the site but they still have access to site to make additions, wording, photos, videos, etc
Comment from : alex servin

I actually want to create a website for my hotel Can you recommend a tutorial or maybe post a video yourself ?
Comment from : kotsos

Classical Music
Flamingo! I love that
Comment from : Classical Music

Daredevil Sahil
Awesome Video❤
Comment from : Daredevil Sahil

Macast IX
Hello bryce, what do you think about reselling the services they offer at fiverr?
Comment from : Macast IX

Remon Schrier
Hey Bryce, how do you deal with the company's email? Because that is also included with the hosting right?
Comment from : Remon Schrier

Jp Jp
I went to that WordPress website thing in your description and looked at the themes Seems that WordPress is confusing as all hell, brother How did you choose the right ones in the beginning for clients without any experience with WordPress? Each one costs money so what if you choose the wrong oneyou would be SOL
Comment from : Jp Jp

So I'm a web designer myself, but I typically build much bigger, more expensive websites than you do Lots of courses and membership sites and more complicated shops I previously did the ThemeForest thing, but I found that in my experience most ThemeForest themes were buggy, difficult to work with, and a lot of them would screw up when you updated WordPress Like some of these themes have the most convoluted admin areas that are so hard to figure out and I'd spend 2 hours trying to figure out how to change a button when if I built the site myself it would take 30 secondsbrbrSo I was wondering what do you do when you run into situations like this where a TF theme is buggy or doesn't do what you wanted to do or the client asked for something that the theme is not able to do without hours of redevelopment work Do you tell the client they have to choose a new theme or do you spend the extra time trying to figure out how to work with a theme that's messed up? Or do you have a list of theme companies you buy from/requirements for the themes you'll work with (for example, will you only work with themes that use Elementor or something like that)?brbrThanks!
Comment from : Shannon

Shivam Kumar
Great video!
Comment from : Shivam Kumar

Christopher Parrett
Im pretty sure that this is my favorite one so far This channel is quickly becoming a life improvement channel and I love it! How to make money, male grooming tips, and fashion advice(flamingo for the win!) How much better can it get?
Comment from : Christopher Parrett

Great content How do you handle SEO questions? Do you incorporate any on the sites you build? I know SEO is its own separate beast but from my experience people believe that by just building a site automatically their site will show up on Google when looking up their location, trade or industry on search engines I’m a newbie on SEO so I’m just looking at getting them started with a site but not be attached doing their SEObrThanks in advance
Comment from : Oscar-CM

Riley Farrell
Hey Bryce I love your videos Your content is amazing, and I love how you don’t come off like most of the other financial gurus who are just trying to sell you something Keep content like this up and I bet this channel will be huge in no time
Comment from : Riley Farrell

Financial Wolf
Comment from : Financial Wolf

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