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Building a dinosaur from a chicken | Jack Horner

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Information Building a dinosaur from a chicken | Jack Horner

Title :  Building a dinosaur from a chicken | Jack Horner
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Frames Building a dinosaur from a chicken | Jack Horner

Description Building a dinosaur from a chicken | Jack Horner

Comments Building a dinosaur from a chicken | Jack Horner

12:00 * me pauses the video and googles "glow chicken" to find 2015 genetically modified chicken with glowing beak and feet 😂
Comment from : dwsel

DaCoup **
Honestly anyone who's pissed off a rooster before knows how bad of an idea it would be to clone a T Rex, it would be utter chaos as a roosters fury knows no bounds, when murder is on its mind there's no stopping the rampage that ensues
Comment from : DaCoup **

abel garcia
Assuming you find DNA of a DINO, how do you know Denaturation has not taken place Right now denaturation can't be reversed but perhaps in 100 years
Comment from : abel garcia

He sounds like a forgotten nursery rhyme
Comment from : mllrd

It's such a shame they went extinct they would've been way better than humans
Comment from : 詐大根

Wheres Trex in year 2023
Comment from : SPROUT GAMER

Alexander Coral
Comment from : Alexander Coral

Jen Savage
Are wild north American turkeys related to dinosaurs? Those things can be terrors
Comment from : Jen Savage

DooDoo Poop
“You can’t argue with it, because we’re the classifiers, and we classified it that way”
Comment from : DooDoo Poop

White Snow
Well , now we have chickenosourus Infact we have more than that and the year is ____
Comment from : White Snow

I would really like to see what a chickenosaurus looks like
Comment from : Eatingguy

KFC’s new item on the menu
Comment from : Eatingguy

was chased by a rooster when i was like 9… felt like a velociraptor chasing me through a jungle
Comment from : Lorand

The Awesome Goblins
For the sixth graders!!! And seventh… and eighth… and what the heck, for everyone
Comment from : The Awesome Goblins

It's been 11 years bruh
Comment from : therandomguy_22

Chris Lecky
if birds had examples of recessive genes I'd say maybe you could get there as their short life cycle would make it easy to isolate such a genetic expression, I'm sure if that was the case there would be lots of pictures everywhere of such examples
Comment from : Chris Lecky

Gods Warriors
Where's my chickenosaurus
Comment from : Gods Warriors

Mobile Osrs - Mrputterlite
Wow, the way he speaks, this man is a powerful example of will , now days if a child is dyslexic is considered disabled and segregated as special needs child This man is using words i have a hard time pronouncing and holding a speech that keeps u entertained and interested until the last second Absolutely fantastic
Comment from : Mobile Osrs - Mrputterlite

Zeke Le Rossignol
15:26 He forgot the teeth!
Comment from : Zeke Le Rossignol

T Reed
Excellent lecture it’s 11yrs old now where’s the Dino chicken??
Comment from : T Reed

It's been a decade and where is the chickenosaurus
Comment from : Zachary0425

Gary Shamell
When I see a bird that looks like a triceratops I'll believe it
Comment from : Gary Shamell

andy the gardener
a horribly mutilated chicken monster would be nice, but i want to make one of those weird permian mammal things out of a living human
Comment from : andy the gardener

Rahul Mathew
Birds are specific type of theropod dinosaurs called Maniraptoran dinosaurs
Comment from : Rahul Mathew

Cretaceous Studios
jack horner is great but some of his theories are umm questionable
Comment from : Cretaceous Studios

Juston Granger
So chickens survived but dinosaurs didn’t 🤨
Comment from : Juston Granger

This is just an aside, but Jack Horner is an incredibly engaging and gifted speaker!
Comment from : M B

Do you know you can fund his project on gofundme page?
Comment from : Mrcheekymonkey1996

Eliza Jayne
I would have gone with , “ building a T rex from a kangaroo
Comment from : Eliza Jayne

lincoln sd
Cooomo 11 anios
Comment from : lincoln sd

himiko toga
7th grader here can confirm the sixth and seventh graders demand a better chicken
Comment from : himiko toga

Where is our Chickenosaurus???🐓 It’s been 11 years!!! Is the Dino Chicken didn’t hatched yet???🐣
Comment from : AAMI

Anne Bergstedt
Watching this in 2022 from Long Beach, California where this was happening! 🖤🦖 Great guy and classic talk
Comment from : Anne Bergstedt

Geo Mantilla
Please no more crazy animals ❤️ loved the presentation though
Comment from : Geo Mantilla

Miguel Gonzalez
Who is here after watching Jurassic world
Comment from : Miguel Gonzalez

Vincent S
Dino' s are fake!!
Comment from : Vincent S

Jac Conte
This same technique is being used to clone the dodo bird 🦤
Comment from : Jac Conte

Infamy, Infamy Theyve all got it in for me
11 years later and I'm still waiting for my chickenosaurus
Comment from : Infamy, Infamy Theyve all got it in for me

Everyone grab a gun or a rock and shoot all living birds
Comment from : AMONG US

Chickens are already dinosaurs though
Comment from : Lo

Craig Deshler
Sorry to tell you you did not extract anything that was 85 million years old It couldn't possibly been 85 million years old 6,000 years maybe of course you're going to shove the 85 million years down our throat Man walked with the dinosaurs in the garden Dinosaurs died with the flood Along with everybody else, except 8folks You people are always trying to sell your little fairy tale of evolution That we all came from a bowling cauldron of soup After it rained on the rocks for millions of years There wasn't any Oxygen but the rocks absorb the oxygen And from your primordial soup that came off a rock that absorbed oxygen in water Popped microbial life Then finally it crawled out onto the land and could speak You're just stupid If you believe in evolution Not to mention it's going to be hot ,,wherever you go when you leave here GOD MADE EVERYTHING IN 6 24 HOUR DAYS HE TOOK A NAP ON THE 7TH THEN HE SENT HIS SON JESUS TO SAVE US FROM OUR STUPIDITY WHAT YOU SCIENTISTS CONTINUE TO SELL AS SCIENCE,, BUT IT'S REALLY A RELIGION,, TAKES PEOPLE AWAY FROM GOD AND JESUS THEIR SAVIOR SO CONTINUE DOWN THIS ROAD YOU WON'T LIKE THE END RESULTS,, WHICH LAST A HECK OF A LOT LONGER, THAN THIS MEASLY HUNDRED YEARSJUST SAYINGLIKE IT ,,OR NOT
Comment from : Craig Deshler

Baston the T rex
Thats what I plan to do if I fail to be a palentologist
Comment from : Baston the T rex

Comment from : SokemRokemRobot

Honest Thoughts
You idiots think you can build a dinosaur from a chicken but insist God couldn't build Adam from the earth and Eve from his rib
Comment from : Honest Thoughts

Jack Horner was caught hooking up with Mary lol
Comment from : scudthemud

My question is: Why is it never talked about the hips of current birds and those that became extinct after the disappearance of non-avian theropod dinosaurs?brbrIf birds are descended from non-avian theropod saurischian dinosaurs, why do they have hips like ornithischian dinosaurs?brbrFrom what I've heard it would be evolutionary convergence If so, can the gene or genes that made that change be discovered or has it already been lost?
Comment from : ThePessimist

Alan F Brookes
Fry aren't you aren't with turkey?
Comment from : Alan F Brookes

Tyler Ford
Yes, we do need to make a dinosaurs according to my God!
Comment from : Tyler Ford

Freddy Martinez
Evolution is the greatest joke of the century
Comment from : Freddy Martinez

Hero Hamza
Is this what we call maniraptora chicken?
Comment from : Hero Hamza

William Niland
This dude is ridiculous Blood vessels clearly means it isn’t millions of years old Worst part is there’s a room full of people listening to this nonsense 🥴
Comment from : William Niland

A YouTube Account
Remember, this is the guy who said that t rexes were scavengers Also if the chickenosaurus were to actually exist, it would basically be an anomaly with genetic modifications A monster
Comment from : A YouTube Account

Kenny G G
Give birth in outer space and see what happends
Comment from : Kenny G G

Kenny G G
DNA altered 65 million yrs ago
Comment from : Kenny G G

rayson raypay
Dinosaurs were called dragons before the 1800’s and lived with humans only a few thousand years agobrThe geologic column is a lie that serves to replace the true origin story of life brWatch Kent Hovind’s seminars here on YouTube for the truth
Comment from : rayson raypay

Antonio Alvarez
They will also create the Reptilians in the future
Comment from : Antonio Alvarez

Mr Grey
Well this went nowhere
Comment from : Mr Grey

Synthetic Humanoid
Make this happen!
Comment from : Synthetic Humanoid

Nick Graham
The audiences laugh and being fool sitting there but when you think about it what doc tres to do with chicken is extremely dangerous People need to think about that
Comment from : Nick Graham

Hawaii-Easter Union
If human goes ant mode we'll have real dinosaur without doing anything nor everything,
Comment from : Hawaii-Easter Union

No A Bird is a bird and Adam named each one of them , dont rename them Dont clone or mix 2 different types of animals , what they try to recreate is a little dragon repent stop it stop it stop it stop it now 🙍🏻‍♀️ Sir God Loves you and Jesus Saves but you need to repent why not spending youre time with saving animals or creatures that are still alive today you were not born for this
Comment from : Gracia

Kasey Cesena
I think it's a bad idea lol
Comment from : Kasey Cesena

Bruno Bucciarati [Alex]
Guys, don’t expect a live chicken-saur anytime soon They’ve created them as embryos, but always terminate them, because of the moral issues about the chicken-saur’s quality of life brI’m sure there’s ways around this but sadly, we can’t meet a real life chicken-saur now…
Comment from : Bruno Bucciarati [Alex]

What happened to this project? 10 years lol
Comment from : Greenwood

⭐Super King⭐
Think of T-Rex bahaving like chickens and they go broody🙃
Comment from : ⭐Super King⭐

This video's title is inaccurate Birds are dinosaurs, so you should've titled the video as "Building non-bird dinosaurs from birds", and even then at that point, the dinosaur would be a bird because it was made from a bird, which is already a dinosaur
Comment from : Ereh

Riley Korte Music
4,850 square milesbr950 people brbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbr50,000 CoWs
Comment from : Riley Korte Music

Христианский -†- Аналитик
Evo-believers are just funny stand-uppers and nothing more ))
Comment from : Христианский -†- Аналитик

My Google Account
I today had some Dino in my dinner 🍽️
Comment from : My Google Account

10 years have pasted and we still no dino-chicken, maybe thats a good thing?
Comment from : HSdinoman

I Forgot
Anyone who has ever seen a cassowary needs no convincing that birds are dinosaurs
Comment from : I Forgot

Brian Dault
65 billion years ago LOL
Comment from : Brian Dault

sus trocky
Comment from : sus trocky

I think it would e the end of the world as we know it
Comment from : Ghost

all this stuff is really interesting, imagine if scientist could make dinosaurs
Comment from : Ghost

Just noticed this was 10 years ago, did this really happened? did we fix the chicken?
Comment from : Shiuli

IdunLilitu 218
Fix the chicken :D
Comment from : IdunLilitu 218

Last resident
This was 10 years ago!!!
Comment from : Last resident

Diana Raisa
My thoughts-2:brWhen Michael Crichton wrote his novel, he warned scholars like Jack Horner about the danger of their plansbrThe screenwriter, David Koepp, had also issued a kind of warning when he agreed to play the role of a Tyrannosaurus rex's victim in San Diego (Jurassic Park 2)brUnfortunately, these caveats are of no use to anyone Both common curious people and scientists are still dream of creating a real Mesozoic park; some scientists, like the mentioned Jack Horner, are completely deny the danger of resurrected Tyrannosaurus to humans: they say, TRex are scavengers and would not attack the living beings
Comment from : Diana Raisa

Diana Raisa
My thoughts-1:br"A movie like the Jurassic Park cannot be made realistic You can go to the Serengeti, and the lions there will not rip the door off the car to eat you In films, after all, everything is pretend, and if you make a reliable film about dinosaurs, it will be a documentary that no one will go to In reality, dinosaurs would attack each other rather than humans " - Jack HornerbrMr Horner seemingly doesnt's consider the obvious truth that: a) any carnivore attacks primarily those who are easier to catch, so resurrected dinosaurs do not need to be very smart at all in order to make sure that humans are easy prey for them; b) also, carnivores who have eaten human meat once begin to prefer it to any other, and it is not at all a fact that this will not happen with the resurrected DeinonychusbrIn the Jurassic Park 2, little Miss Bowman mistook the Procompsognathus for birds (not lizards, as in the original Michael Crichton novel), despite the fact that they are featherless in the film, as in the book So I thought - if they shot a new "Mesozoic Park" according to a scenario based on the modern paleontological data, where dinosaurs would not be cloned using paleo-DNA obtained from the blood of ancient mosquitoes in amber, but would be revived from birds (so Jack Horner with his project would become the prototype of the new John Hammond), and the Procompsognatus would be feathered - this would be even more spectacular: the girl would have a legitimate reason to confuse them with young birds of the unknown species, all the more shocking it would be when these toothy "birdies "would begin to bite and vomit her and inflict that very dangerous wound from which the little lady could hardly be savedbrThe real "feathered serpents" are by no means harmless due to the fact that they are feathered Moreover: the real Deinonychus, because of their plumage, would be even more dangerous than the scaly ones shown in the movies Even if they are not so sociable animals and not as smart as to be able to open doors like their fictional scaly cousins: one pair of these creatures, gliding at you from a tree or from a roof, would be enough, and they would attack you immediately if you ventured out of your hiding place You wouldn't even have time to hide or dodge againbrAbout lions, Mr Horner is also not entirely right: there have been cases when lions in national parks successfully opened the doors of cars There was also a case when in a European safari zoo, a lion attacked a car and grind the bumper with its teethbrThere were also cases when the giant herbivores (elephants and rhinos) and omnivores (hippos) attacked cars with tourists and scientists, and successfully destroyed these cars along with the humans inside Why should Mr Horner be so sure that dinosaurs wouldn't do it?brTrue, Mr Horner is also confident that the Tyrannosaurus were scavengers rather than active predators Does that mean anything? The well-known modern scavengers, such like hyenas, by no means feed on carrion alone, but often hunt the live prey, especially the young animals, eating their victims alive It's too early to rehabilitate Tyrannosaurus from thisbrbrThere is evidence that the first film showed a juvenile Dilophosaurus, rather than an adult animal, as in the novel But what is true is true - the real Dilophosaurus did not have the same hood like the modern Australian Chlamydosaurus In the book, there is no hood for the adult specimen that attacked Dennis Nedry But the animal is venomous both in the book and in the moviebrA real Dilophosaurus would not spit venom, an effect invented by Crichton and Koepp to intimidate the public But the non-venomous Dilophosaurus would not have hesitated to kill Nedry, when it would defend its territory from him - an alien
Comment from : Diana Raisa

Another 6th grades of aliens can think humans are not cool Chickens are not useles but humans are We cant eaten or give egg even pet Hes opposite of alan grand character and there is no math Jeff gobblum in Real life to say you are wrong All of them chicken in sience garden
Comment from : Strangermoon

And nothing has ever been done in over 10 years HAHAHAA
Comment from : Massa

Lakhvir Singh Saund
loved it just wondering if they have already made it ;)
Comment from : Lakhvir Singh Saund

Dr David Berlinski disagrees, type that name into youtubehis videos are hilarious too
Comment from : tr889

Mark Penachos
Same with my childhood dream of becoming a paleontologist and having a dinosaur pet 😂brBut growing up with asian parents, forced me to become an electrical engineer
Comment from : Mark Penachos

the gaming dryo
The only good thing that I like about him is that he found a crap toun of eggs
Comment from : the gaming dryo

exo planet
can't wait for the day when i can load a truck full of whale organs and meat into the mouth of a spinosaurus
Comment from : exo planet

Pranav Mathur
it has been 10 years, bring me a plate of fried chickenasaurusbrjokes apart these are things which make me want to pursue paleontology and become a paleontologist
Comment from : Pranav Mathur

Friendly Fauna
How can we study reverse evolution
Comment from : Friendly Fauna

Elizabeth Claiborne
Look at a young chicken with few feathers yet You can see the dinosaur
Comment from : Elizabeth Claiborne

Franco Fernandes
Totally hypothetical question I'm totally not gonna buy chickens to do it: Can we just select the more dinosaur-looking chickens and breed them until it looks like a Velociraptor, like we did with dogs?
Comment from : Franco Fernandes

Darth Pug
Hes basically alan grant, but with jeff golblums voice 😂😂
Comment from : Darth Pug

Fran Maguelio
Pictures or it didn't happend We should have a Jurassic Park already
Comment from : Fran Maguelio

nikhil manoj
You make me so emotion sir, Even I want dinosaurs to come back
Comment from : nikhil manoj

Baba Hippo’s Meme Collection
If Jack Horner DOES bring back dinosaurs, he need to team up with Universal Studios and the Costa Rican Governent to create a real life Jurassic World
Comment from : Baba Hippo’s Meme Collection

theo orval
A really enjoyable lecture
Comment from : theo orval

Kevin David
I think Gallamimus have feathers
Comment from : Kevin David

Michael Watts
Even if we could, why would we want to bring dinosaurs back?
Comment from : Michael Watts

un dinosaurio es un pollo supersayayin legendario
Comment from : Integrando

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