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Gold. 5 Dollars 1986 "American Gold Eagle"

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Information Gold. 5 Dollars 1986 "American Gold Eagle"

Title :  Gold. 5 Dollars 1986 "American Gold Eagle"
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Frames Gold. 5 Dollars 1986 "American Gold Eagle"

Description Gold. 5 Dollars 1986 "American Gold Eagle"

Comments Gold. 5 Dollars 1986 "American Gold Eagle"

Вот такая монетка!
Nice coin! Thanks for sharing!
Comment from : Вот такая монетка!

Yes Sir it's really beautiful coin and Really Nice too Sir
Comment from : PinayFrench

Hi my friend! Gorgeous coin! Thanks for the great review! 150 Like !!!!!!!!
Comment from : RARE COINS

Subbed!! Nice vid! brI support!!br🎉 🍀 ❤ 🌸 🎈 🌻 br🎀 😊 🎁 👋 💛 🎉 brWonderful day, friendbr👌 👍 ✌ ✌ 👍 ❤ br🍉 🍊 🍎 🍓 🍉 ☕ br🍀 🌸 🌻 🌹 🍁 🌺 br🎀 😊 👋 💚 💙 💛 brGreetings PoW18
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Hi, dear BrotherbrThanks for sharing a very interesting video with usbrIt is good informationbrBig like!!
Comment from : 룰루소란NZtwitter

Nicecountry! Looks awesome!!
Comment from : HandyDandyCrafts

Juliet Dasico
wow hello dear beautiful gold 5 dollars american so cute gold eagle thanks for sharing im here to support you i finished watching your video thanks for visiting my house god bless
Comment from : Juliet Dasico

Eddies Little Stack
Nice eagle pick up👍😀
Comment from : Eddies Little Stack

Stavros Antoniou
Beautiful gold coin, Interesting hobby collecting old stamps brThank you for sharing your great upload!!!
Comment from : Stavros Antoniou

wow gold that 's good video thank you ^^
Comment from : 머니플러스MONEYPLUS

Gérard HENRY
Very Nice draws on this beautiful coinbrThumbs upbrGreetings from FrancebrGerard
Comment from : Gérard HENRY

Pirate Prospecting
Beautiful gold coin!!👍👍
Comment from : Pirate Prospecting

Travelling Bottle Digger
Wow, man ! Nice friggin' coin !
Comment from : Travelling Bottle Digger

Nice coin
Comment from : ANA CUISINE1

New World Music
Really nice video! Coin was actually really cool and I loved the opening Gave you a sub!
Comment from : New World Music

Tristan Adiong Santos
Nice videothanks for sharingstay connected
Comment from : Tristan Adiong Santos

Great share my friendThank you👍 br"Share & Enjoy Nature"💘🐥🐥💘Happy Filming💘🐥🐥💘
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86👌👌👌br1422🎁🎁🎁br감사합니다 br👍👍👍👍br🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
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MK Forneste
nice collection of coins sir Great video
Comment from : MK Forneste

VJ Kids TV
Great video 😊👍 Subscribed and hit the bell button Let's stay connected and support each other
Comment from : VJ Kids TV

Kat Sibuera
done visiting your home thankyou stay connected
Comment from : Kat Sibuera

Đinh Khánh
You have very interesting channe
Comment from : Đinh Khánh

Wow, that's a gorgeous one I love your hobby, very interesting I also collect coins from the countries I had travelled to But my collection is not as amazing as yours Keep it up! More power! <3
Comment from : 𝚂𝚒𝚖𝚘𝚗𝚎🌈💜

Lãng tử miền tây
The coin looks nice 👍👍👍👌👌👌
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庭暮らし3匹犬 /にわぐら
Wonderful 🔔🔔🔔Beautiful coin 🏰🏰🏰👑👑👑🎆🎆🎆💎💎💎
Comment from : 庭暮らし3匹犬 /にわぐら

Hello my friend left a like as allways have a good day
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J Diaries Squad
Ohhhemmji thank you for posting this hihi hope soon ill be there lets have some collab if thats ok hihih
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Ratda Lifestyle In Finland
Very beautiful Gold 5 Dollars coin
Comment from : Ratda Lifestyle In Finland

Nehas Kitchen
80 like Hy, your new friend here Please stay connected always
Comment from : Nehas Kitchen

wow!!!! so awesome^^ i had to press LIKE^^+
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My cats kingdom
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Panan Style
Wow nice one 🔔🔔👍🏻✨
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SUN샤이니 Daily & Nature
Beautiful coin!!brYou have very interesting channel😀😀brSubs done and expect next video of other coins❤
Comment from : SUN샤이니 Daily & Nature

Dessy Kristina Tambun
Wow 😍😍 Nice "American Gold Eagle" 😊👍 Thanks for upload 😊👍❤❤👌✔
Comment from : Dessy Kristina Tambun

My Little Garden
Very nice gold coin, thanks for sharing 👍👍🌹🌹
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Good video!👍 Me too 1406
Comment from : Аlex

🌸🌸❤️ I’m very happy to support your channel today, and I hope that all your viewers will do the same :) Please enjoy a great day and relaxed rest of your week❤️ 🌸🌸 br Sister Lynn
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nice piece of gold
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Diggin It!
Beautiful coin Gold is a great investmentbrKeep it up my friend, Good Luck & Happy HuntingbrLee
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Nathaniel Anglin
I subcribed
Comment from : Nathaniel Anglin

The Benefield Bunch
Very nice, thats an awesome coin!!
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Chaos Cats Club
What a beautiful golden coin
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srl animals
Nice Coin👌👍
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Tanuki Music
Comment from : Tanuki Music

Như hồng
Comment from : Như hồng

nice Good looking coin Thanks for sharing
Comment from : RcNickster

Dry Heat Diggers Metal Detecting
Fantastic coin! 👍
Comment from : Dry Heat Diggers Metal Detecting

Rasec Dia
You have a great collection my friend, god bless
Comment from : Rasec Dia

Travel Post
I'm finally watching gold todaybrThe gold coin I've never seen before is very interestingbrI think every time you see a precious coin, your enjoyment will be greatbrThank you for sharing with us!brMy best regards to you!!!
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CocaMina TV
Hi new friend ! Great video full viewbrHelp us reach 1000 subs, please! brThank you so much ❤️❤️❤️
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Beauty of colors
Very informative channel, awesome
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Value Hunter
very nice Lev I picked up a tube of those when they sold for $25 USD once upon a time
Comment from : Value Hunter

Good coin collection✨✨✨
Comment from : Poncon

The Bay Area Collector
Beautiful coin! Never knew they made these!
Comment from : The Bay Area Collector

Huples Cat
Very nice and shiny
Comment from : Huples Cat

sam irah
Nice coin looks like goldim here now friend to support you All done 😊 👍
Comment from : sam irah

Nice sharing!! Interesting video! :D
Comment from : Aisoke

Very nice coin! Great video and content I thank thee for sharing all
Comment from : Jimmbay1

Jason Ng
I like your video keep them coming thanks for sharing with us and this definitely deserve the thumbs up
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Awesome coin 🔥 like #59
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OcOmegaShadow Stacking
Wow really amazing video!!!
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The Shore Fisherman
Wonderful hobby!
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Monami Marine
Done huging ❤️😍 cool videos amazing ❤️ hug back for both of us keep connected 😍
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Very Nice video, Like 55
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Полярная Монета
Very nice coin👍 Like!
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Backyard Scrapping
Better to make $15 then to loose $15 😁💲😁
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Luna Fee
It's a good coin ! Good video Wish you a nice day :) Best regards, Luna
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Joesters Cards and Coins
WOW!!! Beautiful looking round
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Llek Beatz
Subbed back to you bro interesting channel!
Comment from : Llek Beatz

EnxoBazzel Beats
cool design and composition in the color and draws! subbed keep it up
Comment from : EnxoBazzel Beats

Wonderful ❤😘

Coffey Outdoors
Great video
Comment from : Coffey Outdoors

Patriotic Goombah
Great pick up Lev The more gold the better The ‘86 is such a great one to have But making the flip for more money win win for everyone lol
Comment from : Patriotic Goombah

Aryan Geek
Already subscribe your chenel and like your videos so please support me and subscribe my channel
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starbuckJeff Ncoins
Such a beautiful coin Lev, thank you for sharing my friend! And the opportunity to win this beautiful gold coin!😉😉😉brJust kidding!!! Have a great day
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Very cool!$
Comment from : 1MightyR

Detecting Smiths
That's a beautiful coin!! Thanks for sharing!
Comment from : Detecting Smiths

Timothy Whittington
I love my gold Eagles too Nice to have a 1986
Comment from : Timothy Whittington

Tig Tag Vision
like very nice video collection so fantastic video amazing
Comment from : Tig Tag Vision

Mirjanas video cro
Nice gold coin:)))Greetings from Croatia:)))
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Ron F Prospecting & Outdoor Adventures
Very nice coin there! I got my first 1/10 gold eagle couple weeks ago I love it! I put it in my last coin video go check out when you get a chance Thanks for sharing lev!
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Dimon 63 moneta
Приветствую! Шикарная монета! Спасибо за отличный обзор! Like!
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Indian Cooking And More
Very nice video 👌 thanks for sharing 🌫️ best wishes 🌷🌾 🌷
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Drewbert 420
Like29 awesome coin Collection my year I was born 1986
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J Parker Silver Stacker
Awesome purchase my friend I’ve got a couple 1/10oz gold eagles! Keep stacking & thanks for sharing!👍🏻
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LAP Coins
That’s a great coin
Comment from : LAP Coins

Great job thanks for sharing cheers

Super coin 👍
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High ho Silver
very nice, my finish friend loved the 1970 finland silver coin , he is sending it to his coin collecting 8 year old nephew odin in the northern territory , thank you very much
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Voi Rừng
Dollars 1986:-D, nice
Comment from : Voi Rừng

Minerals Old coins copper, silver, gold Elements
Good video 👍
Comment from : Minerals Old coins copper, silver, gold Elements

Камрад с MD
Доброго времени суток мой Норвежский Друг!!!Отличный обзор монеты👍!!!Ставлю Лайк 👍и желаю Удачи!!!
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Стаs monetka_23
Лайкосик цікаво у мене немає срібних і золотих монет
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Nice Coinbr"SPLENDID" Gold COINbr" CHAPÓ" MY FRIEND 👉💖👈👏👏👌
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Gata Gótica
Nova moeda 1986 muito bom 🐈🇧🇷
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애이프릴TV JP
Very good 💞💖🥰
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