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Should You Clean Your Coins? Coin Restoration Versus Coin Cleaning Facts

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Information Should You Clean Your Coins? Coin Restoration Versus Coin Cleaning Facts

Title :  Should You Clean Your Coins? Coin Restoration Versus Coin Cleaning Facts
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Frames Should You Clean Your Coins? Coin Restoration Versus Coin Cleaning Facts

Description Should You Clean Your Coins? Coin Restoration Versus Coin Cleaning Facts

Comments Should You Clean Your Coins? Coin Restoration Versus Coin Cleaning Facts

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Comment from : CoinHELPu

Louis Vrana
Thanks Daniel, everything you spoke of makes perfect sense I've been dealing with this issue for sometime now; however, I don't trust just anyone's answer to this delicate question You I trust your judgment, you are a bright man and I sincerely thank you for your point of view brBlessings,brLouis
Comment from : Louis Vrana

Colleen Deis
Thank you thank you!
Comment from : Colleen Deis

Dan, how would cleaning coins using MS70 in an ultrasonic bath?
Comment from : GT182/66GTO

Olivia Ortiz
Thank you SOOOO much for giving us this info 😉 very helpful!! To know When in doubt just leave it alone 👍
Comment from : Olivia Ortiz

Cole Burnett
Thank you for the video
Comment from : Cole Burnett

Samuel Schrader
Another very nice video Thanks for the information
Comment from : Samuel Schrader

Use a dry paper towel to clean dirt That's it
Comment from : GameWithAdam

Jeff Boyle
I dip a few coins
Comment from : Jeff Boyle

Ted Smith
Hello from the great state of Michigan
Comment from : Ted Smith

Can you safely clean a silver coin in Dish Soap and warm water in an ultrasonic cleaner?
Comment from : Charlie_B

Hi Learned a lot from your video I found a sack of coins when going thru the attic at my uncles house after he passed I don’t know anything about coin values or how to sell them Spent a lot of time on uTube to try and learn There are quite a few Susan Anthony dollars and several dollars with the Indian and child and several with presidents on them OK Where do I go from here Where is the best place to go and have them looked at Thank you for your help
Comment from : Bob

Thedominator 1616
Realistically this video should’ve been less than 10 seconds The only advise I have about cleaning coins is don’t just don’t it’s just never worth it even if it’s not worth anything
Comment from : Thedominator 1616

Nora Qudus
New to the coin collecting world, when I thought of cleaning a coin I was thinking some soap and water for pennies how about silver coins?
Comment from : Nora Qudus

Bill Goodwin
Thank you for the information
Comment from : Bill Goodwin

Anthony Martinez
Hey sir I hope this isn’t a dumb question So if you just use soap, water and a very soft tooth brush to get dirt off or just water is that ok?
Comment from : Anthony Martinez

Chicago Coin Roll Hunting and Foreign Finds
What about cleaning a coin with mild liquid soap and soft brush to remove dirt? It that a bad thing to do?
Comment from : Chicago Coin Roll Hunting and Foreign Finds

Plants are in life
Me tooo me is 15 y
Comment from : Plants are in life

After searching some quarters for my state quarter collection - I tried some Dawn “spray on” power wash on them ( bad idea) 👎 and it left them with a golden hue! 😧 So now I wash them in Dawn dish soap and it seems to be a much milder cleaning with a very soft toothbrush Thanks much for the informative video Daniel! 👍
Comment from : Dougster

Coin Restoration
Comment from : Coin Restoration

So what if you just use dish soap and warm water on coins, does that ruin them?
Comment from : rupturefarms21

Silver Streak
Enjoyed watching
Comment from : Silver Streak

Eddie George
Thanks GBU
Comment from : Eddie George

j P
I’ve soaked my coins in peroxide and rubbed them with a towel to remove dirt
Comment from : j P

RL Doxa
I have a million questions for you
Comment from : RL Doxa

Ashraf Nasreldeen
HibrMy father was collecting coins Now he is trying to sell some of the coins So what is the best way to get these coins evaluated and get a good price for it?!
Comment from : Ashraf Nasreldeen

Roberto Consuegra
Iam throwing away my MrClean detergentcleaner lol 😆 😂
Comment from : Roberto Consuegra

Roberto Consuegra
Pleasee help
Comment from : Roberto Consuegra

Did You See That Shorts
I just found a 1961 d penny that looks steel or silver It has a little rust on it anyone know what it's worth?
Comment from : Did You See That Shorts

Debbie Spangler
How do i clean off grease and dirt where i can't see details ?
Comment from : Debbie Spangler

To clean or not to clean that is the question I have to take it in a case by case basis I had to clean my entire silver collection due to PVC damage I distinctly remember way back in the days when there was no reports and I asked they dealer about PVC flips he said they were fine Well 20 years later it is not so fine Can't do much about the copper so I had to just leave it My ancient bronze a soft wire brush was fine but there were a few that were encased in mud that it was hard as a rock No amount of soaking in water was going to help so I had to resort to electrolysis Seriously not the way but it is the last resort To my surprise one came out very well The rest not so much
Comment from : Norm

Mister Mycology
Thanks again for your help I love your videos
Comment from : Mister Mycology

I have learned so much from watching your videos in last couple of weeks! Thank you for always being so detailed
Comment from : linda704

Chris Peddicord
Awesome directions and thank you!!!
Comment from : Chris Peddicord

John Jordan
I currently have two gold bicentennial medals going through NCS and then back to NGC for regrading One sent in PCGS holder and one in an NGC holder My first attempt at NCS, regrade, reholdering, and crossover If all works out well, I will be sending in more
Comment from : John Jordan

Allan Colegrove
You are much more relaxed now a days Still a good and valuable video Thanks!
Comment from : Allan Colegrove

JCrockett 870
If I only collect ,"cleaned" coins, nobody else can tell me that they are not worth what I paid because they have been cleaned
Comment from : JCrockett 870

domingo de la torre
Does 'cleaning' really make a difference sometimes Instead of being Offered 50/60 of coins value, Dealers might Offer 20/30 Just the title, 'Dealer', conjurs up an image of that guy who works for the Casino standing behind the 'Black Jack' table the guy who makes sure your money winds up in the Casino's coffers After all, they do have a lot of overhead lol
Comment from : domingo de la torre

Any cleaning that preserves the surface of the coin is fine if it damages the surface of the coin it's no good We want to remove foreign substances on the surface of the coin only
Comment from : shekatagani

Lonnie Kruse
thank you, you really care when you teach people and that matters alot LonnieRay ps i won't clean anything with out a ok from a pro
Comment from : Lonnie Kruse

Christopher Moore
What about using electrolysis to clean the coins
Comment from : Christopher Moore

Randy Angus
Daniel will a microfiber cloth damage a coin??
Comment from : Randy Angus

FirstCav Coins
I have a 1877 cc dime that would be xf - au but it has black gunk all over it What should I do? It's definitely xf quality
Comment from : FirstCav Coins

Marcus Brown
I'm more about stacking silver than I am about collecting coins but I do like and respect the collecting coin community I have some coins but I want them to be shiny and clean but I've decided that I'm not going to clean my coins I have some the Morgan's I've decided to trade those coins in and pay the premium for shinier ones instead of devaluing them because I plan to keep my silver and I want shiny silver but I don't want to step on anyone toes so I figured just spend the money on trading them for shiniy ones So whenever I get the itch to buy some coins I'll just trade up and get my fix like that
Comment from : Marcus Brown

Rexy Thudugala
I have sum coins i was clean one times its success its goons all dirty wethout any damages to coin its if i clean my coins its woth sir
Comment from : Rexy Thudugala

Rexy Thudugala
There is any wey safety clean
Comment from : Rexy Thudugala

Bud Jenkins
Great information as usual The clarity around preserving the striking layer is the key and you drove that home Thanks!
Comment from : Bud Jenkins

Derek Clawson
Personally I would say no coins over a certain PMD threshold should be cleaned because it looks bad High mint coins at least are proper looking for collections
Comment from : Derek Clawson

Paddy McCarthy 20
Your getting into the nitty-gritty of it! LOL
Comment from : Paddy McCarthy 20

cant you lightly clean youre tarnished new silver i mean why not
Comment from : [email protected]

Mark Carson
I use a sandblaster, clean as a whistle Lol kidding thanks for the video Dan
Comment from : Mark Carson

Luca Temminck
I think you should clean coins with not too much value so you dont mess it up
Comment from : Luca Temminck

Jeremy Shelton
I say "buff them with an automobile buffer and auto polish" Rinse well, and pat dry with brand new microfiber cloth DONE!
Comment from : Jeremy Shelton

The best to clean a coin is using a sonicator
Comment from : Player1

Timothy Dean
Very informative
Comment from : Timothy Dean

Can i use MS70 on AU condition bronze coins?
Comment from : YtSabit

Everett White
Daniel the pictures were a quite helpful seeing examples of different cleaned coins I bought a coin advertised as BU and it looks just like one of the pictures shown brbrI’m so 😡 off From now on they can keep all their BU 🤬brbrThanks a lot for this video I hope this will help other folks
Comment from : Everett White

Is it safe to clean them with coca cola
Comment from : ARMSMASH

barbara seybold
thank you this was very helpful to me a beginner
Comment from : barbara seybold

Kevin Christensen
Please go more in detail good show
Comment from : Kevin Christensen

D Monty
With all due respect, why would anyone remove toning from a coin? Doesn't it add value?
Comment from : D Monty

Vickie Curtis
Hi Daniel I am learning quite a bit from your you tube pagesbrbrRecently I have been told by my doc to learn and do something that will keep me busy and I would get great enjoyment out of it So, getting into coin collection seemed like a place to start Today so far I am having great success I am mainly collecting pennies and nickelsbrbrHow did you start? Where do you get your coins from? The Bank?brbrI happened to get a 2yr old Red Book of US coins It was a great find I liked the articles and info as a newbelolbrbrThanks for sharing infobrbrVickie C
Comment from : Vickie Curtis

Gul Majeed
good topic
Comment from : Gul Majeed

Barry Lell
I've used Goddards Silver dip very successfully But only with high grade coins AU58 or above 20 second or so in the dip then rinse with water and pat dry with a soft clean cloth
Comment from : Barry Lell

I have a 1922 USD Silver dollar what is the best way to clean it?
Comment from : taxthis2001

Davy Crockett
I've used a shirt to lightly polish old film off it to see it better but it felt wrong 😕 I guess that's wht u meant by taking the original layer off of it? Sry new to this I knew not to clean them but wasn't aware I couldn't wipe them lightly
Comment from : Davy Crockett

Kelly Hill
Will an eraser remove the layer on top?
Comment from : Kelly Hill

keith gordon
Is using Dawn Dishwashing Detergent considered cleaning?
Comment from : keith gordon

Bobs Garage Doors
I thought ngc and pcgs would sonic clean for restoration
Comment from : Bobs Garage Doors

Damyon T Verbo
What are your thoughts on using distilled water in a ultrasonic cleaner?
Comment from : Damyon T Verbo

I will definitely share this video I have a question to ask I have a pewter US button from the war of 1812 I ordered Andrea‘s pencils and people are telling me just leave it alone but the only time I could see the US is when I use nose grease and it goes away What’s your thoughts?
Comment from : MrTruth1253

Bobby H
Lemon juice and salt ok?
Comment from : Bobby H

Dan Levy
Thank you for the lesson brLearned something today 👍🏼
Comment from : Dan Levy

hasashoe pugower
What’s about simply washing some coins off especially for germs etc mostly low value modern or old penny’s not old silver or a simple cotton cloth to clean some of the tarnish to see the detail by washing I mean simple water not with soap
Comment from : hasashoe pugower

MTG Fixxxer
What If its just common constitutional silver? Is that okay to clean? What's the best way to clean them?
Comment from : MTG Fixxxer

This guy
In my collection, all of my coins are over 2,000 years old I love collecting Ancient coins
Comment from : This guy

This guy
Never clean coins unless your going to use them to buy stuff Collectibles should never be cleaned
Comment from : This guy

If it is a key date - I leave it alone If it’s circulated Constitutional it is almost always scratched up a bit already If it is a gem coin pulled out of circulation, it’s usually already pretty cleanbrbrMy experience is if you had two identical Mercury dimes, say both were equally damaged, but one had been shined/cleaned with the baking soda and foil method, the cleaner coin looks better and will sell for morebrbrIf the internet tells me my coin is worth $450, I’m probably going to try and get $900 out of it, and being clean helps thatbrbrI’ve got a very old, beautiful Morgan that is in incredible physical shape, but it is tarnished damn near black I will never even think of cleaning it
Comment from : CaliforniaCarpenter7

Chuck Haney
No (There I saved everyone ten minutes and fifty seconds)
Comment from : Chuck Haney

Michael Leftwich
Comment from : Michael Leftwich

Ted Carreon
Very informative👍 thank you
Comment from : Ted Carreon

Always great info I will only practice on junk silver gor to get some experience some how
Comment from : MickGreedy

Bryan Young
Can you use like a soft liquid hand soap and warm water to clean your 1896 Morgan silver dollar
Comment from : Bryan Young

Why Magic
Does Braso count as your type two cleaning? A friend told me to use Braso and a cue tip to clean a coin
Comment from : Why Magic

Is there any way to remove silicone hot gun glue from a sixpence coin?
Comment from : C C

i am watching this cause i have a 1958 nickel without steps
Comment from : MultiHaystack

Sean Waz
I’m new to the coin collecting world I recently read something(on the internet or course? that said to dip pennies in vinegar and salt I was blown away how it took a old beat up funky thing and made it “like new” In essence, it looks unnatural The shiny pennies get a nice little luster with a quick dip but the older ones look pink
Comment from : Sean Waz

Joan Myanchulis
How is going for these coins give me feedback!!
Comment from : Joan Myanchulis

Kari Nall
Thank you ❤️😊🦃
Comment from : Kari Nall

Gene S
Interesting I have coins in Whitman coin folders that have sat in them since the 1960s I very rarely look at them Today I looked at the Roosevelt dime folder, in response to someone else's video, and I saw that some of the coins are not doing well I thought I had more of them in rolls, but it turns out I have three tubes of Mercurys No additional Roosevelts I guess I wasn't impressed with the design However, I digress I won't be bothering to clean them I have no plans to sell any of the coins Likely, they're worth little
Comment from : Gene S

light in your heart
I have never sold any of them I only collect them But my dad passed in August and a bad storm came through and a tree fell on our home We ok but trying to repair our roof So now I may need a too sale a couple of then look at different sites I still have no idea
Comment from : light in your heart

Jeffrey Eichler
I use ms70 to clean off surface dirt but i never scrubi roll the qtip over iti just collect so i like a clean looking coin
Comment from : Jeffrey Eichler

Baron Bar
I have gold bullion coins: that is, coins that have little numismatic value For example, I have dozens of George V Sovereigns, none of which are mint condition Also many Dutch 10 Guilder gold coins These and other coins I collect have been used in circulation as money, and are grimy with finger grease and grime, besides the dings and scratches all over I like them to shine a little, but am aware of the damage caused by aggressive cleaning I use a 2 hour soak in dilute soapy water, followed by washing in clean water, followed by light wiping down with 98 methyl-alcohol using a cotton tip soft cotton swab The alcohol dries out the coin This seems to be good I can detect no cleaning streaks or scratches under a dissecting microscope after cleaning this way I'd be glad to know what you think
Comment from : Baron Bar

Tim Haas
Hello dan I allways wash my change ( not silver or gold ) dawn dish soap water and a cotton towel one at a time haha tc🇺🇸
Comment from : Tim Haas

Runs with Bigfoot
Great info thanks
Comment from : Runs with Bigfoot

john jacobs
Daniel, I don't like to think about cleaning any coin BUT, since I started CRH again, you never know what you may find I found a nickel the other day that had GUM on it Yuck Lately I had found 38p d s 39 p d s All the Forties except Silver, I have also found a 54s over d, a 55d over s and a 60 Proof and a 70 Proof, Both Mint State Just to named a few I also found a 07s Wash State Proof Quarter Regards, JJ
Comment from : john jacobs

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