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SVS Subwoofer Review ( PB16-Ultra u0026 SB3000) - Are They Worth It?

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Information SVS Subwoofer Review ( PB16-Ultra u0026 SB3000) - Are They Worth It?

Title :  SVS Subwoofer Review ( PB16-Ultra u0026 SB3000) - Are They Worth It?
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Frames SVS Subwoofer Review ( PB16-Ultra u0026 SB3000) - Are They Worth It?

Description SVS Subwoofer Review ( PB16-Ultra u0026 SB3000) - Are They Worth It?

Comments SVS Subwoofer Review ( PB16-Ultra u0026 SB3000) - Are They Worth It?

Its above 4000 euros here, many SVS products have a big markup in Europe?
Comment from : ChordVoicings

Charles Escanor
Ótima explicação 🤝
Comment from : Charles Escanor

Cisar Vialpando
1:07 the subwoofer can go to 15 Hz😱
Comment from : Cisar Vialpando

I would immediately get 2 if they were 2500 each Only one is 4000 euros here
Comment from : BerserkeR

Feel the need to point out the irony that my man who loves base, has a lot of base in his voice "He's all about the basethat base"
Comment from : D G

M Richter
QSC and Electro-Voice 18s can do 90 of this or more for about 1200 But They are the best for music but hard to tune for home theater For 2500-3000 I would get JBL SRX828SP 2000W Continuous Dual 18 inch Powered Subwoofer ⚠️ Warning ⚠️ You are getting advice from a recovering bass head This individual believes subs must make breathing difficult and question structural integrity :D
Comment from : M Richter

M Richter
Lol I could never send this back 😂
Comment from : M Richter

Please correct me if im wrongbrI noticed when you played the edge of tomorrow that the sub start to chuff/port noise
Comment from : AA AA

5:21 You're printing PB3000 info (not the SB3000)?
Comment from : All*Robin

Supa Nige
Love this review I think I need to buy the PB-16 because I always like Ridiculous stuff :)
Comment from : Supa Nige

Do you still have youre old sbs sub ? Can i buy thems ?
Comment from : YBOB™

Nice video and review Chris However, your subwoofers are not made by Sports Klipsch! Klipsch is a German name and you pronounce the SH in it! Thanks for the great video and review
Comment from : bertraminc

Sven Norman
Comment from : Sven Norman

Eduar_65 Tribuno1780
No me convence
Comment from : Eduar_65 Tribuno1780

Super video, thanks for sharing, can't go wrong with any of the SVS products IMO That thing is a beast and will be for many years to come
Comment from : CVee

Try field of dreams
Comment from : michael

Onkel Baunzer
The PB16 Ultra comes for 3899,00 € in Germany right now (06062022) 2400 $ seams like a steal for me
Comment from : Onkel Baunzer

So 4 of them, one per each corner of my room should suffice, right? It's a 8ft x 95ft btw
Comment from : dodoz44

Julien Boulé
Could you make a video explaining what to look for when picking out speakers like you did with the receiver video?
Comment from : Julien Boulé

Vince Brown
“…and I should have known that it was different when it showed up on my doorstep on a pallet!!” 😂👍🏾👍🏾
Comment from : Vince Brown

Detonation Pyrotechnics
Upside of being a car audio guy, I can build my own box and slap in a d4 subwoofer For much cheaper
Comment from : Detonation Pyrotechnics

So Good
It is alien technology
Comment from : So Good

Karo Koivisto
PB 3000 is better than SB 3000
Comment from : Karo Koivisto

Brandon Lagunas
Can you hear music?
Comment from : Brandon Lagunas

bob 62
Good morning I recently bought 1 sennheiser ambeo soundbar which I am really happy with I would like to add 1 subw model svs sb4000 or svs pb4000 for more bass I would like to ask you if by inserting one of these two models I can improve the bass sound more or given the high costs of the models described above, I only keep the soundbar? we are talking about € 2399 and € 2899 for this reason I ask you if by adding 1 subw I really gain from listening to both music and movies Thanks for your answers
Comment from : bob 62

Jaimy Oerlemans
Dammm $ 2500 in the Nederlands it cost € 3900 Thats $ 4500 thats not fair For $ 2500 I can buy only the PB 3000 But the 16 ultra is sick i wanted but $ 4500 is above my budget For $ 2500 i wil buy it for sure
Comment from : Jaimy Oerlemans

Wrist Deep68
Is it better than the Genelec HTS4B though????????? The PB16 sub seems like yes it is incredibly loud, but I like the bass in my movies and music to sound like the producer meant for it to sound Quality over quantity I guess is what I am trying to say
Comment from : Wrist Deep68

This will piss off 90 of wives
Comment from : Ex6tnt

daaamn, that one of a monster sub! :D
Comment from : Beck

Jesus Nieves
Hi chiriswhere I can get this ?and with what system is compatible??
Comment from : Jesus Nieves

Vito Trupiano
I don't get it i own one and sold it yesterday it is good looking but has no power its a joke i will be looking at JL i had a Velodyne dd 18 ten times more powerful
Comment from : Vito Trupiano

How are those klipsch speakers you have in this video? Are they loud? I have klipsch computer speakers and they bump
Comment from : cryptonator1988

Jason Wayne
2900 now
Comment from : Jason Wayne

greg mcgee
What does a speaker port actually do? Does it matter exactly where you put one or can you put it anywhere on the enclosure you want to?
Comment from : greg mcgee

man  ethio
Comment from : man ethio

Clos Martin
Hey bud I love the setup Im considering the svs4000 series subwoofer How would this sound along side a Definitive Technology 9060 surround setup? The fact my 9060 towers already have a build in subwoofer, would a svs 3000 be better sounding than the 4000 series sub I'm also considering the DT Descend 12 subwoofer just released few weeks ago Thanks for any advice you can give
Comment from : Clos Martin

Do PA sound system Subs sound close or better than HT subs ? Compared the the SVS PB16 or SB3000?
Comment from : Turkey79

Killer Arcade Games
Hey Chris, I Just had my Definitive Supercube I die from a power surge Apparently they don't offer parts for it anymore Do you have any recommendations for a comparative replacement? I'd love the PB1600 beast but that's a bit unreasonable for me haha
Comment from : Killer Arcade Games

That thing is a beast💪🏾
Comment from : MrBigR504

I Own Logitech Z906 For My High's And I Have Cutom Made Subwoofer With 12 Inch With Amp From Logitech Z2300, 500 Watts brIt Makes The Whole House Shake, Cheap, Super Cheap, But The Logitech Is Running Up On price Now
Comment from : KrisRaps

When You Started To test it My Whoel Room Sounded Like I Have A T Rex Under My Room brbrI See No point ToW atch Subwoofer reviews From Phone, U Definetly Need A Good SubwooferbrbrbrPrice RUINS It Everything ;(
Comment from : KrisRaps

Yep, sealed subwoofer is better for music for kick drums and foot stomping slam (eg, movie THE DIRT, GREATEST SHOWMAN)!
Comment from : mrPmj00

Sam Sam
Title: Speaker ohms vs my wife brWife: Smelling divorcebrMe: reads the return policy
Comment from : Sam Sam

I like the Klipsch 15's better 🙂
Comment from : THE RAFCAVE

Philip W
Great reviewer,this thing is ridiculous that’s really a good description 🥴I can’t believe I watched this useless review
Comment from : Philip W

Peter Grenader
i have Sb-2000 blew my head off love it
Comment from : Peter Grenader

To get lost is to learn the way
The Sb 3000 hit so hard your phone network felt the vibration & sent you an amber alert 🚨 😂
Comment from : To get lost is to learn the way

Andy Harper
Awesome video Great home theater setup
Comment from : Andy Harper

Khalif Salahuddin
I love the way you break down things for the everyday man, and I’m glad to see your channel flourishing There aren’t a lot of brothers in this hobby Glad to see it
Comment from : Khalif Salahuddin

Ron J
The SVS PB16 should be priced at 6k a piece! The best sub on the market, no other sub can touch them!
Comment from : Ron J

Sandeep Annam
What are people’s thoughts on the SB-3000 vs PB-3000? I def light the smaller footprint of the SB but in a 16x25 ft room, do you think the SB will sound sufficient compared to PB? Also, for listening to music, how good are foam port seals for replicating sealed sub when playing music?
Comment from : Sandeep Annam

And compared with the Sunfire XTEQ12, what do you think?
Comment from : ÄcktionÄndy

Robert Wright
I am glade I didn't get the ULTRA It was out of my budget (Thankfully) I have the SB 4000 which is a beast on it's own I was like why did UPS leave it in the driveway? Then I realized how large the box was
Comment from : Robert Wright

Sven Svensson
Great vid thx!brThose subs are really awesome! hmmmm i need at least one of them hahaha
Comment from : Sven Svensson

That subwoofer is slimming on you bro ;)
Comment from : [MANC] JOSH

Johan Extrapadda
Thats it Im getting One!
Comment from : Johan Extrapadda

I want power sound audio it’s got 2 18”s POW
Comment from : lkjyuiop

Bit Rage
$2500 is ouch for one subwoofer, Thats like folded horn money Seems like it be much cheaper to just go with a car audio type woofer like a sundown and put it in a home theater box that fits ur setup, be like $1000 in with possibly much more rms ofcourse not as much range but at that point/price/power i dont think it would matter as much
Comment from : Bit Rage

John Doe
Why spend 2500 and spend thousands more just to make it work with a 20A circuit
Comment from : John Doe

Crazy looking speaker Possibly ordering this one of this days
Comment from : jcdebbs

Brandon Mancuso
I just bought this thing before i seen this video I HAD NO IDEA IT WAS THIS BIG FML & CEARLY MY NEIGHBORS LOL😂🤣😂 I bought the SB-2000 - just wasnt doing it for me Considered the 3000 but I'm like if iI'm going to do it I'm going to do it WELL LOOKS LIKE I REEEEAAAALLY F***KIN DID IT THIS TIME LOL My son is literally going to think GODZILLA IS HERE brIt was between this and the REL _ Serie S/5 12"
Comment from : Brandon Mancuso

Marty Lynchian
Why do you only have movie posters of black movies?
Comment from : Marty Lynchian

Julia Watsica
There are no men who don't like music Everybody likes to hear different and different music So, we need a powerful subwoofer so that we can enjoy with our favorite music brLearn more: outdoorsumocom/best-kicker-subwoofer/
Comment from : Julia Watsica

XJ9000 X
Try playing MISTYKAL "UNPREDICTABLE" album -BORN TO BE A SOULDIER - the sound EFX are mind blowingbrThank me later!!
Comment from : XJ9000 X

Rob Robski
Too much money maybe good but overpriced
Comment from : Rob Robski

Martin Ramirez Mi5
Does SVS have an 18 inch or larger powered sub? I am willing to pay 5-7K for a much larger more powerful sub
Comment from : Martin Ramirez Mi5

You introduced me to Emotiva amps I got the XPA7 Gen3 and i love it I am seriously considering the PB16 Ultra thanks to you My wife may be looking for you to share a few words ;)
Comment from : Icelandlover

Death rager
this nigga was pregnant and gave birth to that big ass woofer bro
Comment from : Death rager

Comment from : YBOB™

G win J
Please am from Nigeria how can can I buy the pb16 ultra, I really want to have it,
Comment from : G win J

Charles Romney
Question which one between this Klipsch two R-100SW or R-12SWi? Room is 15 x 10 x 9? Thanks
Comment from : Charles Romney

You can hear how badly the PB-16's ports chuff at 3:32
Comment from : VideoArchiveGuy

One of the best reviews I’ve seen
Comment from : Upstart5228

Rob Robert
You commented about the TV vibrating Did you have the Isolation Pads/decouplers installed on the PB16U?
Comment from : Rob Robert

buster colin
Nice!!!👍 I've got the pb1000 kick me in the balls and tell me what the pb 3000 is like compared to the 1000
Comment from : buster colin

Freddy D
OMG! -10 in the volume for edge of tomorrow lol I run that part of the movie on -26, its loud enough at that volume lol
Comment from : Freddy D

mikem mikem
Just happened upon your videos and am sure glad I did I have 2 SVS PB100 subs in my 12X14' HT room I'm about to order the SVS Ultra Bookshelf system with 4 Elevation surrounds Also buying their banana speaker cables brbrThanks again for the great videos BTW have you posted your review of the Elevation surrounds?
Comment from : mikem mikem

Edgar Maldonado
Hi, just wondering if the subwoofer sound at 3:32 is subwoofer port "chuffing" or part of the actual movie? Any input is appreciated as I'm looking to buy the PB16-Ultra Cheers
Comment from : Edgar Maldonado

It’s a 16 so you need big space it’s 1500 rms the klipsch is no where near that So you can’t compare Plus that SVS is over price 2500$ plus tax this people are crazy
Comment from : W4RM4CHiN3

Stephen Elias
I have the SB3000 and I love it It’s ridiculous
Comment from : Stephen Elias

Drive slow, homie 😐
Comment from : RoyalTee

Nischala Namburu
Is woofer required in addition to a subwoofer?
Comment from : Nischala Namburu

Dale Romney
Nice review I am the owner of several SVS subs and definitely a big fan I must tell you from personal experience the service and warranty are the best in the game They just fixed my 2009 SVS PB13 Ultra for free under the warranty! That is insane good customer service!
Comment from : Dale Romney

Average Guy Hi-Fi
I’ve been watching you grow the channel and it’s been a fun journey to follow! brbrKeep up the good work, my friend!
Comment from : Average Guy Hi-Fi

Me: "Ha! 2500 dollars! Jesus Insane But hey, why not " brMy wife:" hell no!!!!
Comment from : Kwarkusmodius

Romeo Fowler
I have two PB 2000 and after doing the subwoofer crawl for the best placement in my living one behind my theatre seat mid wall and the other to the other side of the room Oh my goodness I can feel the bass all over my body my 12 year old daughter says the seat feels like it’s massaging her back, chest, etc So can’t even imagine that monster of a sub, I am going to give it a try though
Comment from : Romeo Fowler

Rob Robski
This svs sub shouldn't be more than 500 dollars this days
Comment from : Rob Robski

Rob Robski
Still too much money for this product price is ridiculous
Comment from : Rob Robski

Klipsch are budget speakers not a fair comparison
Comment from : NYCLJ34

My SVS PB12-PLUS/2 is still kickin’ ass 14 years after I bought it
Comment from : MaXGTS1

mike scully
Things have changed since I was young
Comment from : mike scully

mike scully
How can you afford this stuff? Something seems odd
Comment from : mike scully

I have two PB12's and they are massive I couldn't imagine how big the 16's are
Comment from : myriadcorp

Margaret Cantrell
"in 2019, this list helped me decide for the subwoofer bscafeshop/ttbs2019?dl/b hope it helps you out too!"
Comment from : Margaret Cantrell

Clint Hightower
Killer review Majestechs, I'm a total audiophile and I love a good sound system Personally I run Velodyne and love it but this monster is very impressive It is about half the size of my house so I will say with what I have, been amazing for over 20 years now Keep em comin' :)
Comment from : Clint Hightower

I liked the video because of your jedi-like knowledge I subscribed once I realized all of your background music is old school hip hop Respect My friend
Comment from : TruthFLA

Unfortunately, Amazon does not deliver things ( PB16-Ultra) to Belarus or to neighboring countries ( brand the cost at local dealers is more than $ 5600
Comment from : KIRIUS

Ronald Rol
In the Netherlands we pay 3499 Euro for the Ultra That is comparable to 3866,85 US Dollar
Comment from : Ronald Rol

pete auvaa
Thank you
Comment from : pete auvaa

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