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⭐ How to make money in Hay Day! - Hay Day Guide

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Information ⭐ How to make money in Hay Day! - Hay Day Guide

Title :  ⭐ How to make money in Hay Day! - Hay Day Guide
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Frames ⭐ How to make money in Hay Day! - Hay Day Guide

Description ⭐ How to make money in Hay Day! - Hay Day Guide

Comments ⭐ How to make money in Hay Day! - Hay Day Guide

uri loya
great guide! thank you
Comment from : uri loya

Joey Garboden
I sell for 10 and it sells just as fast
Comment from : Joey Garboden

Sheep King
Comment from : Sheep King

Hussain Shahzad
I do like that just put crops and sell wheat
Comment from : Hussain Shahzad

Let's go to 5k
Comment from : sergej88

The angel duck
British is teaching me how to farm
Comment from : The angel duck

skyler white yo
Me watching this after filling my plant thing place with 4 hour chili ☠️
Comment from : skyler white yo

Bo the pro
You get less screws I get more screws and I am on level 14 luck I guess😅
Comment from : Bo the pro

River Field
Hay will always sell at max price of $36=10ea so I wouldn’t undercut those efforts for $1=10ea
Comment from : River Field

Sandra Kaljurand
Where is the ton?
Comment from : Sandra Kaljurand

bndf hgfd
Comment from : bndf hgfd

dustilee defoort
Yes sir
Comment from : dustilee defoort

dustilee defoort
Comment from : dustilee defoort

Leon Eyholzer
I just put them in for 36, put them in the newspaper and they all sell so I basically make 36 coins when you make 1, or 3,600,000 when you make 100‘000
Comment from : Leon Eyholzer

I sell chilis it's so easy i sell like 30 or 40 and its 1k+ every couple of hours
Comment from : Gima

Thank you for the video Found you by accident thankfully I am a level 38 and started playing in the first week of April of 2021 I sell my wheat for 30 gold and have made enough gold to buy the items I missed like extra animals, trees, and recently opened the Train Station/Town in a day Then worked on the icecream maker So much easier to spent a few hours ‘wheating’ I am sharing your vid with friends who just started Thank you!
Comment from : Skipjack

Em Ma
you kinda sound like tom holland
Comment from : Em Ma

Taiyah Walker
I do this but I sell for 15 and a lot of people buy them fast
Comment from : Taiyah Walker

Funtime *error*
I know this video is 4 years old but for people that still watch this now:brbrYou don’t need to sell the corn or wheat for a low price, as long as you put it in the newspaper someone will buy it because they need it, and won’t look at the price, brbrso just put it up as expensive as you want
Comment from : Funtime *error*

Hafiz Zain
I'm level 45 and only 30k
Comment from : Hafiz Zain

I love heyday and you’re teaching me how to get better thank you
Comment from : MrDubbed21

Hayramb Sharma
I am in level 43 with each barn and silo of 775 🙂
Comment from : Hayramb Sharma

Zijn zoals je bent
Sound like tom Holland 😅😂
Comment from : Zijn zoals je bent

What if you are kind of like low leveld aka lvl 21
Comment from : king

i see your fram when you sale and thank you i have 9 230 of money
Comment from : Kristina_traveler

Billi Milagros
Comment from : Billi Milagros

Billi Milagros
Comment from : Billi Milagros

Gust Van Accoleyen
Can i level up by just wheating im lvl 27
Comment from : Gust Van Accoleyen

aesthetically me
always look for items that you rarely see in the catalog, it’s how i’m able to get every building as soon as i level up
Comment from : aesthetically me

Tobias Bistretzan
some pls expalin how the best way to make money is to sell wheat for 1 coin
Comment from : Tobias Bistretzan

Puppers is Sage
good video, but i recomend selling them at 5, they sell just as fast but u get way more faster :)
Comment from : Puppers is Sage

Trick Bait YT
Now i know why people are selling wheat for 1 coin
Comment from : Trick Bait YT

Comment from : ALYZA KHN

Parampreet Singh Sudan
That's effective but not when you are an Asian and got 17 hours busy schedule like me What I do is plant Indigo and cook all boat items then return for 5 mins after every 1 hour for a break and they are sold I charge maximum amount and it still works haha
Comment from : Parampreet Singh Sudan

Nicolai Koller
does this still work?
Comment from : Nicolai Koller

David Young
Thank you know are me
Comment from : David Young

currently lvl 21, still couldn’t afford to repair the docks
Comment from : cosmiccs

Terrible video
Comment from : obs1d1an

I remember when I played this in 2015 lmao
Comment from : wooahae

rahatul hasan
What is your hay day name
Comment from : rahatul hasan

Lalie Cruz
How to get money brFirst: rob the peoplebrSecond: rob the bank brThird: sell your animals like chiken and turn it to fried chikenbrFourth: put aka seeds and sell it like 100000000000 brFifth: go to shop buy 999999999999 gems
Comment from : Lalie Cruz

Nyla Pamala
Comment from : Nyla Pamala

riyaj raj
Comment from : riyaj raj

I want to know how to get gems
Comment from : KILLERレディ

Dave German
Comment from : Dave German

raju rijon
"8:50"brWell I have always used a site called bɪɴᴊᴀᴘᴘ/b it is simple to use, and there is no need for a password I'm using this site for a long time so I'm sure it works it just needs some time to verify that's all Hope u enjoy it Have a great day Anyway, this is the part I love
Comment from : raju rijon

Crazy Penelope pussycat dude
You have way more silo storage then I do! This makes me feel like an unaccomplished hayday player
Comment from : Crazy Penelope pussycat dude

Andres R
Anyone want to give me your life savings of gold so I can flex on my brother's fiance?
Comment from : Andres R

A Sangster
My dad is level 51
Comment from : A Sangster

روتين ام انور 🇸🇦
Comment from : روتين ام انور 🇸🇦

Comment from : itsUAE GT

Go fk ur u
Comment from : itsUAE GT

am i seriously the only one who is begining to play hayday in 2021
Comment from : F4TIM4F

Nick Picks Bits
I hate when low level players show how to make coins
Comment from : Nick Picks Bits

Liam Ternmyr
I want to add you pls
Comment from : Liam Ternmyr

Santosh PSS
Important Fact:brbrStanding Bodies Of Water are balways/b level (level means no elevation or deviation from the starting point to the end) This is a scientific fact because this is observable, testable, repeatable, measurable, demonstrable by every single human being alive This fact alone destroys the mathematical concept and religious idea known as the "heliocentric model" More specifically, this fact alone makes it impossible for us to live on an exterior of a pear-shaped sphere spinning at fantastical speeds going nowherebrbrJust before you start to attach straw man fallacies on to me, keep in mind these important things:brbrThere are three different sciences:brNatural Science (which deals with the Objective World)brbrSocial Science (deals with societies and the relationship between people in societies)brbrFormal Science (deals with languages such as mathematics which bares no connection to the Objective World)brbr"What is the shape of the earth I stand upon?" this is a Natural Science questionbrbrScience does not belong to an institution or a group of people It belongs to every single human being alivebrbrWe live in the present Not in the past or the future History can never be considered as a fact of reality in any way shape or form because of obvious reasons We can't directly experience the past or the futurebrbrJust observing something is not a fact that something exists We need observable, testable, repeatable, measurable, demonstrable practical proofs for something to be considered as a fact This is also known as the Scientific MethodbrbrThere is a difference between the corporeal world (the physical world) and the visible world The reason why we can't conclude something as a fact based on our observations is because we know things get smaller based on how far they're from us when we see them through our eyes If I see a railroad, the lines look like they're converging, but we know that's impossible because people measured the lines, and the lines are parallel The lines don't actually meet in real life, it's just how we see things Our eyes are spherical, we see euclidean (planar) world through spherical eyesbrbrWithout physically testing, repeating, measuring, and accessing something in full three dimensions, it's impossible to know exactly what it is that we're trying to quantifybrbrLooking up at the sky does not give you measurable proof of the earth you stand upon It's like looking up at the light in your room and then measuring the floor based on that light It's absurdbrbrImages and videos are never considered as scientific proofs because of obvious reasons Images and videos can be manipulated, they're not tangible We can't directly experience thembrbrMathematical equations bare no relation to the Objective World Mathematics is just a language, like English Just because something is mathematically correct does not make it real It's like saying "I'm flying!", even though the sentence is grammatically correct, I'm obviously not flying right nowbrbr"Gravity" is a mathematical concept, it's pseudoscience It does not have any practical proofs Magical pulling forces don't exist in the Objective Reality Motion only happens if something presses on something else (pressure variants) Pull is just a term for taking something closer to someonebrbrThings falling down has got nothing to do with the shape of the earth In the simplest sense things that weigh more than air fall, and things that weigh less than air float Why do things even fall? 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Comment from : Santosh PSS

Ooo I subscribed! Amazing farm, I am getting back into hay day
Comment from : Mohplaysrblx

U use my strategy
Comment from : Busani;3on_!™

Kymenlaakso Trainspotting
Thank you i needed money for the mine
Comment from : Kymenlaakso Trainspotting

Annika Haude
We’re the same level 😂
Comment from : Annika Haude

Димитар Георгиев
Comment from : Димитар Георгиев

No Name
My friend code is Y0RV9GRCC I’m active so add me !!
Comment from : No Name

yes, I did search for this
Comment from : Revvere

Istahil Farah
Comment from : Istahil Farah

1:37 how did u Get so many??😅
Comment from : Fries❤️

Wow! :) ❤️
Comment from : Fries❤️

great guide! I will try and use this! thanks alot ^^
Comment from : jocelynisthebestsisterever

You have a really nice farm
Comment from : Snerix__

You do know the little boy tom gives you things right
Comment from : ꧁SᴡᴀɢɢʏKᴇɴᴢ꧂

Arti 145
I just buy corn 🌽 for 1 coin and sell it for 72 Instant profit
Comment from : Arti 145

Guys if u want money in hay day grow wheat and sell it for 10 but add an extra slot that sells wheat for 1 and advertise it
Comment from : Masterno

Josera Sanchez
Hola somos polislandia y buscamos granjeros para nuestro vecindario #YY8PCC08 ayudamos en todo, les esperamos👍
Comment from : Josera Sanchez

Exploring Wolf
I do that wheat stuff too but also put some of it in the bread machine to get 6 coins extra every 5 minutes
Comment from : Exploring Wolf

Ashleys Hayday
I thought it was every 68 fields harvested you will get an upgradebrI make alot of fabric and cotton and clothes and I use the fabric and cottom to make alot of clothes and I sell them full price and it builds up my money fast I like making the purple sweaters with a sunflower on it cause it does not take as long to make as some things and it brings in a good price if you sell 10 full price And it sales fast Atleast it does for me And I make alot of cakes and pies to tell as well And sometimes I sell sandwiches when I have alot extra
Comment from : Ashleys Hayday

Alessandro Rancitelli
If you like Hay Day you can't lose this awesome video:br wwwyoutubecom/watch?v=m3pkSx_WkEI
Comment from : Alessandro Rancitelli

J Medina
Sell soybeans I make a lot
Comment from : J Medina

Watlong Angya
Bt I need real money
Comment from : Watlong Angya

Chris Gonzalez
In recent months , it has been easy for me to see the farmer who sells 10 corns at once for $1brThen I sell corns at their max price and $71 profits are made
Comment from : Chris Gonzalez

Just buy a bunch of Strawberries and wait for them to grow and keep it up and then buy tons of plants that produce fruit and berries and sell them
Comment from : 💙lovesloveless

Arnel Baco
Oh is your name robin
Comment from : Arnel Baco

COPS best trader inc
Comment from : COPS best trader inc

Am I the only one who buys wheat and corn for 1$ and sells it for full price???? Lol
Comment from : Grace

Toyin Akande
Comment from : Toyin Akande

Climax !!!
Thx man
Comment from : Climax !!!

This guys accent : Chinese Japanese Indonesian English American country Russian Arabic turkish Bulgarian
Comment from : Azazel

Hamaad Kashif
Comment from : Hamaad Kashif

Naty Mar
How do I get tape and screws and wood to get my barn bigger? I'm very frustrated it 😒
Comment from : Naty Mar

Comment from : Afrah

Watson Garrett
Comment from : Watson Garrett

Jagdish Sakariya
I sale my farm my farm barn is 10000 how many doller sele
Comment from : Jagdish Sakariya

How long does this take?
Comment from : Cydiera

Random teen
I am the guy who purchases wheat from people like you in 1 coin and sells it for 10 coins😂
Comment from : Random teen

Hey, what do you have around the animal grazing?
Comment from : Deezy

Isla Sophiab
i’m trying to save up so i can build my boat, i’m 12k away 😿
Comment from : Isla Sophiab

Jimin Park
Now I have 130 k coins thx🙏
Comment from : Jimin Park

corn actually always sells for 72
Comment from : mall

for getting lots of money i would sell my crops and stuff for high price
Comment from : angeloz

Britney Simmons
Who knew you could harvest with two fingers without the sickle, just slide two fingers across crops at the same time Like if it works👇🏾
Comment from : Britney Simmons

Teenage Finance
I made 130k coins buy just buying blackberry bushes and selling 10 blackberries for 860 coins
Comment from : Teenage Finance

yusi aribah
Follow and like my farm in hayday br#PJY9JGCLUbrThank u😊
Comment from : yusi aribah

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