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Interview with a coin shop owner. Ultra rare coins!

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Information Interview with a coin shop owner. Ultra rare coins!

Title :  Interview with a coin shop owner. Ultra rare coins!
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Frames Interview with a coin shop owner. Ultra rare coins!

Description Interview with a coin shop owner. Ultra rare coins!

Comments Interview with a coin shop owner. Ultra rare coins!

Ronald Dunlap
Great Guy ! Learn a lot every video! b***/b
Comment from : Ronald Dunlap

john crace
Love the historical coins Not a stacker
Comment from : john crace

I was given a silver(ish) German 1943 coin with a swaztika on it Are the taboo or worth anything? I know its wierd
Comment from : LauderdaleJoeM

Marc Chavez
God bless you all be good to each other and help your brothers and sisters what we are getting ready to face is pure evil don’t take the mark!!!
Comment from : Marc Chavez

Marcelo Ferrer
Aim a troy cale of a coins sur and mom
Comment from : Marcelo Ferrer

I love the coin guy!
Comment from : Lampi

James Sn
3:57 $249 for an 1879 3-cent nickel proof (only 3200 minted)? That's a great price! 👍
Comment from : James Sn

@JRT Jonathan Winchell
SpegTacular the 22 piece was short lived not just because it looked like a quarter it was offered as a bit becoming equivalent to a US dime thats why there was a shortage
Comment from : @JRT Jonathan Winchell

TRavis Wiggins
i am new 2 this i got a $10 ni00009400* only 1 * not in the how run coollt got a 987on cool
Comment from : TRavis Wiggins

Michael Stein
Comment from : Michael Stein

Michael Stein
"Let's just wing it" "Are we winging it yet"?
Comment from : Michael Stein

Does this channel do random giveaways on comments???
Comment from : Mikey

T Lee
I wanted to collect coins as a child, but my mom, would rather spend them I wanted to collect coins when I was a young man, but my wife would rather spend them Now that I'm an old man, what I collect, , will probably not become much more expensive than when I purchase it, but I can leave them to people that will appreciate them 😎👍
Comment from : T Lee

T Lee
I like this guy , he is the Bruce Lee of metals and coins , lol
Comment from : T Lee

Bikram Sarkar
Sir u interested IND Old coins and not
Comment from : Bikram Sarkar

P Oinonen
Some nice pieces there I've seen dozens of coin shops in lots of places and have yet to encounter an orderly one
Comment from : P Oinonen

Scuba Steve #2
Probably my 3rd time watching this episode It's a good'un
Comment from : Scuba Steve #2

Phillip Trujillo
i love these videos i was actually looking for a 1928 peace dollar and found a VG 1928 s mint for a starter for my wife her fav year certified super stoked not best grade but good start for first 1928
Comment from : Phillip Trujillo

I'll preface my comment by saying I own silver and gold, however a bit of education on crypto's can go a long waybrBitcoin or other crypto's that get stolen are from them being held on a crypto exchange (single point of attack) just like Target, Espierian and other companies that get hacked and have people info stolenone computer system, single point of attackbrIt would be like buying silver and gold and leaving it on the front seat of your car and locking the doorseventually someone will break the windowsingle point of attackbrOryou can hold your crypto on what's called a hardware wallet a small thumb drive like item that has a random 12-22 word passcode that only you knowun-hackable, immutable unless you give the code to someone It's like you putting your gold and silver in a large fire proof, water proof safe bolted to your floor in your home that has an alarm system and camera set upit's safe unless you give someone the alarm code and combo to safe The people that get crypto stolen are uneducated as to how it worksbrA Federal crypto is the absolute worst idea for countries because they can continue to inflate the money supply whenever they want and now they will be able to track every dollar you spend and CONTROL YOUR SPENDING!!brWe noticed you went to the bar a couple days this week and spent $60we think that's to much, you are now restricted to $25 of alcohol a week Your yearly physical came back that your overweight, we are going to restrict the amount of items with sugar in it that you purchase at stores We noticed you made a couple of derogatory remarks about the gov't on social media this month and we have now fined you $500 and its been deducted from your accountdon't think it will happen? It's what China is doing with their digital Yuanit's what Canada did during the trucker's protest
Comment from : CryptoRan777

Stuart Kline
Guy saw 24FEB2022 loud & clear at 27:35, pretty prophetic Bravo Guy,! I enjoy your videos, Speg, keep up the great banter! Stuart in Istanbul
Comment from : Stuart Kline

27:30 holyyyyyy he called it, there WAS another surge Blows my mind Guy knows what he’s talking about
Comment from : Julvar

This dealer seems awesome I'd love to visit his shop! His prices are very fair and he seems very honest and fair also I'd probably spend my life savings if I went in his shop
Comment from : Mikey

Mark Faust
Old coins, classic muscle cars and vintage video games I can't get enough of them
Comment from : Mark Faust

is it just me or did this guy just give away his safe combination in the intro?
Comment from : loppyboppy

A Leski
Surreal watching this mid-April of 2022
Comment from : A Leski

In Australia they had a 50c coin that was round the first year the decimal currency came out (1966) but they pulled it in just over a year, because the amount of silver in it exceeded the face value, as it had more than tripled in price from the time it was introduced Also because it was round and about the same size as the 20c piece, so the elderly and those with vision problems had problems distinguishing the two So a dodecahedron copper / nickel came out in 68 I beleive
Comment from : ChuckUFarley

Juan Rodriguez
Great video brCoins guy is the man
Comment from : Juan Rodriguez

Brian leonard
I've said before I can't believe coin guy likes Dump but I sure like coin guy!
Comment from : Brian leonard

Matt Percherke
Coin guy predicted the Russian invasion
Comment from : Matt Percherke

I like morgan dollars
Comment from : THE COIN MAN

Gerard Ramirez
Love constitutional silver
Comment from : Gerard Ramirez

Outdoors With Log Dog
Thank you for the share Awesome
Comment from : Outdoors With Log Dog

The medically unfit button was issued between 1910-1919 for The Great WarbrDescription brCircular, silver plated Volunteered For Active Service Badge - Medically Unfit Around the outside of the badge in raised lettering is 'VOLUNTEERED FOR ACTIVE SERVICE' In the center of the badge is the Australian coat of arms surrounded by 'ISSUED BY DEPARTMENT OF DEFENCE MEDICALLY UNFIT' in raised lettering On the reverse of the badge are two silver plated lugs only one of which still remains Beneath the lug is impressed the badge number '59731'
Comment from : Charli

Never edit your videos - why mess with perfection
Comment from : Charli

Lou Eckert
I once gave a housekeeping lady two suzy-B-Anthony's and had to explain to her the value of them was not 50 cents
Comment from : Lou Eckert

Duncan Horne
Take NO notice of the Hater's there people with a life they are Not Happy with, so outflows the Negativity, well just remember that You're happy with what You're doing They are "NOT" & I am sure you understand but thought I would mention It all the same, as I have mentioned before I wish I were only around the corner from your store I wouldn't want to leave your Information & know-how to me Is "INSPIRATIONAL," please keep the "KNOWLEDGE" coming Your "THE COIN GUY" After all So Keep tho's Videos coming, there great to see!
Comment from : Duncan Horne

Do people typically get better deals at coun shows rather than a coin shop?
Comment from : MetalHead503018

D Worm
this man is the real collectible great knowledge and positivity
Comment from : D Worm

Dominick Marino
I love listening to Coin Guy! Very knowledgeable and a good person Very genuine which is why I sit here and wonder the the political preference If your a republican that’s perfectly fine Democrat or republican, it really doesn’t matter Best man for the job Our former president had his own agenda and his history in business says it all if you do your research You both don’t seem like people who would encourage an i insurrection because you value People and the safety of others Love the channel will continue to watch and learn about amazing coins
Comment from : Dominick Marino

Coin Guy's comment about Charlie Sheen on the Half Dollar is from THE GOONIES!
Comment from : Coins

miss anna mack
you mentioned kids teething on a silver coin well I have a story that goes back to 1976 and my daughter was born and we actually tied a silver dime on a silk ribbon around her neck and yes she did teethe on that I know strange but true story
Comment from : miss anna mack

S Winn
I have a 1880 and an 1899 silver dollar Sorry I’m new to the stacking community I have the EZ solution and there is mixed reviews as to dip them or not
Comment from : S Winn

Gerard Ramirez
Men like Coin Guy are truly a treasure, when their gone the treasure of knowledge is gone
Comment from : Gerard Ramirez

Would you be interested in doing classes for my kids and I through a webinar or in your store? We’ve been visiting our new fav place near us and they have been sooooo helpful, knowledgeable, and patient We want to learn as much as we can…they enjoy this and I want them to build themselves a beautiful collection that they can save and sell in the future if they should choose to I want them to have this knowledge and grow upon it…and I want to keep learning with them
Comment from : A I R

I watched this when it came out but I had to come back to retain all this information Thanks Speg and Coin Guy another great one
Comment from : repunched

Prabhat Kumar
I,m from India, I have many types of old coins, currency available, so you guide me
Comment from : Prabhat Kumar

Pennsyltucky Den
Coin Guy tells it like it is
Comment from : Pennsyltucky Den

Ray Mings
Comment from : Ray Mings

Flowerpower by Rocko
Wow 🤩
Comment from : Flowerpower by Rocko

SL Fish tube
Hay mister i am from sri lanka i haw 160 different different contry old coins i nid to sell tham can you help me find a baya please
Comment from : SL Fish tube

Maree Cathie
God, (and I don't believe in God) but I love this bloke!
Comment from : Maree Cathie

Sagi Zelnick
Coins are therapy I agree
Comment from : Sagi Zelnick

Gerard Ramirez
Love the history, always interesting
Comment from : Gerard Ramirez

Don Facundo
We have fifty centavos filipinas 1908 coin
Comment from : Don Facundo

William 2
I hade a 1962 silver eagle , and my brother though it was a 1 dollar and bought ice cream , but the coins worth 45 dollars 😂😂😂😔😔brAnd there goes my silver
Comment from : William 2

I began by enjoying these videos, until the "Old Guy" started belching his political views Then it became like listening to Archie Bunker, who he resembles in appearance I just want to learn about coin collecting, and not listen to a grouchy old man's political beliefs Bleh!
Comment from : Critique

keith autry
New sub & new to collecting great to find you guys! Keith
Comment from : keith autry

Strange Visions
I don't care much about coins, but I like hearing Coin Guy talking about politics/history/stories
Comment from : Strange Visions

Βακουφτσής Ιωάννης Κυριάκος
what I understand is this old man COMPLAINING because the markets can trade a non existent gold and about crypto's! If I was there I would answer him: Exactly that's why I buy Ethereums and Bitcoins AND NOT gold, etfs or any other market product, because I ALSO don't want to invest on a market where people exchange AIR and pretend they Exchange my coin Gold, USD ETF's CHF, EUR, GBP, DKK, NOK, SEK, or Canada Rubles are TOILET PAPER for me and you just explain better than me why Because they mint as much as they like and give no penny about it
Comment from : Βακουφτσής Ιωάννης Κυριάκος

I like the medical unfit AustralianI would like to bring it back home What would it cost me ? If it is for sale Bradley

Aron Peters
My first time watching this He mentioned Florida I look at the description, the Coin Guy is in Springhill, I live in New Port Richey Lol I'll have to come up and see him
Comment from : Aron Peters

amy rahman
How to contact you sir any email or phone no that i can send you picture of that coins
Comment from : amy rahman

Scuba Steve #2
I'm a fan of the 3c trimes Those are so thin!!!
Comment from : Scuba Steve #2

Mohammad Bino
I wish i have your knowlege man brGreat guy you are brRespect
Comment from : Mohammad Bino

M Th
24:20 A "Hobo style nickle" :-)
Comment from : M Th

Bill Ashby
i remember when I was a kid I wanted to buy a 20 cent pc, my dad wouldn't buy it because it cost twenty dollars!
Comment from : Bill Ashby

Timothy Whittington
I enjoy yall two, together I learn new information, and am entertained Thank you, gentlemen
Comment from : Timothy Whittington

coins are art, very relaxing to sit down and dig through your change even looking for varieties and when you find that one its like "time to flip it"
Comment from : Dave

Donald Bedore
Great interview
Comment from : Donald Bedore

Jeff L Wadford Jr
Where do I find coin guys videos?
Comment from : Jeff L Wadford Jr

Jeff L Wadford Jr
I understand what he means by coin collecting is therapeutic I work a hard day job(mason) and love to come home and look at how my collection has grown A dream job for me in my later years is to own my own coin shop Don’t wanna be laying block ,brick and stone 55 years old and up so you can see why I want to own a coin shop Any suggestions?
Comment from : Jeff L Wadford Jr

Mike Palet
Awesome video and I had to re subb to your channel I lost all the channels I subbed to
Comment from : Mike Palet

This is really a treasure and not this modern junk silver coins that are worthless in some years! (Apart from the silver content)
Comment from : Blackjack

He's not wrong about those 20 cent pieces I've only seen maybe 4-5 come through our shop
Comment from : RetroHabit82

I always tell people I pay the premiums because I sure as hell cant take it (gold, silver) out of the ground, make it into a coin, and then source it to a shop So, I pay to keep my supply chain in business, so I can save my wealth from being inflated away
Comment from : P W

Sherman Kearns
Anyone from East Islip Bayshore area I am a Hamptons guy but the only poor kid in the working man's town of East Quogue I moved to the North shore 20 years ago over by the old Grummans plant in Calverton I just got into coins a year ago as I inherited a small collection from my father's estate I am fully hooked now and I love the wheel gun on your hip I was thinking maybe a Sig HK or Glock would look better but the Wheel gun has been King for the last 200 years I don't think you are too much older than me but I would love to visit your store next time I fly to Florida I Love love Ron DeSantis He is the man!!
Comment from : Sherman Kearns

Joseph White Elk
Where is Coin Guy located? Thanks!
Comment from : Joseph White Elk

mike swiental
Listening to this guy is like taking college classes on coins, thank you so much for making these videoswow
Comment from : mike swiental

#mikemerone Say,s great Addvice
Comment from : #mikemerone

Tom Regal
The coin at 29:49 the British lion on the eagle What is the name of this?
Comment from : Tom Regal

Any of these coins left @Speg?
Comment from : Chris

The masks are not rated to stop a virus But silver and copper both kill viruses So you're better off having change in your pocket, and holding it in your hand once in a while That's why the coinage was made out of silver and copper, and that's why water lines were made out of copper and soldered with silver
Comment from : azwelke

joyce massey
I've a indian head buffalo five-cent piece with no date, whats my first step in selling my coin
Comment from : joyce massey

Jose Varjas
Nice combination
Comment from : Jose Varjas

m r
pladioum isent volitile its extreamly rare and is being used in electronics exc back then in 80s it wasent its a great investment metal idk about coins thow if u only collection for a hoby
Comment from : m r

Avg joe
Such an interesting guy…and very knowledgeable
Comment from : Avg joe

13:50 That's the whole point of cryptocurrency thoughto /not/ be a government currency or be "backed" by anything Who counted them? That's literally why the blockchain and crypto miners exist
Comment from : brainwash480

Guy and Pam Fisher
Thanks Coin Guy for sharing your wealth of knowledge
Comment from : Guy and Pam Fisher

14:08 what’s backing the dollar then? Nada… They print it like toiletpaper
Comment from : Frits

Silver Load
Social media has made y’all to comfortable disrespecting people and not getting punched in the facebr Mike Tyson
Comment from : Silver Load

robin traina
thank you coin guy
Comment from : robin traina

jason young
Twenty cent pieces are interesting My Great Grandfather saved a few I believe from circulation There’s a couple 1875 S mints and an 1875 CC All in just Good condition
Comment from : jason young

Jerry Fallen
I got a 1967 design what's the value of it the devil diet and God w trap No Frills it's not a Denver Pittsburgh or Seattle I think it's a Franklin
Comment from : Jerry Fallen

once a week coin guy would be great
Comment from : reesilva1

joshua jones
love coin guy and love spegtacular
Comment from : joshua jones

Marc Koplin
Dental Lab techs had to pay $160 per oz for 98 Palladian 2 Argent Gold was the precious Metal Alloy we waxed & Casted Crown and bridge work Argent Was Silver Free, Super produced greening of white porcelain fused to gold/Palladian dental restorations and Implants
Comment from : Marc Koplin

Forever Gone
It'd be so cool if this channel was just about coins and not politics
Comment from : Forever Gone

ابو اسماعيل
Seel coin dollar 1928
Comment from : ابو اسماعيل

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