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10 Thrift Store Finds That Made People Rich

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Information 10 Thrift Store Finds That Made People Rich

Title :  10 Thrift Store Finds That Made People Rich
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Frames 10 Thrift Store Finds That Made People Rich

Description 10 Thrift Store Finds That Made People Rich

Comments 10 Thrift Store Finds That Made People Rich

Lisa Doyle
Goodwill already makes millions from donations, but now they've hired specialists to make sure they don't lose out on expensive finds
Comment from : Lisa Doyle

Bunne Rabb
Comment from : Bunne Rabb

k s
I recently bought an 18k gold fancy Figaro gold chain for $4 at my local thrift store Score👍🏼😎
Comment from : k s

Robert L
Horrible robot commentary Unwatchable
Comment from : Robert L

4:27 they are talking about the WEIGHT of the pearl It's 75 pounds of weight, not pounds of money LMAO
Comment from : wookinooki

Ali Pa
140 million for a paint splatter!The world has gone mad
Comment from : Ali Pa

undefined freedom
I love antiques and bought lots Never had any luck of finding anything worth more than what I paid for
Comment from : undefined freedom

Martha S
I love thrift stores ( here in UK they are called charity shops), garage sales and carboot sales!!! I found lots of very good things at them while paying a very little for the items My best ever purchase was a beautiful vintage 18K white gold Garrard necklace with a diamond I got it for £050 at the local flea market It happened 3 years ago I still have got it, I'm planning to sell it on an auction
Comment from : Martha S

Muhammad Anas Khairulnizam Only
The $300m egg is shocking, will they become like roping from roof top of chase(the buyer use it for what kind of activity?) Or to grow animals inside the anti-bacterial metal?
Comment from : Muhammad Anas Khairulnizam Only

John Shields
Paid 14,000 to melt it down, a tiny bit of gold, does that sound like bullshit to anyone else
Comment from : John Shields

M Cooper
Very good video but annoying music
Comment from : M Cooper

From The Peanut Gallery
That whole story sounds like a wives tale to me Guy at swap meet has a Faberge Egg for sale? I don't think so
Comment from : From The Peanut Gallery

Frank Lesser
I bought two paintings about 25 years ago for $5 each Turns out they're worth $15,000 each! But I'm not selling
Comment from : Frank Lesser

roger watkins
14000 dollar paid for an egg at a yard sale??????????? im calling bs
Comment from : roger watkins

Bought the for 14, 000 dollar to melt down to get 500 was the plan didn't get that 😂
Comment from : sal

Benedikt Morak
- could - that is always the question If you find someone who is prepared to pay
Comment from : Benedikt Morak

Blue Ridge Guy
I've had many finds in my lifetime - just a few: $5 painting worth $1300 (Can't recall the name but was the "Picasso of Puerto Rico") - Terra-Cotta sculpture $5 worth $1500 (Notable, Savannah Georgia artist) - $6 14K Charm Bracelet I pieced out to over $2000 - and many $1-$5 finds flipped for $100 or more It's actually easy to make a living going to yard sales and thrift shops Oh, when I was a kid, I was riding my bike and spotted a small stack of cards in a junk pile beside the road, in it was a 1957 Ted Williams card, not worth a fortune but still a cool story I still have it
Comment from : Blue Ridge Guy

Steve Franks
The content is interesting, but the visuals are mostly idiotic
Comment from : Steve Franks

Anthony O Rafferty
"Returned to the royal family !" They are all dead
Comment from : Anthony O Rafferty

I hope the mid western man gave afew million to the guy he bought it from if he didnt karma will get him and his family
Comment from : SeriouslyScrapping

J Nob
I found cool looking dime and an old nickel on the ground a few years back turns out I was in luck as I traded them to someone else for five pennies and another dime
Comment from : J Nob

I paid $7500 for a coffee table Turns out it's a Romeo Tamanti wood carving coffee table possibly worth up to $40,00000 there are only 5 pieces in the United States Most of his work is in Melon Italy 🇮🇹
Comment from : ROLANDO MORENO

Steve Smith
I wanted to buy a bookcase in an online auction that was local but it went to high for me but while i didnt get that lot i instead bought the contents of the bookcase because it had some Japanese items and a few books BTW the auction was from the family of a md governor and items like his desk and other items went really high i wound up with his inauguration biblevalue not known cause they havnt been sold to compare to
Comment from : Steve Smith

Varun Reddy
Did bill and Melinda gates have a yard sale after they broke up?
Comment from : Varun Reddy

Truely Treasured
he was strapped for cash so he bought a $14,000 egg in the hopes of making $500 from it??? This is just stupid 🙄
Comment from : Truely Treasured

He makes bread
Mercari is just like a thrift store
Comment from : He makes bread

Waitdid I hear that right? A man paid $14000 for a golden egg JUST so he could melt it down to get $500? Please tell me I got something mixed up!
Comment from : []•SAR•[]

Manyari Music
I gave away a Gutenberg bible for free that I found in one of the boxes of books I got at an auction God punished me for my ignorance
Comment from : Manyari Music

Tristan Grupp
So funny that they chose a race map of Philly at 0:32
Comment from : Tristan Grupp

Stephon Love
Comment from : Stephon Love

fiona cowan
Yeah you did hear right i dont get it either x
Comment from : fiona cowan

1:18 feels very similar I will have to check my collection
Comment from : sudilos117

Black and Gold
04:27 That is 75 lbs, NOT 75 £ ! HAHAH!!!
Comment from : Black and Gold

Charlene Touchet
Comment from : Charlene Touchet

Apostate Glitter
Brought it at a boot salesure you did mate
Comment from : Apostate Glitter

Lauren Thompson
One time, I bought a pair of pants from a thrift store for $6 When I got home, I found $8 in the pocket! Score! Lol
Comment from : Lauren Thompson

Richard Coulter
Has no one mentioned how much absolutely no one likes the pointless narrative that the show itself took care of just fine on its own? Do these people think they're reporters or something?
Comment from : Richard Coulter

Lydwina of Schiedam
I wish $300,000 meant you were rich, but not today
Comment from : Lydwina of Schiedam

Laughed when I saw the TV show Warehouse 13 warehouse
Comment from : Snobtaper

robert hughes
I can't believe nobody has mentioned what appears to be a missile launcher in the Hay Wain painting by ConstableI think it's an album cover!
Comment from : robert hughes

Beatriz Cotello
I didn't understand the Story of the Fabergé egg: The man, of whom we know later he was broke, spent 14000== in that egg and hoped to melt it down to obtain 500==?
Comment from : Beatriz Cotello

Think of the other poor folks who had these things in their hands and had no idea
Comment from : Bevis

Susanne duffy
the pound symbol goes in front of the numbers - as in $5555 please get it right
Comment from : Susanne duffy

Fiona Cargius
I bought a pair of loafer shoes from a thrift store in Bergerac France for 5 euro Not a mark on them Turns out they sold new for 250 euros I have worn them lots of times
Comment from : Fiona Cargius

David Moreno
I paid for a paint $1000 but I think it worth like $50000
Comment from : David Moreno

At 9:48 In 1821 what in the heck are those things on the right ?
Comment from : TacomaPaul

Question: If you are at a yard sale and see an article for $500 that you know is worth $100000 is it morally wrong to buy it rather than inform the owner of it's worth
Comment from : incognito

World famous Knoxville Texas! Right by the Great Smoke Mountains!
Comment from : Manfinity

Gavin Brown
It's really hard to trust your research when you write 75£ instead of 75 lbs, say pursue instead of peruse, and show an image of Constable's Hay Wain with cruise missiles included
Comment from : Gavin Brown

B60 Delta Wing
7:53 That Declaration of Independence copy sold for $43,000,000
Comment from : B60 Delta Wing

Heath Settlemeyer
Everything I've ever had turned to do do
Comment from : Heath Settlemeyer

Charlie Uniform November Tango
Bought a 1920s mirror from London Got home and dropped it £3000 dropped and smashed 😂
Comment from : Charlie Uniform November Tango

Florida girl Hikes
Knoxville Texas 🧐
Comment from : Florida girl Hikes

Jane Aruin
How he can paid $14000 and wanted $500 made in scraps?
Comment from : Jane Aruin

Sister Mary Clements
Whenever you see a "3", it's another unbe-LIE-vable story :)brAnd the 12 or 21 cause they reduce to 3brNext time you watch a movie or tv show, you'll "see"
Comment from : Sister Mary Clements

Bonnie Boulter
He pays $14,000 for a golden egg and thought he'd make $500 after he melted it down?? I think some missing info here
Comment from : Bonnie Boulter

Lilly Lopez
Imagine some of this stuff was fake and the seller just made millions
Comment from : Lilly Lopez

Not Human
Comment from : Not Human

Phil Bullock
Knoxville Texas? When I see Knoxville on a map and see Gatlinburg a little beneath it, I'm sure that's a Tennessee map
Comment from : Phil Bullock

Nancy Sloan
I bought a print of "the painter of light" for $10 My boyfriend said get rid of it It takes up too much room I gave it to the Goodwill I found out later it was worth $1000
Comment from : Nancy Sloan

My 11 Bad Kids
Why are there missiles in the Haywain painting? 😂
Comment from : My 11 Bad Kids

Knoxville Texas??? Try again
Comment from : AdiosPantalones

My mom bought a small ring from a yard sale for like $7 usd years later my mom had it professionally cleaned because she thought it was costume jewelry Turned out to be a gold ring encrusted with real diamonds and emeralds, she was offered a lot of money but she just wanted it back No idea how much it’s worth but she isn’t ever giving it away
Comment from : YADia AG

c grant
Rejoice rest He rose 🌹🌚👍 okay bye
Comment from : c grant

My favorite Flea find was a Sharps Carbine in a Cavalry scabbard in mint condition for $3500 Was being sold by a farmer who was moving and got it from his brothers gun shop in 1951 the $35 was the 1951 original price tag
Comment from : babyrazor

Samuel Dirks
We have an original Alexander Calder painting
Comment from : Samuel Dirks

Anthony Cappucci
How does a 33 million dollar Faberge Egg end up in a yard sale?
Comment from : Anthony Cappucci

What would be cool to find out is: how many of these are stolen and simply listed as being found at a garage sale!
Comment from : Larry

The Silver Surfer
That woman is an idiot She could die before that painting was sold "A bird in the hand is better than one n the bush" That's pure greed
Comment from : The Silver Surfer

I was looking for a painting for our house at a thrift store now its been two years since I found them I paid 60 bucks because to me they were and are so beautiful They look like museum grade They say Portuguese ship entering a Japanese harbor Early 17th century They are screen painting, gold leaf
Comment from : Saplink

9:50 Don't think that's the original
Comment from : Hazzar595

I sold my Blockbuster membership card on ebay for $20 and an expired 20 ounce Crystal Pepsi for $5
Comment from : Leidyree

Nolan Walker
Knoxville, Texas it’s Knoxville, Tennessee dumbass
Comment from : Nolan Walker

English Rose
Comment from : English Rose

Terry Hogan
I bought a ring from a charity shop here in England about 25 years ago I was pretty sure it was 1 diamond surrounded by 8 sapphires and it was set in what I initially thought to be white gold The elderly lady who worked the till stated that it was only paste and that it was £250 brHaving worked in a jewellers when I was younger, I knew that paste stones were never put in claw settings, so I bought it brI took it to a jewellers that I visited from time to time and asked if they could tell me anything about it brIt WAS a diamond and sapphire ring but set in silver and it couldn’t be appraised because as the jeweller stated she had never seen another one like it - nothing to compare it to = priceless She said it’s possibly worth a 5 figure sumbrI still have that ring and I used to wear it but haven’t for years nowbrMaybe I’ll sell it one day - hate to think how much it could be worth now !
Comment from : Terry Hogan

Lmao I’m sorry what Your story on the egg makes no sense He was tight on cash and wanted to make some money so he bought a $14,000 egg to melt it down to hopefully make $500 back???
Comment from : Pixie2sweet

Renee Johnson
He paid $14,000 for the golden egg, HOPING to make $500?????
Comment from : Renee Johnson

Life Discoveries
yea that lady with the painting is greedyshe'll die waiting for more money
Comment from : Life Discoveries

Twitchy Clock
Imagine selling one these items for that cheapif life wasn't hard enough lol
Comment from : Twitchy Clock

Twitchy Clock
Lmfao that painting reminds me of Malcom in middle when hal paintsrofl
Comment from : Twitchy Clock

Dil Reyes
So are we just going to pretend that there’s nothing suspicious about a man walking around a yard sale with $14,000 that he spends on a tiny egg that he intends to melt for scrap metal? Okay
Comment from : Dil Reyes

Jeffrey B
I bought a mint-condition comic book for $3500 I defaulted on my storage space payments, and it was auctioned off Somebody now owns a $3500 comic book!
Comment from : Jeffrey B

Bruce Wilson
That Billy the Kid is not real This is a scam marketing fraud
Comment from : Bruce Wilson

Comment from : EagleEye

Emma Skylet
The small painting 🖼 I wouldn’t give it away no matter how tight things are i can stare at it every day n can’t get enough art feeds my soul
Comment from : Emma Skylet

Sovereign Cold-Steel
If you pick up an item from a yard sell( like the egg) and make 33million, youre a selfish prick if you don't make it right with the one you bought it from I'd NEVER do something that to another person
Comment from : Sovereign Cold-Steel

Terrance Parsons
£350,000 for a 26 carat diamond sounds way cheap
Comment from : Terrance Parsons

Terrance Parsons
$5 for the Jackson Pollock? Over priced!
Comment from : Terrance Parsons

Greg Edmonds
Knoxville in is Tennessee, not Texas
Comment from : Greg Edmonds

Prime Rib Chronicles
Once bought a Matisse book for 50 cents at book sale It sat around for months until I opened the front cover ans saw the note that only 300 were produced in English Beautiful prints Sold it for $1000
Comment from : Prime Rib Chronicles

Елена Миронюк
Ух ты!
Comment from : Елена Миронюк

Sun Rabbit 🇨🇿
Anybody paying anything above scrap cardboard prices for any "work" by Jack Pollock and "artists" of his ilk should be charged with money laundering because it's not even bad art It's just degeneracy, if anything The real reason any of this "abstract expressionist" filth sells for such high prices is money laundering There is no other explanation If I found one of those things I'd simply tear it up, and place it in the blue cardboard recycling bin where it belongs I don't care how much it's supposedly worth because I happen to have real art by real artists in my home, and not THAT
Comment from : Sun Rabbit 🇨🇿

D The Engineer
I grew up in New Mexico, and have always had a fascination with Billy The Kid I have never seen that other photograph until now
Comment from : D The Engineer

Cynthia Porter Studio
Its Knoxville Tennessee not Texas
Comment from : Cynthia Porter Studio

Comment from : JonsTunes

Sheila R
The guy who paid $14k for a Faberge egg to melt it down for a $500 profit makes no sense
Comment from : Sheila R

Earl Gallup
Straight up b*b****/b
Comment from : Earl Gallup

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