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Wells Fargo suspends Credit lines! 2008 repeat, Silver u0026 Gold? David Morgan u0026 Economic Ninja Explain

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Information Wells Fargo suspends Credit lines! 2008 repeat, Silver u0026 Gold? David Morgan u0026 Economic Ninja Explain

Title :  Wells Fargo suspends Credit lines! 2008 repeat, Silver u0026 Gold? David Morgan u0026 Economic Ninja Explain
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Frames Wells Fargo suspends Credit lines! 2008 repeat, Silver u0026 Gold? David Morgan u0026 Economic Ninja Explain

Description Wells Fargo suspends Credit lines! 2008 repeat, Silver u0026 Gold? David Morgan u0026 Economic Ninja Explain

Comments Wells Fargo suspends Credit lines! 2008 repeat, Silver u0026 Gold? David Morgan u0026 Economic Ninja Explain

Wall Street Silver
Thanks for watching, please like, subscribe and hit the alert button ! brbrFollow us on twitter br mobiletwittercom/wallstreetsilv
Comment from : Wall Street Silver

SAM Cooper
QFS Quantum Financial System
Comment from : SAM Cooper

Mike Kennemer
Just got a letter the my credit card was dropping from 26,000 to 30000 So I checked my credit and it has dropped 82 points What the fuck
Comment from : Mike Kennemer

Marc Ritchie
I heard about a year ago wells Fargo were in trouble, maybe its happening
Comment from : Marc Ritchie

MorganThe Silverbacks Silverback!
Comment from : groovejet77

Matt Slack
Thank you for all your content and efforts
Comment from : Matt Slack

Justin Skeans
My goodness it feels good to be an ape 🦍🦍
Comment from : Justin Skeans

Marco Du
How about stopping buying silver and buying a decent camera for these interviews!!
Comment from : Marco Du

frank johnson
In any community, the biggest building downtown is always a bank So who owns usthe government or the banks? Neither one really cares about us
Comment from : frank johnson

very grateful
Comment from : very grateful

Get these guys together more often!
Comment from : plainboxer1

Brother Carlton
I suspect hyperinflation hits between 2021-2030 and that's when gold and silver skyrocket
Comment from : Brother Carlton

Nathan Schwappach
780 score, 12 revolving spent, over 12 months, over five banks denied me a $5,000 personal loan Ive gotten a 13,000 before to consolidate card debt about four years ago I tried last fall to do it for some BTC leverage I tried early January and all through March to go into silver They didn’t know that was the purpose, nor would I ever tell them I have home equity and own my cars No go These banks are truly scared
Comment from : Nathan Schwappach

Up next: credit card limits will be lowered unilaterally by banks
Comment from : V D

Cesar Soto
What is the book that Dave Morgan mentions at minute 23? I can't find it on Amazon I must be hearing wrong
Comment from : Cesar Soto

Andrew Fine
When silver goes to 18 we can buy it under 30!!
Comment from : Andrew Fine

Aaron Razee
One problem nobody is addressing, what if 1 billion people who got the jab, die off by December??
Comment from : Aaron Razee

"Soon, at any moment a turn of events will trigger the unbelievable" brDavid Morgan mentioned the movie ROLLOVER (1981) wwwyoutubecom/watch?v=q9d30RBJkf0&t=6258sbrsounds like a good idea
Comment from : Paul

Theodore Boosalis
The Fed can go negative rates - but they cannot let the money market rates go below 0 due to an SEC rule created in 2016 - which states the money markets must be collateralized with the highest grade bonds available - which is still UST-Bills So my take is if the Fed goes negative - the reverse repo facility will have to grow even more because the problem is there's too much liquidity in the money markets already - that's why the reverse repo facility is over 1T and counting So it may not yield the result as intended I think the Fed is stuck - and they can either destroy the USD or they can finally own up to the past 20 years of monetary inflation - and raise rates like Volcker did in 1980 and restore monetary policy sanity Either way - best to own gold going forward
Comment from : Theodore Boosalis

Elon Musk Ox
Central banks and stimmy checks to fill the void of bank credit contraction Taxpayers to get shafted with the risk
Comment from : Elon Musk Ox

Pistol Packing Pilot
I’m glad I’m prepared I’ve tried to warn people When SHTF, I’m in survival mode, and it’s survival of the fittest
Comment from : Pistol Packing Pilot

BS Detective
One less credit card for me 🥳
Comment from : BS Detective

I went ahead and liked the video before I even watched it; it’s David Morgan I already know I’m going to like it xD
Comment from : Contrarian08

Butch Poss
You know, Bank of America did something similar, they shut down the link between your account and your charge card for covering overdrafts Now they ask us to keep $500 in their savings account to cover overdrafts Pushing the risk and the management to us, the customers
Comment from : Butch Poss

I think people forget that banks like inflation, they don't like deflation At the end of the day, what is on their books is really just a journal entry Skimming cash flow is the name of their game
Comment from : MartinJG100

Sherman Kearns
Stack to Pluto which isn't even a planet anymore!
Comment from : Sherman Kearns

Expat Stacker
Which do you hate more, Wells Fargo or JPM? These two institutions are organized crime syndicates, and that's not that much of a stretch In addition to their own admissions of guilt, there are numerous other damning pieces of evidence, and I have outlined this several times on my channel People should become their own banks, and we can spread the word about sound money more and more if you simply make a stacking youtube channel! It is easy and rewarding I encourage all of you to give it a try!
Comment from : Expat Stacker

Travis thinks most people are buying physical with their stimmy checks? I highly doubt that Most Americans have no idea about PM’s, yetbrInteresting thoughts though 😎
Comment from : SoCalSilver

The World Is A Vampire
20:28 - 20:30br this is literally all the American people needed to know everythings going to be all right
Comment from : The World Is A Vampire

Timothy Dawson
#OurStoryBlockchain©?? #NLPBlockchain©?? #TelepathyBlockchain©?? #NillBoardBlockchain© #DavidMorgan workimg as possible LODE Ambassador!!
Comment from : Timothy Dawson

Timothy Dawson
Got your #EquifaxOptOut?? I did
Comment from : Timothy Dawson

Coleman T
"You want to be in Precious Metal Especially Silver " Quote David Morgan is my take away
Comment from : Coleman T

St Louis IX
Consumer debt is very high and that's problematic and the debt creation was inflationary
Comment from : St Louis IX

What We Call Dollars Arent Money
They're already throwing money at the problem Anyone else getting child tax credit deposits starting in 5 days?
Comment from : What We Call Dollars Arent Money

What We Call Dollars Arent Money
The fact that Wells didnt just raise interest rates on those credit lines, is what gets my attention
Comment from : What We Call Dollars Arent Money

Jon Swanson
Has the BIS exempted the LBMA from Basil III? Even after January 2022?
Comment from : Jon Swanson

I like you silver dudes and your videos
Comment from : erg

Travis you are not a weird wizard! Lol You are a good human being, doing a great service to help others 🤗💕
Comment from : GreenEyedFlower

Brandon B
Comment from : Brandon B

while inflation is worrying people seem to forget that simply offering a service for hire is a good way to ride the rising boat I personally cant wait to get my hands on a few bonds with a 15 to 20 percent tag on em They did my parents well in the 90's and early 2000's Hey! $42069 says this comment gets censored!
Comment from : YA BOIII

Joshua Noble
David Morgan's voice saying "economic ninja" cracks me up
Comment from : Joshua Noble

How does this algorithm work so well… economic ninja on wss!?! UNITE!!!!!!!
Comment from : SilverTreasures

Say & Trev Productions
Hell yeah Ninja!!!!
Comment from : Say & Trev Productions

Dude inshore fishing
Banks are not worried about inflation Banks are worried about BANKRUPTCY omfg debt is deflationary be nature If you're a business owner and you have no customers how do you service your credit lines of debt? If your a private consumer and you loose your wages or pension, how do service your debts? The federal reserve wants inflation The banks want inflation The whole system is based on credit lines Eventually all this debt is unsustainable
Comment from : Dude inshore fishing

Shelley W
Color me stupid but if the bank becomes skeptical about the borrowers paying back
Comment from : Shelley W

Andrew Hart
I have put all of my checks into gold/silver and now have branched out into numismatics :)
Comment from : Andrew Hart

Christa J
A line of credit and a loan are 2 very different things I don't want to cut someone at the knees, but, your guest David, intertwining the 2 is making him so much less credible The risk is very different between an personal unsecured line of credit and a personal loan & the use is also very different
Comment from : Christa J

Dude inshore fishing
Deflation is not lending or lack of lending Deflation is DEFAULTING My friends Think fractional reserve banking What is that screaming Not difficult TO FIGURE OUTbrBe your own bank Have a million sitting on the side If you need It you have it No big deal!!! nothing worse than Being a sheep when you know you're a Shepard FREEDOM!!! SAY IT PEOPLE FREEEEDDDOOOOMMMM!
Comment from : Dude inshore fishing

Mike Foley
Is this for unsecured credit? Will WF still loan secured?
Comment from : Mike Foley

Nice video quality Travis You running Windows '95 on your PC ?
Comment from : bobski36

Animal Black
Terrific analysis and thxu for covering this Such a heads up Just keep stacking ❤️
Comment from : Animal Black

Erlut of Holly
Surprise! No more money for you
Comment from : Erlut of Holly

Uncommon Sense
If the Banksters are stacking, so should you
Comment from : Uncommon Sense

Save 10  of Income
Please! We no longer have contract law in America any more All the government has to do is say COVID! and it negates all contract law (Just ask landlords and those worthless corporate shills in the Supreme Court) If you're not powerful and you don't hold it, and this goes with EVERYTHING and not just silver, you don't own it!brSpeaking of the powerful if you're looking for ways to scale back the influence of the powerful, and at the same time increase your own, then go to wwwThoughtsonfreedomxyz for a list of them
Comment from : Save 10 of Income

Are the banks not interested in making a profit now, how does that work
Comment from : BILL DELL

Rochelle Fernandes
They’re doing this to enable the roll out of the social “compliance” score and cbdc/ubi based on how much a serf will bow to the overlords! I want to make a sticker saying “gagged, poked, what next?”
Comment from : Rochelle Fernandes

Just as soon as golden server skyrocket out of fear I'm cashing in
Comment from : uawsux

Pam C
Have any of you, your panel considered that the global GESARA/NESARA and the new quantum financial system which is actually "for the people" and NOT the FED and the banksters, may actually be real and coming soon? And with the quantum financial system, our debt will be forgiven since the loan contracts are all illegal, and Wells Fargo and other banks know this and are beginning to position themselves for their big blowup? The new QFS would have a global gold and precious metals backed currency, which may also explain why many countries have been purchasing physical gold to hold in reserve while the criminal banksters have been suppressing the gold and silver prices with paper products Maybe this time, we the people of the world will actually win and the banksters/FED will be taken out permanently Just my opinion Thanks for your discussionsI enjoy listening to all 4 of you as well as many others on your panels GOLD and SILVER to the Moon!
Comment from : Pam C

What means of Fargo will go in default?
Comment from : Stefano

This looks like the US Savings and Loans crisis that occurred in the USA in the 1980's and into the 1990's In the late 1980's I applied for a home loan at a bank that I had been using of 8 years I was at the same job for those same 8 years I actually had $50,000 In this bank and had only applied for $45,000 Two weeks ago I applied for a loan for a rental home I was told they couldn't lend anything I currently have a secure government job Make about $60,000 Have zero debts And own outright a $450,000 Property
Comment from : Benjamin

Ivan Gaeta
Great dialogue
Comment from : Ivan Gaeta

Buy FOOD, water, medicines, tools etc, THEN buy silver, folksbrNot all of us are well off brThis mess is becoming a slow burn catastrophe :(brYou need essentials and other supplies *first*, precious metals with what's leftbrSorry all, butthe arrogance and corruption of the banksters etc is worse than just the price manipulation and added with bmany/b other issues, like, logistics, drought etc it's gonna get bad,brPMs are for wealth preservation
Comment from : silverbladeTE

Inflation will be "transitory" only because it will take just a couple weeks to drain people's savings and max their credit
Comment from : HappierThanEver

if you need the use of your businessline of credit with wells fargo you may see the line reduced to the historical use of the line rather than the amount of the peak use or what ever current balance you still carry non secured business lines are typically capped at 100K in 2008 i got a call from my bank manager suggesting that i max my line for a couple months because he was aware that the lines were under review i used my line for three months of the year, but wasn't using it at the time of the review had i not used the line it would have been reduced by 90 this time around i doubt that i will be getting any phone calls it will just happen plan accordingly folks brbrwhat comes next is they want to get these non secured lines backed up by some assets they want a second lone on you home, or the business assets non secured lines will be going away in the near term because they are too high risk not enough upside with the low interest rates and the high risk of business failure or loss of job risk
Comment from : DB

Mike Dolan
Follow mw on this and tell me what I am missing First the reverse repo market is out of control taking cash out of the banks thus lowering their reserves at the Fed The next thing I would suggest that this might be deflationary for the stock market type assets, but could be inflationary for day to day consumers If producers can not operate their businesses due to the loss of these lines of credit then we could have the case where there is more demand slows but actual supply slows faster all the time the government is giving out more stimulus checks to individuals More cash chasing fewer goods
Comment from : Mike Dolan

Thomas Tsue
buy bitcoin before its to late
Comment from : Thomas Tsue

Economic Ninja is blowing up Great job guys
Comment from : ProfDG

Unfortunately the virus pandemic will only get worse, yet again, before it gets better This virus and it’s variants, existing and new strains to follow, will likely be with us in 2023, and very possibly beyond How long can all governments print/create new currency until the system collapses? Silver and gold at these prices are a steal Once the masses catch on and start buying physical silver and gold in massive numbers the price will be uncontrollable This is when PM’s will hit their true value
Comment from : T A

Nicholas Troy Susco
The Government is giving the loans now!
Comment from : Nicholas Troy Susco

Nicholas Troy Susco
I think this is definitely not inflationary, lol
Comment from : Nicholas Troy Susco

Tom Chase
Don't forget, Wells Fargo just took on JPM's silver derivatives business
Comment from : Tom Chase

Paul Wilson
gold silver failed to keep up with inflationyou should just buy and hold Bitcoin
Comment from : Paul Wilson

Maurice Giuliani
Great show guysbrYou are killing!brThanks
Comment from : Maurice Giuliani

Mark McDowell
So 4 Talking Heads!!!!! wake up !! The FED is Dead!!! We are getting A New US Tre Sherie Dollar Wells Fargo Has the new money in there Banks,,, ,Right Now!!!!
Comment from : Mark McDowell

Neal Schaffran
Love the Ninja!
Comment from : Neal Schaffran

red flag
In other words "who is Micheal Burry?"
Comment from : red flag

Ben Franklin
@15:15 - I think he has that wrongfrom my understanding they are not "freezing" the credit lines they are "closing" themtwo different things Freezing them means if you have 5k on a 10k available credit line they reduce the available credit to 5k (your balance) That 's bad enough because it shows as a 100 credit utilization to max out on that credit line "Closing" them is even worsethey take the available balance to zero and close the accountyou can still make payments but the account is always shows as closedso even if you say drum up enough cash to pay off $2500 in the above example, your credit utilization does NOT drop to 50, it is still 100 The only way out with no ding on your credit it to pay the balance in full This happened to me once when I lost my job and worked out payment arrangements with the banksit was a bitch I suddenly went from 30 credit utilization to like 240 credit utilization and my score tanked by like 100 points In hindsight I just would have shafted the banks and BK'd the whole thing out
Comment from : Ben Franklin

Scott Maxfield
What happened to the money and the ad campaign? Inquiring minds want to know! Is there a link anyone can share of the spending breakdown?
Comment from : Scott Maxfield

Dont ask
Biden's new America
Comment from : Dont ask

Gold an Silver are politically price suppressed, they will not rise now or in the near future unless war breaks out between the USA and China, period!
Comment from : JOHN GORDON

Mike Allison Coaching
So this episode turned out to be a big nothing burger
Comment from : Mike Allison Coaching

Steve Silver
Travis is a Star man! He is going to Hollywood Man He is a great entertainer and Advisor #silver #Ninja
Comment from : Steve Silver

The incentive to the public will be a currency that has more buying power than the dollar Such as FedCoin That will be how they intice the public to move to FedCoin They will initially tell the public it’s backed by gold and then over time will remove the gold standard just like they did the dollar Different currency, same tactic These people use generational ignorance to promote their system Their mantra is the old adage that “The one thing man learns from history is that man doesn’t learn a damned thing from history” And they know that and use that to their advantage
Comment from : Privatepilot

Every stimulus check I received went to gold and silver - along with most of my Wells Fargo savings
Comment from : jdluntjr76226

james madlener
gold is better than crypto
Comment from : james madlener

Roger Levasseur
Great video It's unfortunate that these kinds of discussions are not "allowed" on MSM Most Americans are oblivious to what they are in for and how to protect themselves
Comment from : Roger Levasseur

Not only the largest credit union in the world, but in my opinion the best is Navy Federal CU There is absolutely NO “ bank” that can compete with them and the services they offer BAR NONE! And I have been a member of several CUs
Comment from : Privatepilot

Bo cain
Just one more sign you should not have faith in the system, and more and more are seeing/experiencing these glaring cracks What happens when enough people lose faith in a fiat system? Hyperinflation
Comment from : Bo cain

Don’t just watch history happen, make history happen! Buy physical silver! #silversqueeze
Comment from : Privatepilot

Renny Zero
The Silver Bullion drain is obviously working
Comment from : Renny Zero

Cloudier Monk
Gold is a tear one asset now to borrow against
Comment from : Cloudier Monk

victor arregnelle
Wonder if we gonna have a bank run soonbrIs deflation even possible? Because deflation causes money printing, so that would be stagflation?
Comment from : victor arregnelle

Original Intent
The banks aren't lending - bring back Glass-Steagall
Comment from : Original Intent

7ozt away from my 500 goal in silver Started in Mar 2020 Finding the wallstreetsilver group made my choices seem sound Stack on apes!
Comment from : Henzo

lynn mcgann
I think the Fed reverse repo rate is 05, not 5??
Comment from : lynn mcgann

Comment from : CISE9

Nonya Business
Great combo!
Comment from : Nonya Business

What’s the likelihood this could happen with credit cards?
Comment from : TrueCapitalist

General Stack
Not a big deal Tons of cheap credit at other institutions the and associated Fed backstop to absorb a small pool from wells
Comment from : General Stack

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