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Daily Vocal Exercises For Beginners

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Title :  Daily Vocal Exercises For Beginners
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Description Daily Vocal Exercises For Beginners

Comments Daily Vocal Exercises For Beginners

Jacobs Vocal Academy
So many of you keep asking me: "Hey Jacob, you have so many exercises on your channel and on Spotify, Apple music etc Where do i start?"brThat is why i made this workout routine specifically for beginners Hope you like it :)brif you have any requests for future videos then make sure to leave a comment here in the comment section
Comment from : Jacobs Vocal Academy

Phanh Cao
2/5: completedbr3/5: completedbr4/5: completed
Comment from : Phanh Cao

Ariel Fernandez
Thanks for all your videos! I think it'll be great for us beginners to have a video with your voice following the complete exercise instead of just the initial part It happens that I always start great, but as the exercise goes up the scale I feel my voice getting lost and I don't know if I'm doing it properly That's why it'll be great to have your voice, so we can have an idea of how our voice should sound approximately
Comment from : Ariel Fernandez

Please tell me, can only "hmmm" Exercise be enough??? brDaily, on notes but only "hmmm"
Comment from : escape_zxy

Why cant i lip roll it just runs out after 2 seconds
Comment from : TheFitnessPsycho

Nuversion C-wall
This one minute felt like 5😂
Comment from : Nuversion C-wall

I tried quite a few such routines, and this suits me sooo well! It is comfortable and makes it easier not to strain the voice and is interesting because of the variety of excercises Thank You very much!!!
Comment from : Maks

Sunmisola Pedetin
As a beginner 😩
Comment from : Sunmisola Pedetin

Sunmisola Pedetin
Is so hard 😩😭
Comment from : Sunmisola Pedetin

Do you inhale the "s" or exhale?
Comment from : Kuni

Daily tag-in for my vocal training:br1 14/4/23 - COMPLETE - (my throat feel a little sore 😂)br2 ill be back tomorrow
Comment from : WO JIA QIAN Moe

Sorry, passed out after the first exercise What were you saying?
Comment from : Charles

Jade Tolibas
I think I'm loosing my breath, i'm gonna die
Comment from : Jade Tolibas

I make a lot of😂lot of mistakesBut I never give up😅😊
Comment from : Unknown_VK

Shug queen
Now my aunt thinks that I am getting possessed in my room now lol I told her that I was doing singing lessons
Comment from : Shug queen

Why it sounds like I'm chanting voodoo spells 💀 😅
Comment from : Bless

daisy sindiga
This is so helpful, just wondering for how long am I supposed to do this exercise, perhaps a month or two?then after that what do I do next
Comment from : daisy sindiga

#No #No(Ayushi)
04042023 ✅️
Comment from : #No #No(Ayushi)

I love it😅😂
Comment from : Unknown_VK

Day 1-completed✅brDay 2-completed✅brDay 3-got sickbrDay 4-still sick😭
Comment from : Sahil

Andreas Hoff
Everytime I get passionate about singing I strain my voice and have to take a few days break because my throat hurts Will implementation of these daily excersises help? Does this count as a warmup aswell?
Comment from : Andreas Hoff

Insecure guy
2 aprilday 1:tryingkinda weird doing it at home😆
Comment from : Insecure guy

Luis Enciso
Day 1 ✅ 03/31/23
Comment from : Luis Enciso

Punari Thenuka😁❤️
First day
Comment from : Punari Thenuka😁❤️

i cant do the liproll that long huhu;; does anyone have any tips on how to do it longer???
Comment from : Yushiroo

Annelyn Sanchez
3/29/23 completed
Comment from : Annelyn Sanchez

Hydroquinone Lover
Day 1 ✅
Comment from : Hydroquinone Lover

Aravinda Damith
Day 30 : ✅
Comment from : Aravinda Damith

Tomas Soeterik
25/03/2023 : Completed ( strain in my vocal chords I think)br26/03/2023: Completedbrbr//stopped doing thembr17/04/2023: Completedbr18/04/2023: Completedbr22/04/2023: Completedbr23/04/2023: Completed :)br24/04/2023: Completed :)br25/04/2022: Completed :)br26/04/2023: Completed :)
Comment from : Tomas Soeterik

1 month of trainingbrDay 1: done brDay 2: donebrDay 3: done
Comment from : MarioEXELOL

Stamz The Human
Day 1: I cant breathbrDay 2: I still cant breath
Comment from : Stamz The Human

Daily check in br20-03-2023 : completed ✅br21-03-2023 : completed ✅
Comment from : Aning_bayu07

Jenna Kee
Starting my singing journey today!brbrDay one: held my sss for 40 seconds and had better chest range then I thought
Comment from : Jenna Kee

Gamer Tiger Bonsu
thank you sir I feel like this is enlightened and expanded my vocal cords It actually feels awesome
Comment from : Gamer Tiger Bonsu

molly castille
why is everyone and their mother posting their progress in this comment section anywaysbrbrDay 1) 3/15 ✅
Comment from : molly castille

David Hall
Could you give imagery to each note, even just a white bar that moves up or down depending on the note change
Comment from : David Hall

This is absolutely stupid I hate this
Comment from : sarthak

Daniel Stone
Simply sing app is garbage
Comment from : Daniel Stone

Torrence Hill
I'm leaving this here because i don't really know if ill ever really be good at singing ill try to do this every day and MORE just to try i barely have any dedication right now but i hope leaving this comment will help it a bitbrbrDay 1: Completed (i have no idea how to use my head voice so i had a little trouble with those exercises) other than that i think i did well
Comment from : Torrence Hill

Day 1✅brDay2✓brDay3✖️brDay4✖️
Comment from : umiaa_ra

Angelito Cruz
I can sing tho but I need improvise my voice so thank you so much for this vocal lesson!!❤
Comment from : Angelito Cruz

Plastic Noodle
Gonna try and do this daily and document it here :)brHave already been kinda improving :Dbr2/3 ✅br 3/3✅br4/3 ✅br5/3✅
Comment from : Plastic Noodle

Bini abuu
Sing for Jesus because he can save you from hell
Comment from : Bini abuu

day one complete :) I'll update tomorrow if I have time :)bri took about 5 breaths on the s onebri couldn't figure out how to do the liproll one :(
Comment from : retro!

Comment from : 1K FF

Day-1donebrDay-2 skipbrDay-3 donebrDay-4 done
Comment from : Exo-lCaratDeobiBlinkCzennieDiveOnceFearnot

xuantrung hoang
Comment from : xuantrung hoang

It's my third day I think?
Comment from : Anxiety

Day 1: ✅ i need to breathes to finish the first exercisebrDay 2: ✅brDay 3: ✅ still struggling with the breathing exercise 😅brDay 4: -brDay 5: ✅
Comment from : flora

Never practiced vocal exercises brbr25/02/2023 first day tried it in my car brbrI would love to get better with singing , if you have advice please reply
Comment from : Chef ROBEL

Dual Snoww
2/23 - done :)br2/24 - done :)
Comment from : Dual Snoww

I don't understand what a liproll is Is it like rolling your R?
Comment from : Vârco900

210223 - Day 1: ✔ The first part took me 3 breaths :')br220223 - Day 2: restbr230223 - Day 3: ✔br240223 - Day 4: ✔I could only do it for 5 minutes because I was busy, but it's better than nothing! I am already noticing some very slight improvementsbr250223 - Day 5: ✖ I was sick I had no energy to do anythingbr260223 - Day 6: ✔ Feeling slightly better and I was home alone (rare occurrence)br270223 - Day 7: restbr280223 - Day 8: ✔br010323 - Day 9: ✔br020323 - Day 10: ✔br030323 - Day 11: ✖ It was my birthday so I did essentially nothing most of the day lmaobr040323 - Day 12:✔Did it for 5 mins because I was exhausted after work I can hear a little improvement in my voice! I can hold out a bit longer on the first exercise and low notes are getting easier for me as wellbr050323 - Day 13: restbr060323 - Day 14: ✔br070323 - Day 15: ✔br080323 - Day 16: restbr090323 - Day 17: ✔br100323 - Day 18: ✔I noticed my pitch was a little off, so I focused on that mostly todaybr110323 - Day 19: ✖br120323 - Day 20: ✔br130323 - Day 21: ✔ I did it for around 5 mins, intended to do it for the entire video but my brother came home with dinner and then I completely forgot about this :") FORGIVE MEbr140323 - Day 22: ✔br150323 - Day 23: restbr160323 - Day 24: ✖br170323 - Day 25: ✔br180323 - Day 26: ✖br190323 - Day 27: ✖ omg im sorry two days in a row that I missed practice T_Tbr200323 - Day 28: ✔br210323 - Day 29: ✔focused mostly on pitch this time!br220323 - Day 30: ✖ sorry, school has been kicking my arse :( br230323 - Day 31: ✔ focused mostly on pitch again and i can tell that it's improving! br240323 - Day 32: rest woke up with a sore throat and didn't want to risk itbr250323 - Day 32: ✔br260323 - Day 33: ✔br270323 - Day 34: ✔br280323 - Day 35: ✔br290323 - Day 36: ✔br300323 - Day 37: restbr310323 - Day 38: ✔br010423 - Day 39: ✔ I noticed that I have more confidence and I'm starting to care less and less if my family hears me Mostly because I am starting to sound generally better as the days pass by!br020423 - Day 40: ✔br030423 - Day 41: ✔brWoops, forgot to update for a bit more than a week! Sorry!!! I kept forgetting :') However I did keep on singing, so don't think I didn't practice during this time! ^^ br110423 - Day 49: restbrbr120423 - Day 50:
Comment from : yasmine

Darkworld Nefux
Why my ears are paining while doing exercises
Comment from : Darkworld Nefux

Olivia F
Do you have a version of this more suited to altos?
Comment from : Olivia F

Angies World
Thanks for this 😊
Comment from : Angies World

Angies World
5:05 I can't do liprolls the same way I can't do tongue rolls
Comment from : Angies World

Day 1
Comment from : Gacha_Hilal

Should I do it everyday only one time?
Comment from : Gacha_Hilal

I'm gonna make a note here just ao i dont skipbr12/02 completedbr13/02 completedbr14/02 completedbr15/02 completedbr16/02 completedbr17/02 completedbr18/02 completedbr19/02 missed it due to some college workbr20/02 completed
Comment from : Anshu

Arun Rko
Is this really work
Comment from : Arun Rko

1st day - embarrassed infront of everyone✅brDay 2- barely did it ✅brDay3 - done ✅brDay4- done ✅
Comment from : PRESS PLAY

Jayhans Espeneda
Day 1✔️brDay 2✔️brDay 3✔️(my favorite is "me")brDay 4✔️(I'm getting better)brDay 5✔️
Comment from : Jayhans Espeneda

Jayhans Espeneda
day 3✔️
Comment from : Jayhans Espeneda

FAC Anika
First and second day done ✅brI had a cold So my voice was kinda weird to sound But overall it was funbr❌ Day 3: I was tired and lazy to do the exercisesbr✅Day 4: I have done the exercises
Comment from : FAC Anika

Yohakim Sahabat Kamu
Thanks now my family thinks am crazy
Comment from : Yohakim Sahabat Kamu

Iqbal Hamdi Mulitno
Day 3brday 4
Comment from : Iqbal Hamdi Mulitno

I have no idea how to keep my voice from completely cutting off at the highest 3-4 notes of every exercise, and how to make it not sound like the same note at the lowest 2 notes Would repeating these exercises help this?
Comment from : AwkwardTurtle

Iqbal Hamdi Mulitno
31/1/23 new jurneybrday 1 done
Comment from : Iqbal Hamdi Mulitno

xuantrung hoang
27/1 : donebr28/1 : donebr29/1 : donebr30/1 : donebr31/1 : donebr1/2 : donebr2/2 : donebr3/2 : donebr4/2 : donebr5/2 : donebr6/2 : donebr7/2 : donebr8/2 : donebr9/2 : donebr10/2 : donebr11/2 : donebr13/2 : DONEbr14/2 : donebr15/2 : donebr16 - 22/2 : skip due to sore throatbr23/2 : donebr24/2 : donebr25/2 : done
Comment from : xuantrung hoang

Amul Adai
My journey for 6 month
Comment from : Amul Adai

Day 1: 28/1/2023 : Completed ✅
Comment from : brianne_xox

Taehyungs Babygirl💜
I started on 28 Jan 2023brDay 1 ✅
Comment from : Taehyungs Babygirl💜

D Nguyen
Went 24 days with the 10 minute one, now im moving over to this one WILL Update:brbr2401:✅br2501:✅br2601:✅br2701:✅br2801:✅br2901:✅br3001: 🎶 Had choir practicebr3101:✅br0102:✅br0202:✅br0302:✅br0402:✅br0502:✅br0602: 🎶 Had choir practicebr0702: 🤧 Got sickbr0802: 🤧 Still sickbr0902: 🤧 Still sickbr1002: 🤧 Still sick (i hate the flu)br1102: ✅ Still sick, just became tired of waiting xDbr1202:🤧 Still sickbr1302:🤧 Still sickbr1402: ✅ WE back babybr1502: had schoolwork, might change to the 20 minute one because this one doesent seem to excite me much anymore
Comment from : D Nguyen

Let's do this :)brDay 1:✔brDay 2:✔brDay 3:✔brDay 4:✔brDay 5: ✔(feels like I can hold my ssss for 30 seconds)brDay 6:❌(missed)brDay 7:✔brbrDay 8:✔brDay 9:✔brDay 10:✔brDay 11:✔brDay 12:✔I can really see the improvements tbh!brDay 13:✔brDay 14:✔yayyyyy 2 weeksss!!brbrDay 15:✔am improving except for the breathing exercise
Comment from : N_O_O_N_E

21-01-23 ☑
Comment from : Study_with_Pengu

the ng sound is my arch nemesis
Comment from : Benjable

How do I keep from going into my head voice while doing the higher notes on the chest voice
Comment from : blaze46550

izzie 🫶🏽
day 1 - stuggled holding the 'ss', couldnt go super high, stuggled with tone on e, went quite high on 'ng', did ok on 'bub', almost went to the highest on the last exercise
Comment from : izzie 🫶🏽

This helps me a lot
Comment from : IronPepe

Im Leonessa!
I used to take singing lessons when I was younger, then I had to stop, I had gotten good-ish It never left me as a fun hobby and I've been thinking of restarting, this is going to be great practice material! :)
Comment from : Im Leonessa!

Wonder Through Space
Can this be used for a choir beginner ?
Comment from : Wonder Through Space

Sushma Karki
Comment from : Sushma Karki

sleepy 420
1/3-✅br1/4-✅br1/5-✅br1/6-✅br1/7-✅br1/8-✅br1/9-skipped a day cuz i was busybr1/10-✅br1/11-✅br1/12-✅ not much improvements other than the fact that i can do the breathing exercise 20 secs longerbrEdit i gave up but ill start soon
Comment from : sleepy 420

Bindu Nair
Thank u sir for this warm up exerciseI am working on it daily
Comment from : Bindu Nair

Rucha B
Day 1 ✔️
Comment from : Rucha B

10 seconds for the first exercise As for super beginner 🙂
Comment from : Irishhhhh

day 14
Comment from : rxhul

Day_1 ✔️
Comment from : shrutixhoney

Day 1 - 3rd Jan
Comment from : Art

Carmel Torregosa
I WAS TRYING THE 'HA' then my little looked at me confused
Comment from : Carmel Torregosa

Started December 29th 2022, ( ノ・o・ )ノbrbr12/29 : completed (it hurt a little bit in the nng part)br12/30 : completed (realized i was breathing with my chest instead of my stomach, now i can make the sound with less stress on my throat)br12/31 : completed (HAPPY NEW YEARS)br1/1/2023 : completed (off to a good start to the year)br1/2 : completed (i still don't have enough breathe to do that SSS part, but I started running to increase stamina :d)br1/3 : completed (maybe i should eat breakfast before doing this)
Comment from : Adriens

Dev Talent Art
OK so, we need do it daily
Comment from : Dev Talent Art

Phoo Myat Nay Chi
Day 1 - done
Comment from : Phoo Myat Nay Chi

Comment from : Waiter

Roberth  Muquinche
Excelentes vocal exercises Thanks a lot
Comment from : Roberth Muquinche

I sound like a dying cat when I'm doing the ng sound on the high notes 😂
Comment from : blaze46550

Doing this for 2 months:brDay 1: 22/12/2022 i can barely do the ssss sound and low voices, but after doing this my singing was smoother
Comment from : leah

How do we do this tho
Comment from : lolwhat19

Day 1: I felt good at the end with my control, Couldn't do the sss sound without it hurting or straining my vocal chords, lasted about 25-30 seconds on one breath!brDay 2: (To be continued)
Comment from : aoifuji

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