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MONEY SAVING TIPS!!! 5 Ways I Save Money With A Big Family of 10

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Information MONEY SAVING TIPS!!! 5 Ways I Save Money With A Big Family of 10

Title :  MONEY SAVING TIPS!!! 5 Ways I Save Money With A Big Family of 10
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Frames MONEY SAVING TIPS!!! 5 Ways I Save Money With A Big Family of 10

Description MONEY SAVING TIPS!!! 5 Ways I Save Money With A Big Family of 10

Comments MONEY SAVING TIPS!!! 5 Ways I Save Money With A Big Family of 10

Shante DeWise
You are very pretty!
Comment from : Shante DeWise

Genson Glier
This is a little random, but it's been helpful! It's an app called wwwtogetheraico it's a digital companion for my kids, it chats to them and sees how they're feeling, it also monitors their social media and device usage then notifies me if there is anything I should be concerned with It's super handy, especially when trying to improve how I communicate with my little ones I highly recommend it!
Comment from : Genson Glier

jerry jaime
I love you so much, I’m going to watch your videos to help me learn So that someday I can adopt children and give them a great life worth living
Comment from : jerry jaime

Sara varsanov
Eat leftovers Use leftovers to incorporate to other meals to save money
Comment from : Sara varsanov

Sara varsanov
Price check in a few stores before buying a major item , washer , ac , dryer , vehicle , computer 😊😊
Comment from : Sara varsanov

Sara varsanov
Time your showers to conserve water Install ceiling fans and use them to reduce heating and a c bills
Comment from : Sara varsanov

Sara varsanov
Make a list before going food shopping and stick to the list !! Buy in bulk
Comment from : Sara varsanov

Sara varsanov
Some more tips to save money : When showering shut water in between soaping up and rinsing off Only run dishwasher and washing machine when full Shut a c off when no one is home Dont buy the newest cell phones or gadgets When running errands to conserve fuel , go to the furtherest place first and then the closest place last
Comment from : Sara varsanov

Sara varsanov
Great tips Love your vlogs Watching from Israel 😊😊
Comment from : Sara varsanov

Carol Standing water
I love watching your videos keep them coming! Are your children are precious!
Comment from : Carol Standing water

I am family of 10, I also started using couple things for last 2 yrs n those totally change my life 1We buy groceries alway bulk, 2 less eat outside n cook at home 3We don’t buy pre-cut veges, 4 Summer we grow vegetables at backyard n freeze them at the freezer we them through the winter There are couple more tips n I save a lot I bought a house last yr $155,000 n I paid all cash
Comment from : Aklima

Augustyn Family
“This is miserable Why are we spending money on it?” brYES that was us putting three kids in baseball last summer 😂
Comment from : Augustyn Family

Shauna Carpenter
Don't forget the Fetch app and Checkout 51 ;) Oh, and the Honey and Wiki Buy plug ins
Comment from : Shauna Carpenter

Kristina Sidor
What is your drop invite code?
Comment from : Kristina Sidor

Melissa Ebbert
Thank you for ALL of your information! I’m a mom of just two but you’re so relatable and have totally inspired me with all that you do! I know you prob get these kind of questions all the time but where are those black and white pillows from?
Comment from : Melissa Ebbert

Kaitlyne McNutt
We do just Amazon prime and Disney plus and love it that way!
Comment from : Kaitlyne McNutt

Lori Lawrence
Let’s see those splurges! I am with you on downsizing subscriptions I found some I forgot I belonged too 🙈
Comment from : Lori Lawrence

Christine Lafleur
Hahaha He was just running
Comment from : Christine Lafleur

Jordan Lani
Comment from : Jordan Lani

Grace Filled Chaos
We call toddler soccer “ amoeba ball” 😂
Comment from : Grace Filled Chaos

We do a similar thing saving money eating out We have a Sam's membership and they also have a $150 hotdog & drink (I get the kids icees which ends up being the same sugar as half a pepsi) I've tried rakuten in the past and didn't understand how to use it I guess I need to get out there and watch some videos on how to use it because it sounds like a nice way to get some cash back 😉
Comment from : zoe0abundant

Kenyon Bissett
Take what you need and leave the rest or “you do you boo” lolbr1 Laundry detergent - front load washers, get regular detergent, not HE, then use 1/3 to 1/2 of directed use In 2000, no HE detergents, called P&G, Tide, asked how to still use Tide and that’s what they told me to do Been doing it ever since, works great Cuts cost of detergent, cuts container trash, easy to dobr2 When drying clothes add a dry, clean towel, cuts dryer timebr3 Capsule wardrobe for kids Cuts costs, cuts stress for kids, teaches them skills for adulthoodbr4 Free games with kids (that teach skills) driving in car - little kids car colors, shapes truck or car, older kids could be license plates for states - recognize name and spelling, once home map them Are the travelers close or from far away Maybe even another country Counting how many stop signs or lights from your house to library, school, etc At home, Card games to learn math and strategy interact with your kids, it teaches them values and that you value them Sometimes my mom juggled 4 games in the car cause we were all at different skill levelsbr5 Love these 2 books on money and frugality The Tightwad Gazette by Amy Dycyzyn and Your Money or Your Life by Vicki Robbins TG is frugal ideas, concepts and tips YMorYL is your relationship to/with money and your understanding of what money is and is not You need 5 books for a home - The Bible, The Joy of Cooking, Dictionary, The Tightwad Gazette and Your Money or Your Life Others may come and go but these are your foundation
Comment from : Kenyon Bissett

That Cool Canadian Family
Thank you for sharing your tips! My husband cuts our children’s hairand his actuallybig money saver! We also eat at Costco 😁!
Comment from : That Cool Canadian Family

Corey V
We spend $1500+ as a family of 6 going on 7 I don't think families who do not homeschool realize that the higher cost is because we are literally home all day long We eat each meal here My kids dont get to go to school for breakfast and lunch, while I worry about my own lunch and dinner only When I was a child in public school I usually didnt get to even eat breakfast I was so distracted and hungry until lunch finally came brMy kids eat a lot We all get hangry and if, jeez Louise, they happened to skip a mealomg they would call child protective services themselves! 😂 we eat breakfast, then there is a wave of 2nd breakfast, brunch, Lunch, linner, dinner and snacks all between They are very high energy, active kids too so they just need something all the time They love to snack while doing school work I don't mind the price We are comfortable with it, but if I wanted to tighten the reins, i know that i would be able to bring that number down to around $1000 instead We are involved in a lot of sports and stuff though or go out for day trips and it always falls around lunch or dinner time so we do tend to grab things to eat on busy days when we would have really late bedtime and we just decide it's better for us all to not mess with bedtime!
Comment from : Corey V

Dianna Carter
I have saved so much money by replacing all of my cleaning supplies with ecloth! I bought the kit to see if I liked it off of Amazon and once I felt like it was worth switching for good, I stocked up on the kitchen cloths and window cleaning ones I also switched to a steam mop versus the traditional mop bucket and solution No more bulky bucket to drag around and absolutely no cleaning supplies All it needs is water! I have also saved money on paper napkins by sewing my own napkins and washing it The only thing I still buy cleaning products for is for my bathroom Spray bleach, paper towels, and toilet bowl It's gross to reuse cloths, no thank you I have saved so much money, time, and space in my home now that I've made some changes
Comment from : Dianna Carter

Shonda Warren
What is a wreck/req center?
Comment from : Shonda Warren

Christine Barber
Aldi breaded chicken fillets, brioche buns, and waffle fries with Walmart fry sauce (cfa sauce knock off), pickles and veggies if you want brbrITS A MATCH to a #1 CFA meal!! brbrAnd for about $10 you have 6 adult size meals I’ve even used regular buns with no complaints which would make the meal about $7!!!! I cut up the fillets for my nugget kids and they still love it!!!!
Comment from : Christine Barber

Cr W
Rebatekey is a great website u should check out
Comment from : Cr W

The Lucas Life
The splurges video idea would be interesting to see :) good idea! :) also I love you videos and your whole organizing your whole life thing! I have been starting that too now because of your videos <3 thank you!
Comment from : The Lucas Life

Costo pizza for the win! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻brI used to go there to eat with my friends during college We were all low on cash and everyone loved it 👏👏👏
Comment from : marycaridad

Kala Vicena
We've adopted 4 boys Let's see that splurge video
Comment from : Kala Vicena

Comcal Ministries
Cable was a big one for us We turned it off in 2006 and have never looked back When we go to hotels cable is playing the same reruns it was in 06 and as followers of Christ 95 is not going into our mind
Comment from : Comcal Ministries

Kayla Martell
I’d love to know what you splurge on for yourself! So tough as a Mom to find the line to draw while also making sure you are caring for yourself!
Comment from : Kayla Martell

Fionn Vance
I'd love to see the splurges too I think we all have things we save on and things we splurge on I also think some splurges are actually money saving long run! We only live once and there is no point saving money if we can't at some point enjoy it😁
Comment from : Fionn Vance

Bustling Home
Yes to a splurges video
Comment from : Bustling Home

Lisa Muzzerall
Yes please on the splurges!
Comment from : Lisa Muzzerall

Chelsea Gastineau
I would love to see a splurge video!!
Comment from : Chelsea Gastineau

Katie Mama of 3
Yes to a splurge video!!
Comment from : Katie Mama of 3

I would love to see you hair, makeup and skincare routine
Comment from : bifflovely

Kristen Lila- The Family Minimalist
Where is this coach and Aztec pillows from? We have literally been wanting to get a couch like this for a very long time and this looks just like what we have been looking for!
Comment from : Kristen Lila- The Family Minimalist

Jen Reed
OMG!! I love the Forrest Gump thing!! My son was in soccer when he was like 5 That's what my dad called my son He would always be running the wrong way, or he'd try kicking and his shoe would fly off and the best was when the other team would make a goal my little guy would run for a high five
Comment from : Jen Reed

Stephanie Jones
Would love to know your splurges!
Comment from : Stephanie Jones

Sally Martin
I just went through our accounts Cancelled over $150/month in subscriptions
Comment from : Sally Martin

One Mama To Another
For kids activities, I always look for sibling discounts or discounts/free if I volunteer I'm there with my kids so I might as well help and pay less
Comment from : One Mama To Another

M Myers
Do you still do lash extensions? I had mine removed but my lashes are so short now 🥺
Comment from : M Myers

Dean Nolt
I would love to see 5 ways you splurge! We have two hours of free ice time at a hockey rink that we take are boys to also parks like skate boarding, and bmx We maybe go out to eat 3 times a year We make a lot of our food instead of prepackaged food Subscribe and save on amazon for diapers and misc I make my own wipes
Comment from : Dean Nolt

Keli Rowley
I use a few apps regularly to save money! I love Rakuten, fetch rewards and ibotta for cash back And then there’s receipt hog, coin out and receipt pal for simply taking photos of your receipts and getting money or gift cards for them!brbrI haven’t tried the drop app, but I’ll definitely look into it now
Comment from : Keli Rowley

Shelby’s Secondary Adventures
Homeschooling idea: I do not homeschool, I was never homeschooled But while I was completing my student teaching I was just typing things that I needed on Google and I would be linked to teachers websites for the classes and courses and they sometimes uploaded things: like PowerPoint’s, worksheets, activities, Internet searches, and videos
Comment from : Shelby’s Secondary Adventures

Stacey Pittsley
We love Rakuten! Not sure about the Drop App as it needs to be linked to a credit card kind of makes me nervous 😬
Comment from : Stacey Pittsley

Sarah D
Did you do a video about your teeth/ veneers / implants? I wasn’t sure if I missed it Wanted to know how you like them and if you recommend
Comment from : Sarah D

Adventure All The Way
I full on cackle laughed at "things you put in your mouth" 🤣
Comment from : Adventure All The Way

Forest gump moment 🤣🤣🤣♥️
Comment from : Daimon

Thain Rose
What was the grocery spending number? I saw the video she mentioned the issue but not the number
Comment from : Thain Rose

sweet afr
That is a good video so dos your husband watch sports or supperball day
Comment from : sweet afr

I would love to see the splurge video!brI have a really hard time not putting my son into random things and classes he does not need I mostly enjoy meeting parents with children of similar ages He is only 14 months old now and i have been to a baby swimming class and am now in a toddler play group Both are not expensive though and as soon as his little sister joins us in may we will probably have way less time for things like that anyway so i try to enjoy my time with him as much as possible Sitting at home all day with the same toys around makes him cranky anyway so i have to get out as much as possible :)
Comment from : E W

esto pesto
I would love a homeschool resource splurge/money saving tips video (I think you've done one but maybe one with your tweaked budgeting?) 😊
Comment from : esto pesto

esto pesto
Bow subscription is hilarious 🙊
Comment from : esto pesto

I get what you're saying about clubs and activities and waiting until kids are old enough to choose, but in my experience, kids don't usually even KNOW a "thing/hobby" exists, until they try it Case in point for me was choir I was always singing round the house as a kid, and was obsessed with musical theatre soundtracks, so my mum found me a kids choir to join when I was about 7 or 8 I'm 35 now, and apart from maybe 6 years here and there, I've sang in various choirs ever since, and it's been one of the biggest joys of my life so far And all because my mum was like, "she seems to like singing"brThat being said, I was one of two kids, so it was a lot easier for me to get to things!
Comment from : destiny2909

i remember my mom put me into vaulting when i was 4 and i was just miserable there because it meant that i couldn't take a nap after lunch that day
Comment from : gnubaum

Abby & the Bugs
Yes, I'd like to see what you Splurge on I feel there are some things I have to "justify" and I only have 2 kids Where I live in Glasgow UK, we joined a charity sports centre that does home ed classes during the day and has other classes for everyone and they are all (unlimited))for 20£ plus a 1£ fee for specific classes we even cancelled our tv charges from our providers and managed to get our tv license cancelled, saving about 50£ I'd love to adopt in the next 3 years so I'm loving your insights!
Comment from : Abby & the Bugs

Bridgett Henry
You are awesome! I love watching your content! I have 4 kids and I’m planing on having a big family you advice has really given me in site!
Comment from : Bridgett Henry

Cynthia DeWeese
I pulled my daughter out of dance halfway through the year when she was 3 years old because WE WERE MISERABLE 😂 No shame in my game!
Comment from : Cynthia DeWeese

Bianca Gross
Love love love this video! And yes please share what y'all splurge on🙂
Comment from : Bianca Gross

Emily Foster
Love this!
Comment from : Emily Foster

D May
You do you boo, love you!!
Comment from : D May

Mama to Five
Haha Rackuten😝 Loved the way you pronounced it I completely agree that ebates was a better name! It just made so much more sense 😁 You must shop online a lot!! I’ve been with them for a few years too, and I’m happy with my lifetime $400 cash back lol
Comment from : Mama to Five

I loved that "not running all over hell and half of Georgia"! Since I also live in a neighboring state to Georgia, that struck home I think you have mentioned thrifting before but you can find toys, games, books for the kids in great condition for little cost Another check on your list to save money will be when you only have one baby in diapers It probably won't be for another year but that will save money too Do people in your town have yard sales? There are good finds on kids clothes and toys at those too
Comment from : Kids&cats

Grace Hill
What's better? Drop or Shopkick?
Comment from : Grace Hill

Thatiany Lisboa
Definitely want to see what you guys splurge on! 😍
Comment from : Thatiany Lisboa

Buying a family membership to someplace like a children’s museum can be cheaper than paying for each child, plus you get to go back as many times you want in a year Wear that place out and get a membership to someplace else the next year!
Comment from : B D

My new favorite saying is going to be "we are not running all over hell and half of Georgia"!!! And since I live in GA with my 8 kids, it is perfect! 🤣 Love your videos and how real you always are!
Comment from : whitleysgirl

Tracy Laird
Please let me know what colors u use on ur hair I love love it
Comment from : Tracy Laird

Blessed Bears
We are getting out of debt big time this year! I am going back to my old frugal game and actually find that its fun and exciting! I love figuring ways to save for our family(of 11) so in a year we can have a lot more freedom! Thanks for sharing!
Comment from : Blessed Bears

Not a huge tip but we changed our garbage pickup schedule We had the midsize can picked up weekly Its possible with a large family if you're good at recycling Its sucks honestly but its mostly my kids chore Anyway we switched to a large can every other week pick up Saved us $25 a month Also hair cuts at the beauty school! $6 It's worth it on kids with simple styles And the teacher steps in to correct anything if necessary
Comment from : Jmobennett

Liz Williams
Very interested to hear your splurges! Also interested to hear whether Costco works out saving you much as a large family - beyind the food court 😆 I have a membership but I think for our 3 person family it doesn't save us much - it definitely saves enough to pay for the membership but I think I spend more on odd items, in the end!
Comment from : Liz Williams

shannon Stockmyer
America, where you can eat out as a family of 10 for 50 bucks!! Meanwhile, our family of 4 can't eat out even at McDonald's for under 50 (We don't eat fast food anymore)
Comment from : shannon Stockmyer

Corrita Concon
Hi there!brWanting clarification in RakutenbrIs this for just online purchases?brHow does it work for in-store purchases?
Comment from : Corrita Concon

Andrea Passarell
I would be interested in a splurge video I would also be interested in a pre vs post budget makeover video if you are willing to share brbrPs "all over hell and Georgia" is my new favorite saying
Comment from : Andrea Passarell

Lucy Dishman
Yes to splurge video, please!
Comment from : Lucy Dishman

Kristine Cruz
Yes splurge video! Also where’s your top from? Super cute
Comment from : Kristine Cruz

Too bad Rakuten doesnt work in eu :(
Comment from : nikanna75

Abby Bessler
Yes, I'd love to see what you like to splurge on
Comment from : Abby Bessler

Elaine Tipping
Would love a video on you’re hair it is absolutely stunning, I would love this colour but my hair is dark
Comment from : Elaine Tipping

My partner and I are young parents with a toddler and one on the way, both unexpected but welcomed blessings, and he is currently a full time student in dental school Our monthly budget barely covers food, a public transit pass, and rent so we have gotten really creative! I love your tips, we are big fans of the Costco meal as well, but one thing I just started doing is finding my hair appointments through Salon Apprentice Not sure if it’s as common other places but here in Chicago, it’s easy to find stylists who need someone to cut or color and I’ve had fantastic results My last haircut was from a girl who went to the Aveda institute and had been cutting hair for 10 years, but moved to a new salon where they wanted her to apprentice first It ranges from free to around $20, so my blonde friends who are maintaining color are only spending around $20 each session which is still amazing if you ask me!
Comment from : hockeygirl324

Nicole Bunn
Do you think the upcharge for items on Instacart work out to be worth it? I WANT to love it because costco with kids is soooo hard but I was shocked at the prices of items
Comment from : Nicole Bunn

stephanie turpen
We tried all the major streaming in the fall, Netflix, Amazon prime, hulu and then we got disney plus that is the only one staying lol
Comment from : stephanie turpen

Vanessa H
Love all these tips, what a great video idea I just want to point out for anyone interested in the cashback apps: There is no such thing as free money You are selling yourself and your data, and quite cheaply I might add Just something to be aware of when making that decision!brETA: I love how approach your kid's activities I love how much individual power you give them to decide and respect their individuality
Comment from : Vanessa H

Jessica Bueno-Robertson
Yes please do a splurge video ☺️
Comment from : Jessica Bueno-Robertson

Vicky Zogg
We take $250 out of my hubby’s paycheck every week and stick in a separate savings acct, actually his employer has it set up to go there, we don’t see it and don’t have to manually do anything!
Comment from : Vicky Zogg

Blessed Byond Reason
Definitely want to see the splurging video We only do Netflix and Amazon prime and it saves us quite a bit alsonot to mention we have YouTube which is free and there are a lot of great videos to watch Such as your channel ♥️
Comment from : Blessed Byond Reason

Danson for Joy
We have five little ones and live in an expensive area on the West Coast, so I LOVE videos like this! Thank you for the tips, Angela! 😊
Comment from : Danson for Joy

Rachel Dee
Yes! Costco food and especially the pizza is so underrated You don't even need a membership to walk in the food court and eat there Ps I think it's pronounced "Rack-uh-ten"
Comment from : Rachel Dee

roxana ramirez
Hello im a SAHM of 2 im interested in homeschooling my oldest is 25 yo How old would you start doing homeschooling or where can I find information for toddler curriculum? I feel like i should start teaching her some things but dont know what to go by Love both your channels
Comment from : roxana ramirez

Tarah Merworth
Have you found a way to get rebates using Wal-Mart grocery pick up?
Comment from : Tarah Merworth

Sheila Gibson
In Minnesota they have Homeschooling days at the ski slopes
Comment from : Sheila Gibson

Meegan Blend
I LOL’d at “bow subscription” 😂 that’s so cute
Comment from : Meegan Blend

Sheila Gibson
I LOVE the Costco Cheese Pizza
Comment from : Sheila Gibson

Lacey H
Hahaha, the whole toddler soccer thing, I can relate - We put our son in t-ball when he was 3 He just ran too 🤣 My husband and I always joke about that time we spent hundreds of dollars to let Xander run for 4 hours a week 🤣🙈
Comment from : Lacey H

Vani X
Although I don’t have kids, I’m just a college student lol I do need to save money and stay on my college budget 😝 but here are some apps I recommend :Coupons and FreeStuffFinder I’m always saving money by looking at these apps
Comment from : Vani X

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